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Everyone is saying Hi. Hi everyone !

The Down Upside.



Inner circle.



The real story.

And surrounded by angels. In Goddess country.




Annie’s Garden Party. ‘Annies’ is an anagram of Insane.






It’s just a movie.

Pre Code and Worlds Before Time.




And the police are clever bastards. The ‘Ego mind’ is sneaky and has created its own defences. One of its tactics are double binds when you start looking within. One of the main points in ‘A Course In Miracles’ is that the Self is the cause of guilt and original sin and this can create another layer of guilt when you feel guilty for causing the guilt.

Another one is what I see as the Charles Manson defence. I have no idea about the truth of the Manson Family but for the sake of argument lets say Manson was the devil in disguise. His defence was ‘I am only what you made me. I am only a reflection of you’. Again I would say this is an ego double bind defence. Actually the guilt and fear and hate aren’t real. It’s a thought form which has somehow attached itself to the Self. It’s a false reflection.



We seem to be in the middle of a mad hyper jump. The energies alter from fierce to weird in a blink of an eye. Shockwave after shockwave after shockwave and bolts from the blue. And an observation about the Ukraine and Chernobyl. Recently I’ve come into contact with younger folk and there seems to be a difference in energy with ‘Star children’ born before Chernobyl and post Chernobyl. I’ve noticed the children born since then have a lighter but more fragile energy to them than those before. Whereas those born before have a more of a ‘fuck it’ and earthier energy.



Wave after wave after wave. Hi πŸ‘‹ πŸ‘‹ πŸ‘‹ .


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    1. Trinity


      👋 👋 👋

      As I’ve spent most of my life in bewilderment, not knowing has always been high on the agenda. What I have found frustrating is that at one level we do know. You find yourself doing weird things and shift happens which given a passage of time make sense in hindsight.

      Surrender seems to have different perspectives. There seems to be the 3D view of ‘in a fight’ and No Surrender. In 3D sometimes you have to fight. But on the spiritual plane I think its probably a good idea to surrender to God if you like.

      1. Over the years I’ve found Celia Fenn has been on the mark. Quite long but I think its in the right area.

        You may be aware of being called to certain places on the Earth simply to be there and to hold a field of Love and Coherence for the Planet

        This is also the Sacred energy of the Divine Mother at work, for where you walk flowers will spring up and trees will blossom! Beloved Ones, when the consciousness of the Peaceful Garden is within you, then it will manifest around you as your environment.


      2. Orlena πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

        Going for gold.

        I’ve been looking into the Narcissist and the Analyst. QI. I’m a bit of wary of psychology because I know the ‘ego’ likes to be analysed. There is a class of people who are referred to as narcissists. Basically they feed off the energy of empathic people. They are not concerned about others at their core. This is a video from a self aware narcissist. She does swear a lot. And part of it is they want what you have. Not quite that simple though with heroes and villains. Both sides seem to get something from the relationship.

        1. Frank

          From my perspective. Before The Gold Standard became tied to economics it had a broader meaning about how the value or the purity of something could be tested. Proved. As opposed to ‘fiat’ which is an arbitrary decree ‘let it be done’.

          That Putin has put his currency, energy, power to the standard, the proof, says a lot. Uncle Joe understands. He’s in full blown panic. ‘Remove this man from power’, ‘he’s a war criminal, arrest him, put him on trial’. Do something, stop him.

          I do believe there is a war. Over power and where it belongs. From my perspective, in the individual. How and why we willingly or were conned into giving away our power to an external authority is the answer to the riddle of genesis, and just about everything else. And it’s coming. πŸ’« πŸ‘‘

          1. Orlena

            The gilt.

            ‘What is the spiritual meaning of the colour Gold.

            Gold is the colour associated with the 9th chakra above the 8th chakra. It is likened to a gold ball that is eternally spinning. It is the self that has never been born and will never die. It is referred to as the Stella Gateway that connects the soul to source.’

  1. And where I get seriously pissed off with my namesake. Innocence is encoded into reality. Changing the mind is not easy. Can be done though. Reflection of the ‘ego mind’ belief in guilt. The mirror lies.

  2. For Lent.

    Marys x 2. Stabat Mater.

    The Stabat Mater is a 13th-century Christian hymn to Mary which portrays her suffering as Jesus Christ’s mother during his crucifixion. St Mary’s Church is dedicated to Mary Magadalene. And a question that has been nagging at me for a few years. We actually left 3D back in 2014. Why we are still experiencing what we are I’m not sure. IMO.


    Beautiful church.


  3. “For Lent.

    Marys x 2. Stabat Mater.

    The Stabat Mater is a 13th-century Christian hymn to Mary which portrays her suffering as Jesus Christ’s mother during his crucifixion. St Mary’s Church is dedicated to Mary Magadalene. And a question that has been nagging at me for a few years. We actually left 3D back in 2014. Why we are still experiencing what we are I’m not sure. IMO.”


    Um, I’d AGREE with that sentiment….

    Now it’s just a WAITING GAME….

    Or perhaps a “PREPARING” for the GROOM’S return…?

    Getting right with the Father .. and the Son….

    Before it’s too late.


    1. Trinity

      It’s difficult to see in day to day life. When you observe your own life and the NEWS closely you can see spirals. I think since 2014 we’ve been in a limbo or bardo reality. Ever decreasing circles.

      1. Frank, I remember reading of the “ever decreasing circles” in ACIM….

        And I kept reading and looking for the answer of how to escape them…..

        And it is NEVER GIVEN.

        NO WAY OUT

        NO ESCAPE

        It DENIES that JESUS CHRIST is our ONLY Salvation!


        Therefore, ACIM is from the “Evil One.”


    1. Interesting, Clicky, dont’cha think? That in China we’ve always heard that they eat and cook dogs, and throw them into their “Chinese food” as chicken… Are you eating “chicken”? Or are you eating a local stray dog, or cat???

      I’m a cat person. Maybe they cook and eat cats too, but… I think cats are too smart to be caught up in that shite.

  4. Happy Resurrection Day, Frank.

    I’m hoping you won’t mind me posting a few more vids to finish out “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” and perhaps the explanation of how Mary Magdalene (the founder of “The Church of Mary” and the REAL “Christian Church? The “Bride of Christ”), that was ERASED from history and from the BIble.

    We were given a clue in “The Da Vinci Code.”

    It was she, his most beloved disciple, sitting next to him in Leonardo’s “The Last Supper.”

    Forming the “M.”

    1. Trinity

      Mary Magdalene has come in for me with a big bang over the last few months. ‘I am your mother, sister and daughter’ can get very confusing. As far as MM goes I take the view that she is the female Christ – she is the sister – and she has been deleted or her part has been totally downplayed. Siamese twins. I was talking about something similar yesterday. All faiths and spiritual traditions seem to have their own versions of the same story .

      1. Twins mating with each other?

        Brother and sister?

        Um, NO.

        MM is NOT Jesus’ “sister”….

        She may be the “female Christ”….

        But she is not his biological sister.

        that would be incest, which Satan LOVES.

        All his Serpent Seed “Jews” are inbred.

        It’s a point of PRIDE.

        Because it is REBELLION against the Creator, Yah.

        It’s so far DOWN that it is not in the 10 Commandments:

        “Thou shall not have intercourse with your sister.”

        Lol, …. Duh!

        1. I’m thinking further back to original DNA. Something started it. I think the male and female Christ DNA are both spiritually and physically real. And Ever Decreasing Circles. It’s what I’m experiencing I believe and maybe we all are. We think we live in linear time but in actuality it’s time loops and spirals. IMO.

          About DNA. My family and I have a few look a likes in the UK which a scientist may say is due to regressive genes. I’ve recently come across a few in the southern states of the USA which confuses matters even more. One of them is like looking at my twin sister when I was young.

          1. Welp, I don’t know about that, I’m just trying to say that if you see the Christ in His so-called “twin” Mary Magdalene, then it denies that there was ONLY ONE “Son” who was sent by the Father to save us. Also it speaks of Goddess worship, “The Immaculate Heart of Mary,” the “Mother of God,” which I believe is a Satanic LIE, by which Lucifer/Satan literally DIVERTS our prayers to HER and FROM our Father! Satan INTERCEPTS them….

            It is ONLY in Jesus Christ, the ONLY SON of “God,” in which our salvation lies.


            Because that’s how the Creator/Father decreed it, IMO.

            There can be only ONE Creator of Heaven and Earth.

            And ONLY ONE SON, Our Savior.

            ONE MAN

            Male, which includes His “WOMB-man,” from his own rib, His Fe-male….

            A woman is not a man, she is a part of the “man” that the Father created to help his hu-Man creation survive.

            Satan, the Serpent, uses the WEAKER SEX, the fe-Male, to destroy the Male!

            Over and over again….

            The two sexes are NOT equal!

            1. Trinity

              I don’t take the Creation story or even Jesus’ story as literal but as symbolic of a truth so we’ll have to agree to disagree. I see the Male Female dynamic as totally equal. We were born together and created as One. It’s that with the separation we created a reality where this relationship is fxxked up. It’s a sin etc which was never a sin. Just a mad idea. IMO. I do wonder who had the mad idea though. Whether it was the man or the woman or a joint idea.

  5. Of course these vids do not show her in her true light…. as His “Beloved.”

    But we still can see her devotion to him….


    Her anger….

  6. Today is “Easter Sunday”

    The day we commemorate Christ’s RESURRECTION from the DEAD.

    Here we see his Beloved Disciple, Mary Magdalene, the only one of his disciples who stood at the foot of his cross (the male disciples were all in hiding, for fear of being arrested). Sure, she was a woman, and did not have to fear that….

    But as a result, MARY MAGDALENE became the ONLY WITNESS to BOTH his death and his resurrection.

    She was the ONLY ONE who was FULLY DEVOTED.

    She was at His tomb, day and night….

    He chose her to appear as risen before any of his disciples….

    She was the Chosen One.

    Therefore He tells HER to go and tell his “brethren” that He is risen.

    And I believe, she DID.

    But her “work” has been erased from history.

    I believe, SHE DID.

    There are no accounts of her life afterward.

    Peter, however, ended up insisting he be crucified upside down…..

    By his own wish out of guilt for betraying the Messiah.

    But she was rejected by his “apostles” and Peter, I believe….

    She in the lost “gnostic” gospels however did and He commanded her….

    Teach my Brothers….

    That I AM RISEN.

    You can see in this clip Jesus charging Mary with this task:

    “Tell my brethren, I AM RISEN.”

      1. The reckoning point we are ALL awakening to is the deep underground truth that our children are not our sex toys.


        My Father in Heaven did not hand me over to my own biological father as his “toy”… nor should I have become my own mother’s target for her anger and disappointment in her husband that she turned on me in her psychological anguish.


        In my nightmares I was always escaping some “monster” inside my own home….it was chasing me…. and I was in utter TERROR.

        I “forgive,” only because Jesus taught me to pray this way:

        “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us….

        And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”

        Only through forgiveness and understanding can I heal.

  7. Jesus is telling me that even if my mother and father, and my brother and sisters, forsake me….

    He will NEVER forsake me.

    So let go.

    Let GO.

  8. I am not playing the victim. These a-holes can and have disbaled the remote locking mechanism on my car.

    Our cars are all computers, so “They” can hack into them and control it, and drive you right into a ditch if they so choose.

  9. Oy oy oy…

    Sure, I want to be the “Shieldmaiden.” Oh and to be “worshiped”? ….. ah no.

    I want to be GONE


  10. For me, I have no solace that “what” I do is the “right thing.”


    I know not what I do.

    So when you’re not “sure” about what you are doing, idk what can you do?

    I could just lay down and die here, …. might take a long time tho

    Or I can get up and out, like I tried to do, but I see now how I went in the wrong direction: INTO the Matrix instead of OUT of it…..

    Any who WHO AM I talkin to?

    Me…. Yah….. my son….. my family … AND my enemies.

    What EVER.

    Yeah, “my” life’s been a “disappointment.”

    And YOURS?

    It’s better to BURN OUT than to RUST…..

    I’d agree with that.

  11. From Genesis 3:15

    The Fate of the Serpent
    1 So the LORD God said to the serpent: β€œBecause you have done this, cursed are you above all livestock and every beast of the field! On your belly will you go, and dust you will eat, all the days of your life. 15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. He will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

    “I will put enmity between you and the woman.”

    What does that say to you?

    Satan HATES women like me…..


      1. Life between men and women is LITERALLY like musical chairs.

        Yup, we “played” that game at my I think 5th birthday party.?

        I lost.

        I always LOSE….

        I’m just not fast enough.

        1. Sorry sorry….

          Um, I was very happy in elementary age at my St. Paul’s School.

          I loved it actually…. we played kickball in the yard and almost pummeled the pine tree we hit day after day to death! But our priests and sisters let us…


          I’m not a victim because Yah always gave me the WILL to fight back.

          I was the valedictorian of my eighth grade graduating class at St. Paul’s. in Wellesley, MA.

          Voted Most Likely to Succeed.
          Most Popular…..

          So um…..


          1. Bravo, Luke!

            For following in the Way of JESUS, who REBUKED the Jews in Yah’s Holy TEMPLE in Jerusalem for turning His Father’s HOUSE into a “den of thieves.”

            For turning the Holy Temple into the SYNAGOGUE (“SIN of Gog”) of SATAN.

            May Yah bless you! And I thank you, as a daughter of Yah, for standing up and speaking the TRUTH.



            OMG I LOVE THE MUSIC!!!

            And I love you, Luke.


            1. Oh, and? From a commenter on the “Stew Peters Cannot Fool God’s Elect”vid today on BitChute:


              (He forgot Bluewater and Snarky, who both push this “off-world” rescue by the “Alliance” that NEVER HAPPENS)

              How do we know?

              Because these Ass-HOLES are ALL making a FORTUNE off their LIES.

              1. And I haven’t watched this vid, but I DO like what the headline says!:

                “GOP NUKES Disney From Orbit Revoking Special Tax Status, Disney Gets Woke Goes Broke As Stock TANK…”

                I scrolled down to the comments right away since it takes so long to load:

                JAROD MULDER
                What i would like to see is a non-jew white republican president. pro American and anti Israel.

                oy vey!

            2. And you too, Alex! I saw the InfoWars.com banner on this vid exposing the LIAR “SILVERSTEIN” in plain sight.

              A THIEF and a CRIMINAL. A LIAR who MADE BILLIONS off his INSURANCE FRAUD, as well as US, the American taxpayers!!!

              I pray you two MEN are TURNING on the JEW MASTERS who idk perhaps have funded you, or at least let you live…

              LET US ALL TURN ON THESE WOLVES in SHEEPS’ clothing.

              I pray for you both to have strength from the ALL MIGHTY YAH to DO IT!

            3. Now I don’t know for sure, but notice how Larry claims 3,000 lives lost! YUGE “loss of life.”

              I believe that IS A LIE.

              HE IS A LIAR.

              Just watch Judy Wood’s work (if you can find it: She wrote the book “Where Did the Towers Go?”)

              I believe that only a handful (and yes, that’s just as bad, and yes, I believe many honest firefighters who worked on the “pile” afterward died from all the asbestos filling the air….) of innocents lost their lives that day or got injured in the Jew Drill that went LIVE. Jews were told not to go into work that day. WE ALL KNOW THIS NOW.

              So what I’m trying to say is that Larry Silverstein (whom President Trump has declared his FRIEND and a “great guy” btw), by their Satanic Jewish Talmudic (SODOMITE…. woman-hating and child-raping) LAW….

              Is INNOCENT.


              1. And I? Am I INNOCENT?

                Confession time: My rival to being declared “Valedictorian” was my best friend: Carla Salas.

                She was from Guam. And a God-fearing family…..

                Welp… one of the things that gave me a ha, “leg up”?

                Was in seventh grade I found in our attic ALL my sister’s History Workbook tests.

                ALL the ANSWERS to these and I’m not kidding, IMPOSSIBLE TESTS about our AMERICAN HISTORY.


                I’m not a SAINT, for PETE”S SAKE….

                I never got a perfect score on those tests from Sister Emily, I always made sure to get one or two wrong.

                So there you have it.

                I’m a SINNER. And a liar….

                Just like YOU.

                When I woke up to Christ YEARS later., as a mother whose marriage was disintegrating….

                I asked for forgiveness.

                I confessed my life of SIN.

                And the Father forgave me.

                I’m still here, suffering…..

                And only pray that I am received by the SON when he comes again.

                1. Hey wait!

                  Why is Luke Rudkowski wearing a BLOOD-RED hoodie in the final scene of that vid that gets cut off….

                  “Never seen an Old Man run that fast…?”


                  He’s not running, Luke.

                  Maybe YOU should be, not that you are OLD.

  12. Frank, I think we “agree” we just don’t know it.

    Yes, I as well think Male and Female are totally EQUAL, equal in their divinity and importance to the Creator.

    But the Creator made it clear that the MAN was to be the HEAD of the “body” of Christ: He to be the family provider, She to be the bearer of his children and thus the maintainer of his household.

    But there can be only ONE in charge of that household.

    The MAN was to RULE over HIS woman.

    I totally believe that. A woman’s SOVEREIGNTY is as a MOTHER and WIFE, who raises the child, protects that child, teaches that child about the Creator Yah, and actually rules over her husband to make sure he does not go astray…. women are the civilizers of men.

    Anywho…. that’s in the PERFECT WORLD THAT YAH CREATED…..

    And Satan wriggled his way in and defiled it by luring an innocent Eve into eating the APPLE and telling her husband to do the same, and ADAM and the Garden of Eden FELL when he gave in to his wife’s weakeness.

    It was ADAM’s fault, NOT Eve’s.

      1. And I know I may have insinuated it by referring back to “The Da Vinci Code” and the “M”…. and all my own “stuff.”

        but it’s not that Mary Magdalene was his “twin” or mate, or the “female Christ.”

        Much of Jesus’ teaching redeemed women, yes, of course!

        But it’s not that she was his equal in any way, she was simply another of his DISCIPLES….who BELIEVED in Him as the Messiah.

        A WOMAN, which even his own apostles could not accept.

        She was his beloved DISCIPLE, you get me?

        NOT his “Last Temptation” as his wife….

        His DISCIPLE, who was a woman.

        Thereby he redeemed women by INCLUDING her as such…..

        It’s pretty major to see this distinction.

  13. And to see the Mary worship! “Mourning Mary”…..”Sad Sad Mary.”…

    The Pieta! (I did see it in person at the Vatican… Ice cold marble…..CREE-PY)

    The heart of Mary struck with idk all those arrows on having her to watch her own son’s crucifixion!

    It is at some level.. ALL FAKE


    The ONLY THING that is REAL is JESUS

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