Already been in this movie.



The Everyman Cinema in Reigate. Again a surprising name change. The last time I looked it was called The Screen I think.



And Second Lockdown.







Into Mission. The latest Space X mission has docked with the ISS over Idaho.



Right brain Left brain.




You Only Live Twice.



And Dicks In Space.



Or maybe it’s just a comedy.



The Big One Is Coming.



And Carbondale. There’s a Car Clue in there somewhere.

At the Crossroads.




The Projector at the Everyman Sin-ema.

All The World’s A Screen.



All The World’s A Scream.



‘You Were Never Really Here’. You must be Joaquin.






It’s just a Movie.


91 thoughts on “Intermission

        1. How we gonna have a party without a band? 🤔

          The episode is called Deja Q…already seen.
          It’s the episode when the android gets it’s first taste of feeling human.

            1. Frank

              This is off subject, but I recall awhile back the subject of Thermopylae (the hot gates) came up. But I can’t remember why. If you do could you refresh my memory? Thanks.

                1. Thanks TTN, MJ, and Frank

                  Apologies for being more cryptic than usual, if that’s even possible but…there are three loose marbles rolling around in my head which seem to want to connect up. 🙂

                  First, connected to Thermopylae, is that the Persia of old is today Iran.
                  Second, connected to that is, burning down the house.
                  And third is Dr. Atlas and “rise up”.

                  Atlas Shrugged

                  1. Elena to open up the Gates you have to pour Holey Water on the BEN BEN STONE in order to decalcify it.

                    Then the Philadelphia Eagles can finally fly…home

                    back to Coney Island

                    Can you Dig It?

        2. Anon

          Thanks. That’s great !

          The Observed and the Observer are the same. Or something.

          Movies and popular culture in general can blend and merge with the subconscious and can become portals in their own right and the observer merges with the characters on the screen I think. And many individuals are on the Silver Screen as well .

          And Stranger Things. Occasionally I’ve found I’ve been in a scene from a movie in my personal life which I recogonise.

          Jenny and I have got a Saturday ritual when we watch a movie. I’ve made a list in a Word doc of all the movies and we refer to it as The Notebook. But where it gets strange is that many of the movies in The Notebook have been playing out in the media recently.

          1. This interview is hilarious.
            The person called Trump Christ sitting in a tower with a lady called Rona
            and Barrett who is wearing purple while at the very end admitting that when/if he goes broke he’ll run for president. Prescient much. What a goob. Flashy, narcissistic mobster playing king.

    1. Pies? We’re talking beavers here. And Gene Cernan was born on 3.14.
      The universe isn’t billions yrs old, it’s in 6th grade.

        1. We have got the key to unlock us out of lockdown, to loose the DNA bands strands.

          we finally have the tools to dig deep into the memory Sandbanks…and release our ancestral memories the GI ANT DNA.

          I took this yesterday they have been working 24/7 …on the Groyne’s.

          it’s looks like a long screw…. who knew 🤷‍♂️

          I for one had no idea..totally clueless.

          I mean I knew King David slew 5 giants with his s tones (the 5 senses) but he also had 33 or was it 37 of them fighting alongside him.

          My memory is not what it used to be.. but it’s coming back gradually.

        2. Is that Wisconsin and Michigan
          WI + MI
          A sort of MIMI
          And state boundary lines running through a great lake.
          WI above IL and MI above IN

  1. TTN,

    Exactly as the first video explains.
    But I remain reserved as to what the purpose of this shenanigans is all about.
    Civil War?
    The view is that the USA has to be brought down form their superior position in the world to fit in with the global One World Order One World Government with antichrist at the top.
    Everyone will be required to worship antichrist.
    Better to choose Jesus! Not Satan!

    1. Ken yes… as you said.. it a civil war reflecting the conflict within and yes SHEnanigans is a great way to describe it.. I love that word…. but it also represents a new beginning.

      as I was saying over at Roob’s Library of Alexsandra

      17 represents Divine DNA, it also represents Victory as Many Fish was saying…..which my surname just also happens to mean

      This personal name, popularly taken to mean “victory-people”, was a favourite among Christians throughout Europe during the Middle Ages, partly due to the fame of the 4th Century St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, who is regarded as the patron saint of children, sailors and pawnbrokers.

      and Dads Army ….that Pike is a stupid Jersey boy he needs a good slap sometimes. Anyhow I need to wander off ….as I have been saying since the beginning Go West…before the rush hour starts for the Golden Gate.

        1. Some things never change eh can’t get away with anything.

          Frank DDNA’S birthday was 11/2 or 121 or 1/12 which so happened to be the day I wrote this.

          and last night i got a txt telling me to pick up my Brazilian friends at Heathrow at 14.40 on the 1/12 they were mean’t to come back on the 23rd. However one of them went through a NINE hour surgery in order to get a brand new body and got infected by the alien DNA.

          It’s all about the birthdays which means plenty of gifts. 🎅🏻 🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🏻‍♂️

          and talking of gifts I have decided after the year I/WE have all had.. there is no naughty list…anything goes. 😉

          Mum’s the word 🤫

          1. Here’s another one.



            The Birth Day has been in the mix for some time . MJ broke the One Law for revealing the secret. Interesting phrasing from Goro. All the same day maybe. Hope DDNA is OK or as good as can expected in the circs.

            And Time and planes. Both my flights last year to and from Texas both involved time distortion and changes in days and dates. Is it Ruby Monday or Ruby Tuesday ?

            The Present.


            1. I have been sent the same ‘We are all doomed’ meme by three different people in the last few days… that’s always a good sign.

              and interesting date that post… the same date that flight MH370 disappeared or crashed and burned.

      1. Ma’at is the 17th gnome.
        So a birdie says.

        Hangn Genesis

        So over that book.
        Its wet around the ears.

    2. Where else have you heard “America First”?
      Not what we all thought it meant, he?
      Drumf chants have a way of working against US.

  2. Brandon Smith — The Case for Mass Rebellion
    “Governments must use the pandemic as a rationale for “waves” of restrictive lockdowns, followed by controlled re-openings of the economy and of normal human activity. Globalists claim that this will “slow” the spread of the coronavirus and save lives. However, they also openly admit that these cycles of closures and openings have other uses.

    Over time, the citizenry becomes acclimated to governmental intrusion in their everyday lives, and they get used to the idea of bureaucracy telling them what they are not allowed to do when it comes to the simplest activities. The system thus bottlenecks all human interactions to the point that we are constantly asking for permission. We become slaves to the Covid response.”

  3. Wow, Frank


    “The observed and the observer are the same.”


    Except it’s hard to see when you are “observing.”

    God the Father shined his sun on me through the clouds all the way to work yesterday…..

    And as His Daughter, I am HAPPY to continue the FIGHT.

    For Truth, period.

    President Trump should be admired for firing a (the? I don’t even know, but he’s a slime) Director of HOMELAND Security for declaring the 2020 Election Vote the “most secure in U.S. history.”

    I mean, Are you kidding me?

    The Epoch Times is doing great reporting on this ATTEMPTED COMMUNIST takeover of the U.S.

    And so is MY BROTHER Nathanael.

    President Trump, thank you sir for standing so strong.


        1. I remember, Frank, thanks!

          I tried to post the latest from Brother Nathanael, who is RUTHLESS in telling it “like it is.”

          So to any of my readers, you should look for it on BitChute…..before it goes down.

          He was born and raised a Jew, but is a “Christian” despite it and a True AMERICAN.

          He remembers when they banned praying to God in our schools at the start of day…. they took away the “Pledge of Allegiance”….. and he felt like they were trying to take away God from US.

          And now we see…..

          That’s EXACTLY what “they” were doing!


          Only MY generation, on its “last legs,” remembers!

          “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

          And WE are the Final Generation that must FIGHT TPTB to restore OUR COUNTRY!

          Liberty and JUSTICE FOR ALL….

          Under GOD

    1. I’d like to ping, but I don’t know how. I also try to “like” comets. It won’t let me! Anyway I’m pinging and liking through and through.

  4. As you illustrate, the Big Dipper, the Great Bear, circles the North Star, POLARIS.


    Yup yup yup

    The North Star is located at the tail of the Little Dipper, or the Little Bear….

    They are FIXED constellations.

    They go around in circles.

    Which is a “Good Thing.”

    In the mix is Draco……


    1. The pole star makes a swastika and unites the creator with the creation. It couldn’t be any other way. It’s mama bear 😉

  5. And Time again. Personally I’m not a great fan of ‘channelling’ because of personal filters but again someone talking of time splits and distortions.

    ‘I am the Keeper of Time. I join you this day because your time has intersected again. You’re moving at an incredible pace. Although we know that there are difficulties, it’s working. There are challenges or energy rubs that you experience as you are coming back together. In effect, you are living multi-dimensionality over here with one name. Then you’re also living over there with a similar name that’s maybe spelled differently, or here with an entirely different name. Your spirit could have all these experiences simultaneously, so when you bring that home it imprints the Akashic records as a whole.’

    1. Yeah, you’ve got it!

      “Operation Mind Fuck”

      Complements of Lucifer/Satan

      All I have to say is….

      There’s a REASON Jesus Christ is called…

      the “ROCK” of our salvation.

      Do you get it?


      Solid ground

      1. The other thing, is the idea “it’s not real.”

        It’s sooo real.

        This is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE….

        in which you either win or lose …

        YOUR SOUL

  6. Awesome pics, TTN!!!

    I’m posting this vid again because I’ve watched a lot of “Flat Earth” vids and this one is so well done, I enjoyed watching it a second time last night and am watching it again tonight……

    It’s PERFECT


    It's like Morpheus and Trinity made it together, and opened Neo's mind with it….

    And SAVED him.

    1. We are all in this together, Brothers.

      That means you too, “Italian mob.”

      It’s on BitChute, search “This Restaurant Doesn’t Allow Masks” by Debess.


      Now THAT’S a “Godfather”!!!


        1. Haha, TTN…. good one! I think I see the “Lunar See” in you! And “yours.” You know, the Angry-ish. Did you know that the root cause of “hating” is fear?

          “There is nothing to fear but fear itself,” my dear Ire-ish brothers!

          But anyway…..

          I have to post this, because I seem to remember posting in praise of Tucker Carlson’s journalistic work on FOX NEWS….

          Well, “Tucker’s” segment discrediting Sydney Powell just ENDED that opinion, lol!!!

          Check out the BitChute vid “11.20.20 Greatest Smackdown of MSM in HIstory!” by channel And We Know…..

          Tucker, so beloved by Patriots for so long, just ENDED FoxNews and welp, sorry! His own career of reporting the “Truth: the only thing that matters.”

          WTF, these people have literally gone MAD.

          I’m sorry but laughing at the little boy unable to take being refused by a badass woman lawyer who says it like it is….to “SHARE” her evidence with HIM…. having a TEMPER TANTRUM!


          Sydney Powell ROCKS.

          So does Giuliani.

          FoxNews…. SUCKS.

          The numerology of “FOX” does = 666…. ya know….

          You are UNMASKED to the American people as TRAITORS!

          “FAKE NEWS”

          “No thanks,” us Patriots say, to your FOXY “truth.”

          Auf Wiedersehen (no, that means “See you again….”)

          This is better:


          And “Good Luck”

          1. “Hugo” in comments: “Tucker believes in UFOs despite never having interviewed an alien but refuses to believe in voter fraud.”

    1. The beautiful green parkland with its lovely pond and its occasional blue herons and the cutest chickadees on earth that my little blue house gazes out upon?

      Edward R. Murrow Park

        1. Wow….. while it makes me “fall in love with Marlon Brando all over again,” the whole father thing is so WEIRD.

          I’m thinking that really WAS his father? Because only a wounded child would act like that toward his father… total disrespect.

          Or… that wasn’t his father but some weird Holly Wood stand in….. and that God knows WHERE these “hollywood stars” come from….

          Some kinda factory somewhere?

          So incredibly handsome, and magnetically charming…..

          Maybe it’s MAGIC

          1. This is where I come from…..

            From back when I was trying to figure out the “art” that is in filmmaking, which grew from being just a “business.”

            I’m interested in the “art” of movies…. and as Marlon said so early in his career, that he thought Hollywood needed to try to focus on themes and stories that “elevate” humankind rather than just function as a business appealing to the lowest common denominator….

            I guess that’s part of the reason Marlon ended his life in a sad state because Hollywood was becoming PURELY a BUSINESS, with no room for artists.

            The woman conducting this interview was one of my professors in film school at Columbia. I liked her.

            She was in love with the art of cinema. So was I.


            Watch all the way through because the best stuff is toward the end.

            1. So while I will grant you that “The Godfather” is one of the best films we’ve ever seen, the question of “ethics” is I think an essential part of what makes something “art.”

              “Marlon Brando repeatedly turned down his Oscar-winning role as Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather because he did not want to “glorify the Mafia”, according to a close friend. …”

              So…. um, I think Francis Ford Coppola talks a good talk all about “art”…. but he NEVER TOUCHES the subject of the REAL WORLD of murder, lies, gangsterism, and yes, his own ITALIAN background STEEPED in the same? “Mafiosos…..”

              Doesn’t touch the subject with a ten-foot pole…

              An artist works from his own life experience and tells the stories he KNOWS…..

              Francis Ford Coppola NEVER tells his own story…. ANYWHERE.

              That’s the OPPOSITE of what Elia Kazan did with “On the Waterfront”….

              Interesting, hmm?

              1. Actually “The Godfather” was the precursor to Martin Scorsese’s [rumored to be a former head of the Church of Satan] “GoodFellas” and then the precursor to “The Sopranos” ……

                all glorification of the kind of people I’ve been dealing with in this small-town that everyone from Queens seems to have moved to.

                I think it’s all BAD…..

                And not “art” after all.

                1. But I’m feeling the need to be “right” anymore is much less worthwhile than the desire to just be happy.

                  Life is not something you can look back upon and “judge” who was right or who was wrong.

                  So I’m not going to BOTHER anymore.

                  I’m choosing happy from now on.

                  And dancing, when I can….

                  Like how they dance together at this wedding in Cana, after Jesus performed his first miracle.


                  1. And I’ll end with what Marlon said, so early on (but after Streetcar and his Oscar for On the Waterfront), that actors devoted to their art sometimes, now and again, become “poets.”

                    That’s so lovely, and the actor who comes to mind right now is, ha, Hugh Jackman as the tragic “Wolverine.”

                    But nobody has ever come close to Marlon……


                    1. But I wouldn’t be a Truther if I didn’t comment on the fact that

                      All three bear the clear markers of being transgendered!!!

                      I’m not mad or jealous…..

                      I just want to know the Truth!

                      I’m not “judging” them personally…

                      But it’s Satan’s final plan to turn us all gay….

                      Why is that so bad?

                      Um, because THEN there won’t be anymore HUMAN babies.

                      DO YOU GET IT

                      Look at Marlon’s WEIRD long neck! It’s noticeable from behind, looks strange. Also in this scene you can see his female waist……

                      Also his voice.

                      It’s weird, sort of whiney.

                      never got it into the low register of a real man.

                      His was “whiney.” Maybe “they” corrected” the problem with Mel and Keanu because they both have a softer voice, but still not HARD, DEEP MALE.

                      Any who…..

                      Signing out of CRAZY LAND

                      Have a nice rest of your night.

                    2. Elia Kazan, director of “On the Waterfront,” said of Marlon Brando that “no other actor could have pulled off the duality of this part,” on the one hand a “tough guy,” on the other a “tender soul.”

                      See, people?

                      I saw and was somehow MARKED by this film at a young age, I don’t remember when. It was on TV, while my mother ironed my dad’s shirts and we watched the afternoon movie together on TV.

                      No more “tough guys” for me, people….

                      “Sheriffs” or otherwise.

                    3. We all have a choice!

                      Do we play the hero or the villain?

                      Newsman Ed Murrow asked Brando what part of his roles so far he loved most, and Brando named “Streetcar.”

                      Instead of the hero “Terry Malloy” Brando named “Streetcar,” in which his character Stanley RAPES his wife’s sister.

                      Nice, huh?

                      See how we are all entranced by the glamour of evil?

                      “Tragedy,” somehow….

                      makes us feel “powerful.”


                    4. And you know what it is?

                      Satan has diabolically perverted our human race with “transgenders.”

                      Because no REAL MAN would ever rape his wife’s lost sister…..

                      And no REAL MAN would ever PLAY one on the BIG SCREEN as a MOVIE STAR who DID…. like Marlon did.

                      DO YOU GET IT?

                      No REAL WOMAN would EVER sing “Happy Birthday” at that day and age with her tits hanging out, to “Mr. President.”!

                      These BOLD, SEXUAL women in Play oy and what have you have all been TRANSGENDERS…. because they LOVE flaunting their STUFF!

                      DO YOU GET IT?

                  2. TRINITY,

                    I wrote and recorded a quite jolly song about Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding in Cana.
                    I haven’t made a video for it yet so it is still just in MOV or MP3 so not sure if I can post it here.

                    1. Ken

                      Don’t think it would work unless it’s got a URL address and even then I’m not sure.

                      Another way would be to upload to a site like Soundcloud which would let you post it.


                      The other option would be to make a video which you could upload to You Tube or one of the other main video sites. You would have to have your own YT channel or maybe someone else’s if you know anyone who has their own YT channel

                      Can get complicated and frustrating unless you know what you are doing.

  7. Well, Ken, I wouldn’t mind seeing it, so I think we all hope to hear from you, after Frank’s advice, on how you end up making it available to us!

    “The Wedding” at Cana…..


    A joyous “affair”!

    And I think…..

    The just “wedding” of the Bride and the Groom….

    Welp. I can’t wait!

    It’s COMING….

    In the New Kingdom.

    God Be Praised

    Hallelu Jah!!!

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