Where Is Everyone ?

The Fermi Paradox.

Where Is Everyone ?

The Fermi Paradox is named after the famous physicist Enrico Fermi who mulling over extra-terrestrial life and the law of probability in relation to the size of the Universe asked ‘Where Is Everyone’.



And filed to ‘Not Aliens But Still Possibly Aliens’.

Fast Radio Burst 180924 and the DES Galaxy.




Maybe if it looks like a Drake, waddles like a Drake, it is a Drake.

‘ASKAP detected the single FRB, named FRB 180924, and the team found that it came from within the outer regions of a galaxy some 3.6 billion light-years away, called DES J214425.25–405400.81. They were able to get its location by taking advantage of the fact that the FRB traveled a slightly different distance to reach each dish antenna, arriving at a slightly different time.

“From these tiny time differences—just a fraction of a billionth of a second—we identified the burst’s home galaxy and even its exact starting point, 13,000 light-years out from the galaxy’s centre in the galactic suburbs,” explained Adam Deller, a co-author of the study and an astronomer at Swinburne University of Technology, in a CSIRO Australia press release.’

The Drake Equation.




And just to confuse everything even further.

We R U.



Wheels Within Wheels.


48 thoughts on “Where Is Everyone ?

  1. My sense is, what comes from outer space comes from inner space.

    Anyways from my fav Paul Simon song…
    I’m not the kind of woman
    Who tends to socialize
    I seem to lean on
    Old familiar ways
    And I ain’t no fool for love songs
    That whisper in my ears
    Still crazy after all these years.
    I’m still crazy after all these years. 😊

    Hope you’re feeling better Frank. ❤

    1. Elena

      Thank you. I think I’ve stabilised. Not much more I can do until the pollen disappears. It’s off the Richter scale.

      About ET. From my experiences, we’re looking at a concept of self which is very difficult for our human mind to comprehend.

    1. Have you seen the film ‘Glass’? That’s a pictorial representation of the 7 main characters in movie. Cade and I remote viewed it on Wednesday evening…

      *I didn’t even know ‘Unbreakable’ was part of a trilogy until earlier this week, Clicky…*

      Sorry you’re not feeling well. Francis Suffering? France is Suffering…

      1. The French Connection.

        In the TOTP2 clip it mentioned The Three Degrees appeared in The French Connection.

        Jen and I watched Split last year. Haven’t watched the others . Excellent movie.

        And hottest day ever in France yesterday.


        ‘Meteo France says the all-time temperature record has been broken again after reaching 45.8C (114.4F) in Gallargues-le-Montueux. Authorities in the Gard department of France, where the hottest temperature of 45.1C has been recorded so far, has said a red danger alert will remain in place until tomorrow morning.’

        And the Tongue of Fire.


            1. And Tongues of Fire.

              Acts 2:3

              And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.

  2. Where is Donald Trump?
    Where is Kim Jong Un?
    Answer – meeting at the DMZ between the two Koreas on 30/6/2019.
    The two Korean leaders first met at the DMZ on 27/4/2018 exactly 777 months after the Korean war stopped on 27/7/1953 .
    From 27/4/2018 to 30/6/2019 = 33×13 days!!!
    33 and 13!

        1. Frank as previously discussed between us crossing the line/bridge to the other side


          London Bridge is Falling Down MayFair Lady/MayFair Queen

          The Queen was born in Mayfair London

          and send in the rats

          At the BBC, the ‘radio alert transmission system’ (Rats), will be activated. A cold war-era alarm designed to withstand an attack on the nation’s infrastructure, the Daily Mail describes the system as “a near mythical part of the intricate preparations for the death of major royals that the BBC has held since the 1930s”.

          and the blue lights/lamp

          Commercial radio stations will be alterted through a network of blue “obit lights” which are supposed to light up in the event of national emergency. This gives DJs notice they will be switching to a special news bulletin and a reminder to play inoffensive music in the meantime.

          I get the feeling that the game is a footman

          In keeping with tradition, once news of her death has been formally announced, a footman in full mourning dress will pin a black-edged notice to the gates of Buckingham Palace detailing a ten-day mourning period.

          I have been prevented at every turn for connecting and commenting with you all…. its been a tough time hope you are feeliing better Frank you are going to need your strength back I get the feeling its gonna be a tad crazier than usual.

          1. TTN

            Glad you managed to make it ! Blocks have a habit of jumping out from time to time.

            Every day is a day in Wonderland at present.

            The pollen bomb went off both internally and externally I believe. Still working through. One of the weird sensations was that it was doing fxxking strange things on my face. At one point I felt a bit like the scene in Annihilation and I was going to turn into an Ent. Junk DNA ?

            I’ve got a white beard at the moment. George Clooney look out !

            1. Its ok Frank women like beards they find them dirty apparently

              Ahmen to that


              Ahmen means to imitate in German and Khawaja means Master and Lord in Persian.

              The Imitation Game … the above stories are all echoes of the future or is it the past

              and to take out the Imitation King and Queen in chess requires move 37 or C7.


              Then we will have a King Charlie and a Prime Minister Johnson… the dicks are back in charge 🙂

            2. The beard looks good. 🙂 And not quite the pollen bomb but the sky was on fire last night with Saharan dust. As you said, Tongues of Fire and Red Planet.

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