The Whole In The All


The walls are shaking.

On Friday, unbuttoned Jennifer Lopez visited the Western Wall in Is Real.



There were two mass shootings in the US over the weekend.



One shooting occurred in the Oregon district of Dayton, Ohio which took place outside of Ned Peppers – the Hole in the Wall bar.

The Whole in the All.



The other happened in El Paso, Texas inside Walmart close to the Cielo Vista Mall which is adjacent to Gateway Boulevard. El Paso is on the border with USA and Mexico.



Cielo means Sky and as a further example of how entangled everything seems to be.

10050 Cielo Drive was the address of Sharon Tate who along with others, was murdered by members of the Manson family on the night of 8-9th August 1969.



Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.



And is entangled sometimes in bizarre ways. Yesterday a 6 year old boy was thrown from the Viewing Level on the 10th Floor at the Tate Modern in London in an attempted murder by a teenage boy.

Horror at the Tate.

Viewing = Vista.



Cielo Drive translates as Sky Drive.

Yesterday, Franky Zapata succeeded in crossing the gap as he flew across the English Channel from France to England on his Flyboard.




The next part of the article veers into very freaky ‘nature of reality’ territory. Deep Thought.

The Chain.



It may make vague sense only to those who saw the final episode of the last series of The OA. It plays around with the idea that the movies and TV may have some form of reality and that the characters are real. And that the silver screen is more than just simple movies and TV shows.

The Hole in the Wall.



One of the themes is ‘Jumping’ between dimensions and The OA ends with Hap, who is a mad scientist and uses a group of young men and women as interdimensional guinea pigs, and Prairie jumping to a new dimension.



Over the last few years, I have watched a number of movies with Jen, where a mad scientist controls a young beautiful woman in a variety of ways.

It may just be an archetypal story but maybe because I’m me, I believe there is more to it and shows a form of Netflix interdimensional ‘jumping’ and quantum entanglement, not that I know what ‘quantum entanglement’ actually is. This is ‘Way Out Man’. In short, the main female and male character in all the movies are the OA and Hap.

The same story is also seen in Ex Machina where the mad scientist, Nathan Bateman has experimented with robotics and manages to build a sentient robot called Ava who is imprisoned behind a glass wall .




In Tau, Julia is kidnapped by Alex, a Silicon Valley type entrepreneur who experiments on Julia.



On Saturday, we watched a Netflix movie titled Elizabeth Harvest, which I recommend as a movie, in which the same story is seen.

A young woman called Elizabeth marries a rich scientist called Henry and ends up alone in a big house where unknown to her, she is the subject of experimentation. Don’t go in the secret room.



In ‘Look Away’, Jason Isaacs ( in Ex Machina, Oscar Isaac plays Nathan Bateman ) is Dan, a plastic surgeon and the father of Airam / Maria who is obsessed with perfection which effects all the women around him.



And with the 50th anniversary of the murder of Sharon Tate, it could be claimed that Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate had a similar Pygmalion type relationship.



In all the movies, except Tau, the different women have alternate or previous versions of themselves. And a boyfriend who is trying to save them. It doesn’t tend to end well for the mad scientist or the boyfriend.

In The OA, Elodie explains to The OA that Hap was OA’s “shadow” and their lives were intertwined across worlds because a part of her “wants to be with him”.

A lot of what we are seeing really doesn’t make much sense to the conscious mind but it hints at split minds and different dimensions or rooms in the Mind where we play out whatever it is we play out.



The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.


75 thoughts on “The Whole In The All

  1. about “rooms in the Mind where we play out whatever it is we play out,” it seems that is how it is. There’s a lot weird stuff in the Mind, and also lot of nonsense and bullshit, and it can be extremely confusing, but about jumping dimension, I would extremely love to be in any dimension where Sister is. I think any dimension with Sister is an extremely excellent dimension.

  2. to fix the grammar / spelling of my previous comment, about jumping dimensions, meant to write that I would extremely love to be in any dimension where my Sister is, and any dimension with my Sister is extremely excellent. The dimension where we are is really difficult, but it’s also extremely excellent because it’s the dimension where my Sister is, and I would extremely love to go to any other dimension where my Sister would love to be.

    That is a message to my Sister, and possibly other Merovee people think it’s interesting, or possibly not and think I will stop writing comments.

  3. Frank

    You’re making pretty good sense out of all of this. 🏆

    I think most folks have the sense that something or someone is missing. Which becomes a life long search for the soul’s mate.

    The whole. ☯

              1. Frank and Jen

                It’s a cautionary tale heard by many generations. Pandora opened one of those boxes. 🙂

                And curiosity killed the cat. 🐱

                We do seem to be preoccupied with cleanliness, cats are too.
                We are curious, yet afraid to learn.

                I just think it’s interesting that less than a hundred years after the last attempted extermination and trying to restore a pure ‘light’ race, here we are again. And instead the ‘dark’ ness rises. As we assemble to push the darkness back and then don’t take to heart her lesson.

                “There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there in the light.”- Rod Serling

      1. Elena

        I’ve been thinking about the infestation and the rats and medication etc. Over the last few years every so often beware Germs and Germans show up and the Virus. And hygiene in general.

        Over here we have a bleach called Domestos . I’ve linked this in my mind with Domestos Terrorism.

        ‘He called this new product Domestos, the name is derived from the Latin, domus meaning house and home and osteon meaning bone, Domestos literally meaning backbone of the home. Domestos was sold as an all purpose cleaner, but it was used as a sterilizer, a deodorant, germ killer, bleach and cure for sore feet.’

  4. here is the extremely excellent dimension i mentioned:

    The 4th Dimension

    Welcome to The Most Perfect Dimension

  5. Tomato Bubble about the recent “Shootings” in the USA –

    “These fake shootings aren’t just about providing the pretext for “gun control” anymore. Though that still remains a very big part of the Globalist agenda, of course — what (((they))) are really fixin’ to do is to black out, once and for all, the mass enlightenment that is being brought about by too much Internet freedom – or rather, what remains of it. You see, as the Fake News argument goes, it is “online hate” which fueled the El Paso “massacre,” and “something must be done about it.” Recall that in the wake of the hoax shooting in New Zealand this past March, You Tube rolled out its logarithmic channel-killing program — a scheme so effective that the fast-growing channel of “The Invisible Critic” (who is that guy?) suddenly hit a wall and stopped gaining new viewers and subscribers.

    YouTube is now under control — as is Google, FakeBook and Twitter. PayPal and Amazon are also censoring / de-platforming. All that remains are the conspiracy blogs and forums. If (((they))) can succeed in stamping those out, we truthers will all be thrust back into the dark age days of pamphleteering. Good luck with that.”

    More here –

    1. It’s okay Ken. More and more Data doesn’t necessarily make us happier or smarter. Look around.

  6. Franky Zapata flyboard is interesting. See also this you-tube, and i think people will eventually be able to fly without machines:

    1. M

      Putting aside the Franky link which for obvious reasons got my attention, I find the technology amazing.

      But I was bemoaning to Jen last night, how we turned something like flying or driving a car which should be great fun into a chore.

      And we’ll end up with hoverboard toll roads and hoverboard taxes and hoverboard police.

      But I think 3D technology is peculiar to this reality.

      1. Hello Frank, Love seeing Franky connections and synchronicity always incredible.

        Technology is definitely interesting and funny about taxes and police for hoverboards. I think all police will go away, and I think taxes, police, the need to get jobs for money, and all other things people don’t like are not in any way real and they’re only real if a person thinks they’re real

        It does often seem like driving and flying are chores, but i guess people think different things about chores. I don’t like flying but I love driving and other people love other things, and some people like chores, and here is one you-tube about the chores that one person likes (and probably the person in this you-tube would prefer to be in a different dimension, but when he’s in the next dimension he’s probably think that the dimension he was in was something incredible to see )

        1. typo correction: not he’s probably think, he’ll probably think

          i think writing words on computers is really difficult

        2. M

          A number of years ago, I had an insight with the police. I was driving through a town where I saw a number of policemen and I realised they were there to keep me in the pen not protect me even though individually they probably see it differently.

          Big Farmer. But at core we are the Big Farmer I believe.

          1. Frank, about Big Farmer, here’s something beautiful, not from any farmer, and always love seeing these:

            I think everything we see will begin to look like crop circles, or anyway the dimensions where are will be beautiful and often they already are

    1. It dropped as far as 945 points but recovered to close down 767.27 points.
      Previous drops from the big 333.75 on 31/7 were –
      280.85 on 1/8
      98.41 on 2/8
      333.75+280.85+98.41+767.27 = 1480.28
      In Greek gematria CHRIST = 1480.

    1. “We will fly our flags at half mast until 8/8”
      2:50 mark:

      Make americonner 8/8 again.
      Trump Betts of the reElevation

      Toni Morrison dies at 88

          1. Anon

            Thank you for birthday wishes. I was born in 1960 but my sixth birthday in 1966 has significance in regards to the video.

            1/8/66 is the date for what is described as the first US mass shooting. UT Tower in Austin, Texas.

  7. Hello People of Merovee,

    About Elena’s comment (4th comment of this article), here is one you-tube about something extremely perfect, and something which summarizes every word that has ever been written or spoken in the entire history of all existence:

    Thank you and that is The Whole of The All.

    1. M

      Great song.

      Rememory…it is US. ❤

      I will call them my people, who were not my people, and her beloved, who was not beloved. ☯

  8. Hell-O
    I have been playing around with an idea. No sacrifice. Does it ring a bell?

    I will see you soon!

    1. MJ, Of course it rings a bell. I always remember the first time I heard it was when you told the psychic in Nashville that there’s no sacrifice.

      Right now I know that sacrifice is not real. Sacrifice does not exist in any way. IThank you, Sister for letting me know about that, and thank you Sister for being Sister.

      Posted this in comment earlier, but here it is again, message from Brother to Sister:


    1. I’m getting “Oracle” vibes ala that Matrix film.
      And thinking about TrumpBett’s attribution of the latest shootings to “video games” and “mental stuff”. White minds, matter. If you get that riff.

      1. Uni-form.
        Want the oracles work to send impbalance via a computer program into the matrix in constrast to the arkitech who was rigid?

  9. The signs about me are that we’ve made a jump whatever that means exactly.

    Franky Zapata.

    All About You has moved to the Heist.

    Which makes a bit of a mockery of reality. But there is a shop called Gerrards in the High St . For now !

    The Heist.

    The Thomas Crown Affair : Windmills of Your Mind.

    1. The final jump.

      The OA is cancelled 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 See article.

      BBC News – The OA cancelled: ‘It showed the limitless potential of TV on a streaming platform’.

      I’m thinking everytime there’s a big dimensional shift something is lost and it doesn’t come back. For example MH370, Synchromystic Forum, original Merovee and the OA this time. And others.

    1. Rain

      There is a Stepford Wives feel with all the films. All good movies.

      But I’m intrigued with the idea that the male and female character are The OA and Hap in different realities in Movieland dimension.

        1. Rain

          Ever since I watched the final episode of the OA I’ve wondered about what is really going on with the movies especially alternative reality films and TV shows.

          In The OA, Elodie explains to The OA that Hap was OA’s “shadow” and their lives were intertwined across worlds because a part of her “wants to be with him”.

          Does it have some form of reality ? Is it a mirror ? Are they alternate realities and the rest of it.

  10. Frank,

    Now for a complete change of subject and as a lead up to the new season over there.
    Knowing your skills and abilities would you give us your opinion of the movie currently showing on TV here in West Oz, “Bend It Like Beckham”?

    1. Ken

      You may like this. Transfer Window here closes tomorrow – 8/8.

      Crystal Palace are doing normal and flying Last

      I’ve seen Bend It Like Beckham. Not a bad movie in its way but I can’t really get into women’s football

      But in general, I’m not into sport much these days. All the major professional sports have become entertainment rather than sport in my view. There will be another bus along in a minute to numb you is my view. World Cup followed by Olympics followed by Super Bowl, etc.

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