Butterflies are going crazy here. Yesterday four butterflies flew straight towards me at head height and I found myself instinctively ducking.




And About Time. This morning I thought I would draw a pic of Time subconsciously and this is what showed up.




Sands of Time.




From Physics World.com :

We live life forward as time flows from past to future, and believe that any closed system, like a box of particles, follows an “arrow of time” into the future as the system’s entropy grows. This seems paradoxical, since a video of a single particle in motion looks equally valid running forwards or backwards.


Circling back and jogging the memory continues. It’s an ongoing process and doesn’t involve only one trigger but a combination of one after another and then ‘I remember’. When we were young.



And we are now in the Dog Days of Summer and Lions Gate to come in August and this year it could be a doozy.



On repeat.


8 thoughts on “Butterflies

    1. Orlena

      From a distance the USA is totally fxxked up about God. And in general as well. Things are obviously not great in UK or Europe either or elsewhere. It seems to lack cohesiveness under pressure. Even an enormous country like China and a totally crazy country like India has a form of cohesiveness which keeps them together. From a distance I admit, the USA looks very disjointed.

      A big impression I got when I went to Texas was that God was everywhere and becoming a pastor was a rational career move. I do wonder about a Pilgrim Father type of Christian fundamentalist DNA in the collective genome of the USA. I’ve mentioned about ‘Circling Back’ . There would seem to be a few timelines at play here – I’ve counted at least four major timelines. There maybe more – and the latest has taken me back to a time before God entered the picture and how life was less complex without God in the picture. It is a bit like a game of Whack a Mole though. I think ‘I’m beginning to understand this. That makes sense’ and being extremely non PC ‘Thank God. A proper woman’ and then another mole pops up out of the ground to confuse matters again.

    1. Don’t know how true this is, but I’ve been told that the insane series of loud noises we hear at the beginning and end of EAS warnings is designed to trigger our flight or fight response. Fortunately the mute button still works.

      This is a test…this is only a test.

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