Up Up And Away

A message from Management.



Up Up Up And Away. You want a sign.

And the dreaded word – Ascension.




From AZ Central.com :

‘David Blaine is ready for takeoff.

With final approval from the Federal Aviation Administration issued Tuesday, the magician can soar into the sky above Page, Arizona, on Wednesday morning with the help of a couple dozen helium-filled weather balloons.

And as he floats, he plans to livestream his view on YouTube for viewers around the world.

“Ascension” was years in the making. Blaine’s goal is to reach 18,000 feet above the ground, Variety reported, and he has to put on his parachute pack in mid-air.

“If there’s a catastrophic balloon failure partway up, David comes crashing down to Earth,” a narrator said in a promotional YouTube video for the event.

“This groundbreaking (research and discovery) flight will be done for the first time right here in Arizona, which is the most beautiful backdrop that I’ve ever seen in my life,” Blaine said in an Instagram video. “I want to grab a bunch of balloons and go floating all the way up into the sky until I almost disappear.”


The Fifth Dimension : ‘Up Up and Away In My Beautiful Balloon.’



As Above, So Below. Keep Watching The Skies, etc, etc.


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    1. The little girl and the inflatable astronaut.

      The little girl and the inflatable unicorn.

      And I hate to burst your balloon, 😉 but why am I thinking ‘helicopter’?
      I only saw the launch, but from what I saw there was no clear shot of what was directly above him. And why was Devil’s Tower in Arizona instead of Wyoming?

      That’s the job of the illusionist. To get you to question what you see, hear, taste, smell, feel. The test.

      1. Elena

        The whole thing was not real I think. From the daughter to everything else. But interesting symbology even so I found.

        Again what is real ? We seem to be in a giant metaphysical Turing Test.

        1. On the weekend Jen and I watched Orbiter 9.

          The main character in the movie was called Helena. And there were about three other names connected with people on Merovee. Or friends and family.

        2. Frank

          About the ‘test’ and the lesson learned, and what lies ahead and are we prepared for it? Last night I watched a rerun of Star Trek TNG titled ‘Q, Who?’. It’s the episode where the entity Q introduces the Borg.

          This morning the first thing I saw on YouTube was about a Virginia woman spots a bizarre ‘square’ in the night sky during a thunderstorm. It’s about 3 min into the video.
          About names, the woman’s name is Dezzie. I had a cat we would call Desi, short for Desdemona. And about Orbiter 9, I have a cousin named Celeste.

          And finally about Q or cue which has a lot of definitions…
          1. act as a prompt or reminder
          2. a piece of information or circumstance that aids the memory in retrieving details not recalled spontaneously
          3. in psychology…a feature of something perceived that is used in the brain’s interpretation of the perception

          Right On, Q!!! 🙂

          1. Elena

            Good movie if you get a chance. I know it’s on Netflix.

            Blaine’s daughter name is Dessa. You may know that or you may not 🙂

            Also Queue Wait and Kuwait has been playing round my mind.

            1. Don’t you think it is O.D.D. that we never hear of Q-atar anymore?
              Around the ME wars and the sodomizing of Q-addafi, all roads led to Qatar. Now it’s radio silence. Like it was wiped out of the Logos, off the face of the earth.

              1. Anon

                Qatar was in the news a lot and as you say it’s gone.


                ‘The economy of Qatar is one of the richest in the world based on GDP per capita, ranking between fifth and seventh on world rankings for 2015 and 2016 data compiled by the World Bank, United Nations, and IMF.[17][18] The country’s economy has grown despite sanctions by neighbors, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

                Petroleum and natural gas are the cornerstones of Qatar’s economy and account for more than 70% of total government revenue, more than 60% of gross domestic product, and roughly 85% of export earnings. Qatar has the world’s third largest proven natural gas reserve and is the second-largest exporter of natural gas.’

                On a different tangent. There’s weird wordplay stuff with the names of some of the countries in the Middle East.

                Queue Wait.


                Is Real

                I Ran

                Eye Rack and Weapons of Mass Destruction.


    1. Trinity

      Would you like to share the message ?

      There’s a weird sync connection with the video and the black detective and Washington and Time.

      Out of Time stars Denzel Washington as a Chief of Police.

      The OA had a character called Karim Washington as a black private detective and ex policeman.

      And the new Christopher Nolan movie Tenet has John D Washington as a black time travelling CIA agent.


  1. Michael Jackson was a superstar for a REASON.

    It’s the whole BLM situation…. Oh now, it’s “black” with a capital “B”?

    Such bullshit, it’s sad.

    It denigrates strong black people, people like Denzel.

    Men who are men first, black second.

    1. How Denzel did not win Best Actor for Flight is..


      I guess for me was the sign of the END.

      Legitimate “Oscars”

      Legitimate ANYTHING….

      All LIES….

      “Black Lives Matter”

      lol, what a JOKE.


      Now EVERYONE knows, and it’s ALL DEAD.


      Enjoy one of the last REAL Hollywood movies ever:


    2. You should know by now BLM is not a ”black” movement but a ”white” one. None of the ”blacks” I know fall for it, support it, attend the riots. We all see through it. So should you. So when you whine about it, whine to/about ”whites” thank you.

      1. Someone suggested the white folk funded and support BLM because it actually means Baal Lucifer Molloch. I wouldn’t be surprised. We know how they do….

        Btw, on the other hand, ask yourself why you get so rattled when/if ”black” people assert themselves and their rights but all is good in your world when/if they don’t. If ”black” is used against them you’re all good. If ”black” is used for them, you can’t handle it. Interesting times isnt it?

  2. Those fake baal loon images are hilarious, Frank. Great spot with ”arm strong” – another bi cycle fake.

    Two nights ago I woke w this clear message:

    TESLA – The Electric Satanic (Sky) Luciferian Agenda.

    Then Trump got in ”trouble” for this:


    Electric is masculine is sky is mind is up is ”ascension” is without.
    Magnetic is feminine is earth is body is grounded is within.

    The balance is important but the electrical matrix is a hogger. There are walls and walls of electrical grids around Mother Earth. Shit gets trying.

    Ascension is an AI term. Like upgrade. It’s to convince people they aren’t good enough or that they have to do something or go somewhere to be ”saved” in some abstract process. Convince them to look ”up” rather than within.

    I ran across some tesla’s online. Pure sky daddy arrogance w/ mommy issues.

    Hope Mother Earth kicks some ass. And bet Christ was a woman.

    1. Anon

      I was also playing around with ‘Strong Arm’ of the law.

      And again fakery with Neil Armstrong and the Moon landings but at same time I would suggest the Moon landings expanded consciousness to look beyond.

      1. Lot’s of talk these days about Strong’s Law Dictionary.
        “Black” people are all over it b/c of its definitions of ”white” and ”black”.
        Some seriously ill-intent spell casting.

    1. The Electric Sky Luciferian ArchAngle

      Tries to mediate/intercept comms between wombman and the Divine.

      Fake as fuck.

      1. Why is it Twitter and other net spaces are full of ”Christians” doing indepth exposes on the works of satan/lucifer and all their evil. Like 9 out of 10 or even 10 out of 10 posts on their timelines are about what followers of those two did.

        Nothing ever about the beauty of humanity, Nature, life, Christ. Nothing ever about how redemption is available for ALL. They somehow think saying ”Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior” once every 100 posts about Satan makes them more righteous than everyone else.

        This is an archetypal problem that shall be resolved.

        1. If you were an alien who’d never heard of the bible or what earthlings believe, you’d be forgiven for visiting these ”Christian” timelines and thinking the accountholders worshipped satan/lucifer. Cause in fact, they pay a kind of daily homage to them.

          1. Anon

            Better the devil you know…than the Christ you wouldn’t recognize if it kissed you on the lips.

            And in keeping with the Lucifer theme, always know how to Fall well. 🙂

  3. i’m on neither. just be in g.

  4. tree of life.
    base 12 Ma’ath to get to Christos
    12 Disciples

    Not 10 disciples
    not base 10 math, tree of life

  5. 11:37 pm

    Sayonara, people!

    I don’t have to DO or SAY a thing…. anymore

    The TRUTH is coming out.

    It’s doing it all by itself.

    Jesus is REAL.

    The “Truth” is indeed “HIDDEN” in plain sight.

    Jesus is opening our eyes to the “Truth” because…..

    we can FINALLY handle it.

        1. I’ve always hated Long Island.

          Welp, come to know it’s controlled, POLICED let’s say, beginning to End, by Masons.


          “Secret societies” a la Yale?

          Um, no, more like “secret” gangster-hoods…..

          ALL “made men.”

          That’s why “Long Island” has come to be associated with crazy, um, low-IQ types like “Buttafuoco.”


          Um…. yeah.

          100% CHROME
          4th of JULY PARADE

          Now, who does that???

          Only a LOSER….


          An out-and-out “MADE” DEMON.

          Just LOOK at his FACE


          Twisted in hate



          1. Um, how about…. MOBSTER!

            Here’s the reason poor Heath Ledger had to die.

            He made the “mob” look like…..

            a bunch of LOSERS.

            I die? I die.


            1. I love looking at maps!

              I should give credit where credit is due to Snarky McAllister, with the map of Long Island and all its “boat ramps” lol!

              Haha, you really think the mob needed to bury dead prostitutes in the sand dunes of Gilgo Beach when they could just as so EASILY discard of any “remains” in the ocean….?

              I was thinking of taking that “Night Watchman” job at Jones Beach (I turned down the “Matron” position for the bathrooms there, um thanks…. No I-talians lower themselves to go to “darkie” Jones Beach, believe me, and what better way to “put me in my place” but to have me cleaning the toilets there???)

              Long Island

              Home of the Brookhaven Laser….

              that brought down the Twin Towers.

              Home of …. Is there something in the water?

              Cancer cancer cancer EVERYWHERE!!!! Could be the Joos…. it’s in their “genes.” And we all know now the I-talian mobsters and the
              Jeh-eews are in bed together out there on Long Island…..

              So my point?

              Snarky pointed out that they did that cannibalism Lady Gaga sampling
              and dipping in to a dead bloody corpse um, Abramonic “ART” SHOW…. right nearby…. you know, the “Hamptons.”

              Right across the water? From Shelter Island. The Mason Lodge of Shelter Island she showed on the map is hidden from the street, but has access to boats and the open water right BEHIND it.

              I was out there. Yup, I kayaked the bay at Orient Point and don’tcha know, Satan showed up with some evil witch commenting on how she loved my ORANGE kayak, along with her brown-skinned “boy”…. it was weird.

              And the WIND came up as I made my way back to shore, and I battled it so hard, I could barely move my arms for the next week.

              What’s my point?


              It’s the “Apocalypse” all right.

              And it’s neverending…..

              “Endless” even….

              Keep going down Satan’s rabbithole until you reach …the “End”?

              Um yeah.

              His “den.”

              1. You know what?

                There is a RAGE within women like me right now…..

                Not just “women” done wrong, but powerful women and how their weak men have FAILED them, and their children.



                IT’s going to wipe the planet…..


                Out, puh-lease, whatever.

                WIPE IT OUT

                A mother’s rage……


            1. Here’s a link to The Esoteric Alphabet by Ellis Taylor.

              “This work will show that alphabets are intentionally designed multi-layered esoteric affairs and that the modern English alphabet is unequivocally, in my view, constructed according to the King James Biblical Genesis Creation story. To help guard the truth of what some ancient astrologer priests composed to teach and entertain initiates about the true nature of our life- journey , threats have been issued throughout the Bible, warning against using the means that were applied in its construction.

              The Fishers of men control every aspect of communication, from the media who cast the line to the tackle they use and the hook we swallow – baited with innocuous seeming morsels that we call letters. It might surprise you but both the Bible and the alphabet are not only esoteric they are erotic! Like the most thrilling stories, it is full of sex, drugs and rock and roll.”


  6. Another one these weird neural pathway things. Trinity mentioned the Boar’s Head in another comment. I used to frequent the Boar’s Head in Horsham and one of my drinking pals was Phil C . At the time I didn’t think much about it but he was a doppelganger of Phil Collins.

    1. Frank,

      Not sure what to make of it…. but

      you’ve never tried to “connect” with me, um, so not sure WHAT TO SAY.

      I don’t like being “talked about,” period

      You “men,” you don’t seem to get that.

      No worries, tho….


      1. Satan always wants to make it about how weak “Jesus” is….

        Too “upright,” not “cool,” probably “gay”



        1. Frank,

          I just invoked “Stranger Things” as I talked to myself in my car, as I do.

          lol, maybe you could “hear”?

          Very strange…..

          I’m posting this link to “Snarky McAllister” because she is doing great great work “lifting the veil” so to speak…..

          It’s nuts because she’s FINALLY SEEING what has been under her nose out there is the chi-chi Hamptons …. where George Soros LIVES…. he in his yacht at Greenport, “she” on the “island”: “Shelter” Island, the “Epstein Island” of NEW YORK.

          Oh, Snarky even found a pic of the 100% CHROME ROLLS ROYCE the Guv’nor likes to PARADE around in on his creepy-ass island.


          See it HERE



          1. It’s very “strange” because, um YEAH! Everything, and the DARK DARK evil of it, has become APPARENT.

            We never realized the DEPTH of depravity….. I think we thought, oh yeah…. “prostitutes”……

            But it is only NOW we have been introduced to the idea of “Cain/Abel-ism”

            Which once you get back to the Bible, you find, WOW!

            This has been going on since time began.

            Moloch etc etc

            We thought it was all old “history”….. fake and told by old men…

            It’s not, it’s happening now.


            After Flat Earth…. I’d say, yeah…..

            The Second Great Awakening is to see We are surrounded by “cannibals.”


            I think “flat earth” is more important, but nah….

            They go together.

            Point is….

            GOD is the CREATOR as described in Genesis.



            Now that you have been presented with the truth?

            You can take your chances….

              1. “GOD” is Jah, blessed be his name

                IDK “Kanye”……

                None of us are “good,” none of us are “bad”

                We’re all “tools”

                But I LIKE YOU KANYE…..

                It’s not YOU….I LIKE

                It’s the MESSAGE you bring.

                1. Are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Kanye?

                  Jesus did not “do the laundry,” PERIOD.

                  Just like….

                  I don’t do toilets.

                  1. I hope and pray that my longtime friends Sarah, Anne Marie, Lynn, Annie, Jean, and Jan (and of course, their loved ones: John, Charley, Tom and Steve and …. can’t remember Jan’s husband’s name but I kinda don’t like him, he’s a liar, but I kinda like him anyway….)

                    That YOU KNOW.

                    I LOVE YOU

                    No matter what.

                    1. I get blocked, now and again, like NOW


                      Um, is it “Frank”?

                      Probably….. or not.

                      I play into it.


                      Just to show you how these LOSERS work.

                      Here’s the HERO they DON”T want you to see.

                    2. “Jesus, Walk with me!”

                      Put on the Wedding Garment

                      The truths contained in the parable of the Wedding Garment are unknown by the churches of today, they do not understand them. Yet it contains the most important keys to salvation that would save a person from the deception of legalism, and self justification. It is considered to contain the most important spiritual truths of all time which if neglected will prove ruin to soul.

                      If you like going into a deeper search for the knowledge of God then this parable was written for you. It has been studied, and further explained by pioneers of the past, and present who have loved God and saught Him with their whole heart. A special appreciation is held for those who have stopped along Emmaus and taken the time to allow Jesus to come and dine with them.

                      “The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son, . . . And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment: and he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless. Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. For many are called, but few are chosen. ” Matt. 22:2, 11-14″Calling and justification are not one and the same thing. Calling is the drawing of the sinner to Christ, and it is a work wrought by the Holy Spirit upon the heart, convicting of sin, and inviting to repentance.” 1SM 390
                      We are all called, but only those who have put on the wedding garment will be chosen. What is the wedding garment?

                      “The parable of the wedding garment opens before us a lesson of the highest consequence. By the marriage is represented the union of humanity with divinity; the wedding garment represents the character all must possess who shall be accounted fit guests for the wedding.” COL 307

                      “To the church it is given ‘that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white,’ ‘not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing.’ The fine linen, says the Scripture, ‘is the righteousness of saints. ‘ Rev. 19:8; Eph. 5:27. It is the righteousness of Christ, His own unblemished character, that through faith is imparted to all who receive Him as their personal Saviour.” COL 310

                      How do we get this imparted character, which is the righteousness of saints?

                      “By His perfect obedience He made it possible for every human being to obey God’s commandments. When we submit ourselves to Christ, the heart is united with His heart, the will is merged in His will, the mind becomes one with His mind, the thoughts are brought into captivity to Him; we live His life. This is what it means to be clothed with the garment of His righteousness. ” COL 312

                      Many do not want to believe this. They believe that the wedding garment is just a covering Christ gives us when He comes, but they are deceived. The garment is the character which God works in us.

                      “The righteousness of Christ is not a cloak to cover unconfessed and unforsaken sin; it is a principle of life that transforms the character and controls the conduct. Holiness is wholeness for God; it is the entire sur-render of heart and life to the indwelling of the principles of heaven. ” DA 555, 556

                      “Even your thoughts must be brought into subjection to the will of God and your feelings under the control of reason and religion. Your imagination was not given you to be allowed to run riot and have its own way without any effort at restraint or discipline. If the thoughts are wrong the feelings will be wrong, and the thoughts and the feelings combined make up the moral character. ” 5T 310

                      “Moral perfection is required of all. Never should we lower the standard of righteousness in order to accommodate inherited and cultivated tendencies to wrong-doing. We need to understand that imperfection of character is sin.” COL 330

                      “Men may now excuse their defects of character, but in that day they will offer no excuse.” COL 317

                      “God will accept nothing but purity and holiness; one spot, one wrinkle, one defect in the character, will forever debar them from heaven, with all its glories and treasures.” 2T 453

                      What are spots and defects of character? Since the “thoughts and the feelings combined make up the moral character,” defects must be wrong thoughts and feelings, or wrong attitudes.

                      How could God allow us into heaven with hearts having resentment, bitterness, envy, jealousy, hatred, evil surmising, or any other defects of character? The character will not be changed when Jesus comes.

                      “Many are deceiving themselves by thinking that the character will be transformed at the coming of Christ, but there will be no conversion of heart at His appearing. Our defects of character must here be repented of, and through the grace of Christ we must overcome them while probation shall last.” AH 319

                      “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. ” 1 John 1:9

                      “The blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin. ” 1 John 1:7

            1. Frank,

              Thanks but you can be sure I won’t be watching.

              Netflix etc are tools of of Satan designed to pull you down into his DEN.

              Keep your eyes UP

              On Christ

              Our Redeemer

              1. I’m not “the Batman,” I’m “Ben-Hur”!


                But it’s not so funny for a lot of us. It’s actually not funny at all.

                This “battle,” it only results in….


                    1. My hope is not in me, my hope is in HIM

                      Without HIM

                      I’m nothing, I can do nothing, I’m a helpless sinner…..

                      I NEED HIM TO SAVE ME


                    2. Do I “care” if Jesus saves the “little children”?

                      I care as long as these monsters get taken out…
                      Taken out of “control” of my life.

                      Taken out, PERIOD.


                      I CARE.

                    3. Goodbye, Netflix!

                      And you next, New Yorker, for trying to “normalize” and intellectuallize and artify out and out pedophilia…. “Cuties”

                      You are the PEDOS!!! The filmmakers actually engage in molesting young, prepubescent GIRLS (oh, are they just “acting”? Give me a BREAK. They don’t know the DIFFERENCE, they’re 11 years old, and YOU are ALL sick pedos.)

                      Bye bye, “Net” (part of Satan’s Inter-NET to capture and destroy children)… “FLIX” i.e. PORN

                      CANCEL NETFLIX NOW


                    4. And cancel your “New Yorker” subscription while you’re at it.

                      The top people of Netflix and yes, the editor of the New Yorker, David Remnick, are all yup yup yup…. “born to Jewish families.”

                      The “creators” of porn itself.
                      The “founders” of Hollywood, oh ahem, Pedowood.
                      The ones to whom you pay your MORTGAGE.

                      It’s called “debt slavery.”
                      And the destruction of God’s kingdom….of “freedom.”
                      They belong to the Sin-a-gog of Satan.
                      Serpent Seed

                      Revelation 19
                      19 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.

                      COVID “19”


                    5. Welp, the Book of Revelation has a happy ending.


                      20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

                      21 And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.

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