Hearts And Flowers


Shine On.








On the Green.



Out of time. Changeless.





Across the Pond.



Hearts and flowers.





We only experience the past even we get to the future.

From Neuroscience.Stanford.edu :

‘Think about what it takes to perceive something move, like the objects in the above animations. Once light hits the retinas at the back of our eyeballs, it’s converted into an electrical signal that then has to travel to the visual processing system at the back of our brains. From there, the signal travels forward through our brains, constructing what we see and creating our perception of it. This process just takes time.

The dirty little secret about sensory systems is that they’re slow, they’re lagged, they’re not about what’s happening right now but what’s happening 50 milliseconds ago, or, in the case for vision, hundreds of milliseconds ago’.



No Where Am I.


20 thoughts on “Hearts And Flowers

      1. ‘The title 10,000 Days is thought to refer to the orbital period of the planet Saturn (actual time period is 10,759 days). According to singer Maynard James Keenan, the Saturn return is “the time in your twenty eighth, twenty ninth year when you are presented the opportunity to transform from whatever your hang-ups were before to let the light of knowledge and experience lighten your load, so to speak, and let go of old patterns and embrace a new life.” Keenan expected that the songs composed would “chronicle that process, hoping that my gift back would be to share that path and hope that I could help somebody get past that spot.”

        And I didn’t know this. It’s been Mercury in Retrograde since since 9/9 and ends 1/10 which makes a little sense of a few odd things which have happened in the last few weeks. Going over old ground.

        And because you like your music and I like Haelos who have just released this and I’ve got very weird stuff going on with Busking and in Red Pill and everything really. Doppelgangers of Haelos showed up in August.

        And On the Buses. On The Buses yesterday I was accompanied by Minnie Mouse.

        1. Thanks, nice tune.

          Mercury retrograde was a nightmare for me this time.
          Delays, miscommunication and car problems which ended in scrapping the vehicle.

          Ended in fireworks on Saturday night and trauma.

          1. Mine was mainly computer glitches and weird time stuff.Has been revealing. All the spiritual theory of reincarnation, different time lines and dimensions and quantumness and Maya would seem to be real. When theory becomes fact.

            In the previous MIR this year I sent someone a present in the US by mail and it had an amazing journey. It took a month to get there. Actually arrived on the day MIR ended. I had it tracked and it was like a scene from Amelie where the garden gnome sends postcards from all over the world.

            And your video – Brit Pop. How all this works who knows ! And trauma bonds are connected with these gifs I believe.


              1. We are addicted to the drama. All the world’s a stage.

                One of the factors with Merovee has been how much random pics and gifs speak to many people which implies there is some sort of joined subconscious process going on. The OA pics speak to me at a personal relationship level which is a mystery in itself how that works. They also speak to you.

  1. The Deep End.

    A highly unusual cosmic process.

    Little Batts.


    God’s Tone Green.



    The jokes are so weird. A Bi Gal – she’s Gaia Gayer. And A Big Gal and Gale. And a Little Gal – it’s a paradox. A perfect storm. Storm Omega. You don’t have to be a parent to be part of the creation and nurturing process – music, poetry, teaching, looking after pets, serving in a shop, whatever. All comes from creation and the same source.

  2. The Fear of God and the little gap and next step.

    From ACIM :

    Here is the fear of God most plainly seen. For love is treacherous to those who fear since fear and hate can never be apart. No one who hates but is afraid of love, and therefore must he be afraid of God. Certain it is he knows not what love means. He fears to love and loves to hate, and so he thinks that love is fearful; hate is love. This is the consequence the little gap must bring to those who cherish it and think that it is their salvation and their hope. The fear of God! The greatest obstacle that peace must flow across has not yet gone.

    This song says it best.

    ‘To say I love you right out loud.’ The 3D world really is over which is difficult to accept.

      1. Ken

        Time flies ! She’s awesome. What I’ve liked with her is that her music has evolved as she’s got older and her perspectives on life have changed.

    1. Frank,

      I have a little bit more to say, no more of it personal. About the lost art of filmmaking.

      I apologize that I used your platform to fight my personal battle.

      I’d like to do a book, actually to preserve the history of the incredible work and artistry that went into such incredible films as “Master and Commander.”

      Not sure if I will ever have my own website…..

      Are you willing to let me post about it? For perhaps my own work in documenting this art of film? With clips that I would post here.

      I’m sorry if my past posts made you sick (perhaps rightly so, as they do me) and I think I got into personal territory not appropriate for your site, nor the public.

      I want to post some clips about “Master and Commander,” and the great talent and artistry that made that great film possible.

      If I agree to keep my comments only about filmmaking, would you let me back on board?

      1. Trinity

        I’m a soft touch at times.

        I don’t think you have understood what has pissed me off apart from the racial stuff which I can’t take these days. I don’t mind a general discussion about race. It’s when it dissolves into racial diatribes it becomes unpleasant. I asked you god knows how many times to stop the death threats and the rest of it and the Jews comments was the final straw. Probably I let it go on too long. As Roob said it is my website and I have tried to allow free speech to flow as best I can. The toxicity has got so bad at times, not just you, that I’ve made a decision to whack it on the head as best I can.

        As you say probably best to keep your personal life out of the comments.

  3. B-GA

    Reincarnation would seem to be real. At least in the Matrix or Cube or Diamond or Dome. Not sure in ‘reality’. We are where we are though. The Village has its secrets. Strange mix of 5D+ and A Town Called Malice.

    About reincarnation I know a young lady who if I’m seeing it correctly has a reincarnation in the last century and the 1800s and two thousand years ago. The reincarnation in the 1800s is a definite IMO. We seem to bring the abilities with us gained from previous life times. Also the personal painful stuff that needs to be healed which we don’t have a conscious memory about which can complicate life. And if everything is happening Now that adds another twist.

    I’ve had a few incarnations as well. It seems to be the pre history incarnation which is in process and being played out on a modern stage.

  4. Well I tried to connect BALmoral with the BALtic Sea and also Bali.
    Why? Because Bal is a shortened version of Baal.

    Then of course there was the replica of the Arch of Baal which went on tour around the world much to the concern of Christians.
    Everyone should read this article and become aware of what is happening.

    My own Word document on the Arch of Baal shows it was erected in Trafalgar Square, London on 19/4/2016 exactly to the day 77 months before the funeral of HMQEII on 19/9/2022.
    This was 335 weeks inclusive of both dates and 3+3+5 = 11.

    The next place it was erected was on 19/9/2016 in New York City exactly to the day 6 years before the Queen’s funeral on 19/9/2022.
    This is exactly 313 weeks ie 13 forwards and backwards.
    Or 2191 days and 2191+1912 = 4103 = 11×373.
    373 is the Greek gematria for “Word” appearing 3 times in John 1:1. 37 forwards and backwards. 37, the most sublime of all numbers in the Bible.
    2191 adds to 13.

    Already established –
    BALmoral Castle to BALi = exactly 7,777 miles.
    “Baltic Balmoral” = 121 (English Ordinal) or 11×11 (Antichrist squared.)
    7+7 letters.
    BALtic = 47
    BALmoral = 74
    An exact mirror!
    7+4 = 11
    4+7 = 11.

  5. From Trafalgar Square in London – Arch of Baal, to Bornholm Island in the BALtic Sea = 666 miles.

    1. Ken

      I’ve got a Toulouse Lautrec picture on the wall in my bedroom of the Moulin Rouge which shows La Goulue and Can Can girls and French men in top hat and tails. Part of it reads Concert Bal. I looked up the English meaning. Bal in this context means Dance as in Ball.

      There’s a bit of a Sympathy for the Devil going on over here with the Queen which I’m not buying into. I remember you said you had been invited to Sandringham. I saw one of my brothers a few days ago and he revealed QE2 had turned up at Lords cricket ground when he went to watch the cricket once. He was in a room on his own and the Queen walked in. Myself and my brothers all have had close encounters with members of the royal family. Don’t think they are random meetings.

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