The Merger

There is a Light that never goes out.



About this time last year, it was becoming increasingly clear to me that the external reality was reflecting or projecting an internal subconscious world in a big, big way.

One of the main reflections that really made me take notice was a DNA spiral staircase on a building in Reigate.

This morning walking through the deserted streets of Reigate to get my groceries, I went round a corner and was met with this. Two DNA strands joining.

I’m very positive and see it as a sign that the rewiring and healing from the fracture is going well.



This was the pic from this time last year.



But the Shadow Light element raises questions about exactly who and what is joining.

Anti Matter ? When two worlds collide.



A reflection in Plato’s Cave ?





And Left ?


Shiva and Shakti ?



Or Everything ?



Contrary to how the 3D world appears, it seems to be saying ‘We Are Merging’. Maybe we have to go through the Isolation to let it go. And maybe we have to experience a form of Death to realise there is no Death.

This is happening !


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    1. And my reply.


      What occurs to me as well is hearing what’s going on deep within.

      And think you’re onto something with Upper Crust. The Sur Face.

      The Queen addresses the nation tonight on TV. I don’t have a TV so I’m safe 🙂’

      And then Roob posts comment that Lord Bath has died.

  1. frank been thinking about what you said about growing up & leaving skul

    in the final x am

    might it all be too painful

    apparently we’re all infected with a virus

    but is it even real or just an in-formation virus?

    whatever 🙂

    1. Dunning

      My take on it is that we’ve inhabited a false reality based on guilt and hate and anger etc.

      And it is now collapsing. Death and birth pains.

    2. Dunning

      Interesting video about the alien cortex. Thanks for posting.

      I’ve posted a number of rants here about the white male sky god. My label for it, because that’s the way it manifests. I see it in the sudden elevation of Donald Trump, who exemplifies what it is perfectly.

      But it is a ‘concept’, a powerful one, but nothing more. And it demands to be addressed if not removed. It stands there blocking the doorway saying basically, knock me out of the way or you don’t pass, the final exam. 🙂

      Only children require an authority figure, even if it’s one we create ourselves.
      When I was a child, I spoke as a child. When I grew up, I put away childish things.

      1. Hi Elena i totally agree with you – from a book called a Fascist in the Family by Francis Beckett :
        “the one thing that, to me, seems to bring together all fascists is the belief in an absolute leader who’s word is law & who cannot be wrong! And certainly Hitler thought he could not be wrong! Which is a good a definition of madness that I know, but also the only definition that I can see of fascism” that description applies well to something else as well

        the the double ax goes back a very long way×600.jpg

        (from zero to 3D)

        1. Dunning

          Thanks for the info.
          I’m wondering about this plea to ‘flatten the curve’, which I associate with the arc of light. Right now the arc is spiking and more of an angle. To flatten the curve is to suppress the angle and create the ‘falling angle’. 🙂

    3. I think nursinghomes for old people are awful places to live now.
      They are kept shutdown for familymembers. Be alone not seeing your loveones with propaganda and fearing on tv

      1. DREAM,

        God is Love and it seems they are doing everything they can to cut Love out of our lives.

      1. Dunning

        Definitely an intelligent man and a charmer. But always thought with him, if he came to visit lock away the valuables.

  2. Boris Johnson has gone into hospital on Sunday, 5/4/2020.
    On that day President Obama was 8×88 months old (counting between both dates).
    BJ became PM on 24/7/2019 BJ in Hospital on 5/4/2020
    Day gap = 256 days = 16×16 days or (8+8)x(8+8) days.
    8 stands for THEIR New Beginning and here we have it in buckets! They stole it from the Bible!
    2+5+6 = 13.
    In the Bible the number 13 stands for sin and rebellion against God.

  3. Merging the Red and Blue universes, ‘ascension’ is brought up quite often here on Merovee (Red universe), Frank. You have a spiral staircase in this post. Well, today Blue Frank of the Blue universe has posted a report that the symptoms of the Covid-19 is resembling more a type of altitude sickness, that affects mountain climbers…

    1. Roob

      Remember a few years back when this guy got into the White House. He was on his way up the stairs (DNA) to the living quarters when he was nabbed.
      He said he needed to tell Pres Obama, the atmosphere was collapsing and he Obama needed to warn everyone. 🙂

  4. This is indeed a song for these times and today, April 7th, 2020 with CV-19 keeping us all under control.
    Read the lyrics – they are about the global population who have been mislead and lied to and let down.
    This is NOW folks!
    Think about it! WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, 911, Middle East Wars, funding the Bolshevik Revolution and the mass slaughter/starvation, mass slaughter by Mao, Cambodian genocide by Khmer Rouge. All these brought about by psychopathic leaders and their hidden promoters.
    The song says, “Cause now it’s time to let them know…”. Look at the anger in her eyes as she sings that line!
    And now in 2020 they tell us they are fighting a hidden enemy. But what do they really mean? Who is THEIR enemy?
    Looks like it might be us again according to the Georgia Guidestones as they plainly say they want to reduce the global population to 500 million (from 7 trillion) human beings for a perpetual balance with nature.
    As God is our Creator then He will be having a say in this matter. Some of His opponents are a trifle jealous of the worship given to God and are planning to steal this worship for themselves. They will trick the masses to get this worship via antchrist soon to be birthed here on earth. A fake saviour!
    Worship only God through Jesus Christ His Son.

  5. Here comes the great pretender, Corona crown prince of the air on his way. This ‘current’ ritual is all for him. Jesus Christ is in us, do not wait for him. We are the light that helps god break the machine.

  6. ken .. i think fear of death can too easily bring out the monster in many of us. truly Titan like forces are almost always Terra Ball Moon-Stars
    pandemics, disease, war, asteroids … storms, hurricanes etc … they are truly terrifying forces … against which we are tiny
    but those same terrible aspects of nature are within us as well (albeit it in smaller aspects than – out there) you know how you feel when you really lose your rag & the red mist descends & you snap at someone – to me anyway, when that happens it really does feel like a chemical reaction has occurred over which i have little control (once we snap)

    I was watching these last night & it got me thinking ..

    maybe it really is all done with mirrors

    if you believe in a higher power then perhaps .. & it’s a big perhaps .. then maybe the world truly is a stage .. remember everything in the outer world seems to reflect some inner aspect of our beings too since it’s also the “universe in side us”. maybe it’s not so much the mechanics that’s important.

    we can but hope?

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