Dr Hu

Hu Are We ?

Trump has declared yet another National Emergency over cyber security and it is believed it is aimed at Huawei.

How do you pronounce Cthulhu ? How do you pronounce Huawei ?



‘President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency to protect US computer networks from “foreign adversaries”.

He signed an executive order which effectively bars US companies from using foreign telecoms believed to pose national security risks.

The order does not name any company, but is believed to target Huawei.

The Chinese tech giant said restricting its business in the US would only hurt American consumers and companies.’



The order may effect the global roll out of 5D.



Earlier, this morning I was confronted by a mass of Hawaiian vinyl records.





And Vin All records, and Media Vintage.



Vine Cottage.



So Hu Are We ? Maybe the most difficult part of the journey is accepting our true identity and reality.

Rise and Shine.




And the message from Huawei.



You are always safe.


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        1. Whatever gets the job done. 🙂 Tap into the powersource – 5G/5D or bust.
          It’s always been available to us but walls have been erected, backdoors bolted, tunnels flooded. (See Trump’s state of emerging see on Hue-Way) Shimmer on you beautiful diamonds!

      1. Roob in ref to our conversation in the Library

        The discovery of 137 new stone ‘jars of the dead’ that date back more than a thousand years ago has deepened Laos’ abiding archaeological enigma.

        The cup-like carved stones vary in size, reaching up to 10 feet (3 metres) in height and two tons in weight.

        Exactly how the jars were used is unknown, however it has been suggested that they served as ‘burial urns’ for storing human remains — while local myths claim they were goblets once used by a drunk horde of giants.


      1. Rain

        The title of the book reminds me of Chinatown movie.

        In English LA Investigation. Los Angeles.

        I was speaking to my niece last week. Said she lived close to where Elisa Lam met her end.

        Looks seriously like the beginning of an episode in Fringe.

        Found dead inside a water tank. ‘Stay on Main’ Hotel now. Formerly Cecil Hotel.


          1. “Time in a tree.”
            In one of the main SS languages, the word for ”tree” is ”tim”. And you should hear the name of the one who told me that….
            Rain said it.

        1. Frank
          I once studied this case with Eliza Lam
          Alice – The Lamb Killed By The Lion Hotel
          very strange hotel
          Crowley and maniacs love to go there once
          In Russia, the story repeated
          In Stavropol, two bodies were found in a reservoir of drinking water.
          According to the “Notebook-Stavropol”, referring to a source in law enforcement agencies, the tank was checked on January 20, after water stopped flowing from it – the bodies blocked the outlet to the main pipeline. According to the source, water from the reservoir enters the settlement of Yasnaya Polyana, the station Essentukskaya, and also feeds the villages of the Predgorny region and the village of Predgorny.

            1. I didn’t know it was a Spanish film set in Seville until I watched it whilst in S pain on my way to S evill e funnily enough. The premise of the movie is the same as the book of Illusions … and the German series Dark which you should watch if you haven’t already.

              Kayleigh was filmed at the Berlin Wall and VW seems to bee appearing quite a lot.

              Whilst backpacking round Spain I thought I was on a film set especially in Grenada and Cadiz … the Alhambra Palace was stunning ..its a magical place.

    1. I’ve been having a think about numerology.

      If you add 1+0=1 and add 1+1=2 and 2+1=3 and so on.

      But in the mirror world it always stays at Zero. Maybe, possibly . 0 less 1 = minus 1. But if it is Zero can you take anything away or add to it . Can minus 1 exist ? Can plus 1 exist ?

      1. I guess plus 1 is just the opposite of minus 1. Not that it really explains anything. But everything is how our mind interprets it. And that spinning circle is 2D. It gets confusing when you think about the tesseract in Interstellar.

        1. Just playing with ideas.

          Wherever you look there we go. Just came across a video about MJ 12 documents.

          And Jen and me watched a movie called ‘Dark Shadows’ earlier. About the Collins family in Collinsport and set in Maine.

          The ending involved a fire in a mansion which was based on the fire in ‘Rebecca’.

    1. You might have been driving through Alabama at the same time men there passed a law to lock up Doc if he eradicated the ”heartbeat.” Somewhere in their discussion they used the phrase ”cellular data” for the fertilized embryo. Their pro-life moniker is very limited – doesn’t seem to apply after the fertilized embryos are hatched, and what about all those eggs stored in fertility clinics that are legally destroyed when women can no longer afford the rent? (I don’t have a dog in this debate and can only speak for myself and what I would or wouldn’t do.) My though is the hypocrisy may point to the real motivation – somewhere, meta- physically especially- they can probably tax fetuses before they’re born but after they become a drain. “Cellular data” sounds like 5G. 5G is EG -2/3’s of egg.

          1. he died at age 102.
            102 is 12×10 or 121-0
            MM, Mary Mag, is the subject of the da vinci code movie

            1. MM (Matthew McConaughey) keeps getting pointed out for whatever reason, and Sacred Heart. He gave a commencement speech at his old high school in Long-view.

              “The actor said that he traveled to Longview from his home in Austin through Interstate 20.

              ‘I-20 brings you home;

              I want you to ask yourself this question from now on: “Man, what’s my 1-20?” and know that it’s your heart.’ ”


          2. There are 666 glass panes on the pyramid of the Louvre. It’s the number of man. And he’s rising from the ashes at the Notre Dame.

          1. “Brown was not the first writer to offer esoteric interpretations of the Inverted Pyramid. In Raphaël Aurillac’s work Le guide du Paris maçonnique the author declares that the Louvre used to be a Masonic temple. To Aurillac, the various glass pyramids constructed in recent decades include Masonic symbolism. Aurillac sees the downward-pointing pyramid as expressing the Rosicrucian motto V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificandoque / Invenies Occultum Lapidem, “Visit the interior of the earth and by rectifying you will find the secret stone”). Another writer on Masonic architecture, Dominique Setzepfandt, sees the two pyramids as suggesting “the compass and square that together form the Seal of Solomon” (quoted in Code Da Vinci: L’enquête by Marie-France Etchegoin and Frédéric Lenoir).[citation needed] ”


    1. MJ

      Here’s an explanation of the Artifact. 9/11 and the Bomb ?

      Philosophy of Time Travel.


      ‘When a Tangent Universe occurs, those living nearest to the Vortex, will find themselves at the epicenter of a dangerous new world.

      Artifacts provide the first sign that a Tangent Universe has occurred.

      If an Artifact occurs, the Living will retrieve it with great interest and curiosity.

      Artifacts are formed from metal, such as an Arrowhead from an ancient Mayan civilization, or a Metal Sword from Medieval Europe.

      Artifacts returned to the Primary Universe are often linked to religious Iconography, as their appearance on Earth seems to defy logical explanation.

      Divine intervention is deemed the only logical conclusion for the appearance of the Artifact.’

      1. The artifact has to be metal.
        metal (n.)
        an undecomposable elementary substance having certain recognizable qualities (opacity, conductivity, plasticity, high specific gravity, etc.),

        Which has to be mined. The logic brain understands everything by ‘how did it get here?’ I wish the logic brain could just be ok with ‘it just is’.

      2. Tourists off to see the pyramids and artifacts had their glass shattered today in Egypt.

    1. 518. Minus numbers and mirrors ?

      815. That’s the time that it’s always been.

      Dr Hu . Time River Song.


      Tardis (Tardar) Sauce = TS = Times Square.


      The billboard was at 3 Times Square. Thomson Reuters building.



      And in response to Dr Hu 🙂 🤔 . That’s what it says.

      19:25. Happy Birthday or something.


      I look at this and it means nothing to me. Maybe it does mean nothing and pure gibberish and numerology only applies to this reality. I definitely don’t know.

      3 Times Squared.


      Times Square – Westworld. Psalm West.


      1. The Whore of Babylon MM

        Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie has labelled Madonna ‘a total prostitute’ over her decision to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel.

        Speaking to Kirsty Wark on Newsnight, Gillespie said: “Madonna would do anything for money, you know, she’s a total prostitute

        AND WW

        “We’re in Tel Aviv, the nonstop city, where three minutes is all you need.”


        1. TTN

          About the Eurovision. I see the UK was as successful as normal.

          ‘The UK’s Michael Rice came bottom, after getting just three points from the public vote, and a total of 16 points for Bigger Than Us.’

          And got back from shopping. This was playing in the Mall. Great song.

          1. Great song Frank and as I was saying to Roob symbolising rising and falling its built into the very fabric of this ‘reality’.

            with three being the magic number for resurrection

      2. 3 times squared. 3 squared 3 times is 3 times 3, 3 times.
        9 + 9 + 9 = 27
        2 + 7 = 9
        You always end up at 9 because that is the end
        which is the beginning which is the end, which is the beginning…

          1. I love that cottage. The pics look very familiar!
            Your apt number is is Jenny’s birthday because 6 is 9.
            The earthquake in Italy was at 3:36. The clock tower stopped at 3:36.
            215 + 121 = 336
            12.1 is the 336th day of the year.
            One to one.

                    1. This song has history. And connects with the Heartbleed bug💓. Going back a few years.

                      As above so below. What comes first ?

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