Just Duet

Just Duet.

Forbidden Colours.



If a strange man comes up to you and offers you a Red Pill and you want a simple life, don’t take it is my advice. But probably too late for everyone here.



I remember.

‘We were created together and we were created as One.’

All Monde. Happy Birthday.



It would appear at birth, I had a twin sister but there were shenanigans and fish and chips and we became separated and we forgot each other. Over time, we keep bumping into each other and we wonder why we have the vague feeling that we know each other from somewhere.



She’s Mysterious.



And a Lady. Once, twice, three times a lady.



Carrie – Sissy Space X.


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This week the Universe is saying I’m in space.

It’s a form of Rubedo.

The Great Rocket Robbery.



Time Riders.



‘I am your Mother, your Daughter, your Sister’. Amongst others.



These are the voyages in 3D.









And MJ was wondering whether she was the punchline.

It’s Ripleys.





It’s the Big Us. That’s what she said.




SOL Ids and FLU Ids.






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  1. Happy birthday Jenny! 🎊🎉🎁

    All monde ✨

    Breaking point at the border!

    “— A surge of migrants along the US-Mexico border has US Customs and Border Protection at the “breaking point,” the Trump administration said Tuesday.
    More than 76,000 people were apprehended crossing illegally or without proper papers in February, the highest number of “encounters” in any February in the last 12 years, according to CBP.”

  2. The man in the House and all-lies have switched from calling the state and federal trans vestigations a “witch hunt” to calling them a “fishing expedition” in time for Pisces. This as a result of the 81 hooks just launched. Most recipients are expected to keep their lips SIL-ed and plead the fifth. Journalists are sitting on tv pontification with a cross on their foreheads. It looks so weird.

    View post on imgur.com



    My cats are driving me NUTS!

            1. One of my tangents. Don’t mind me.

              It’s World Book Day tomorrow.

              On 4/8 1933, Book Burning and purging by fire was initiated.

              ‘On April 8, 1933, the Main Office for Press and Propaganda of the German Student Union proclaimed a nationwide “Action against the Un-German Spirit”, which was to climax in a literary purge or “cleansing” (“Säuberung”) by fire.’

              1984 . For me Room 101 is a room in Amsterdam.

              Boston Marathon – Fahrenheit 451.

              ‘During the annual Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, two homemade pressure cooker bombs detonated 12 seconds and 210 yards (190 m) apart at 2:49 p.m., near the finish line of the race, killing three people and injuring several hundred others, including 16 who lost limbs.’

              Why So Serious ?


              1. The pundits are freaking out because the alogorythms have helped pushed QAnon’s conspiracy book at the top of the heap and they think it’s a load of trash.


                QAnon looks like Canon.

                I which someone would read Ja-red the riot act as I think he might have sold US out to a company in charge of stoking the fires to potentially burn all life to a crisp. Jaread, the ‘clown prince’, purchased his building on 5th Ave for 1.8billion dollars and is one of the 81 names that will probably plead the 5th. Trump’s accountant is also among the 81 and is probably currently burning the books…

              2. Frank, if WordPress are the censorious, book-burning Nazi bastards you seem to think they are then why did they send you a link inviting you to download your content, to allow you to post it elsewhere? Like on the new Merovee for example? Why didn’t they Bleachbit your data to US DoD standards and place a thermite charge on the server it resided on?

                1. Curious about where you are coming from…sorry to squeeze in this conversation, but would like to clarify if you are saying, if the popular cite that imprints the logos was serious about censoring things that are a “threat” to the reel news because so many people are not believing in the “news” presented to them, and you’re saying that if they were doing that then why such a little slap on the wrist-watch? I’m asking because I want to know what you are asking. I had to google “bleach bit”, “DoD” “thermite”.
                  See, I don’t understand what you are saying or implying sometimes. Really just asking.
                  If what you are saying is what I repeated above, then wouldn’t it be because the widely-used pressing of words would be under pressure by the MEdia (I say that sarcastically, of course), because as a large format that boasts how it provides FREE speech and free blog templates, there is a “public relations” issue to be SIRIUS about when somebody is saying a certain event happens, and it seems something isn’t quite right about that, for example

                  and then



                  1. It was a simple question, one I asked because referring to the ‘censorship’ of Merovee in the context of nazis, book-burning and 1984 doesn’t seem consistent with what actually happened. As for the ‘reality’ or ‘unreality’ of journalistic endeavours, maybe talk to M instead? I’m sure he has some interesting stories to tell.

                    1. Hugo

                      I’m not sure about that. The article in question raised questions about the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook incidents. What is your description of censorship ?

                      And the old Merovee went up in flames.

                      From Wiki :

                      ‘Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information, on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or “inconvenient”.

                2. Hugo

                  My comment wasn’t referring to that.

                  There are very strange personal connections and links to Merovee – there are more and Jen can confirm – which link all this up. Again I come back to Why Us and what is really going on.

                  The article that caused the ‘problem’ asked ‘Is It Real ?’

                  The Munich Olympics.

                  Jeanette – the Dutch Assassin acted by Marie Jose Croze


                  And Frank Shorter.

                  Is It Safe ?

                  1. Really? So the context was book-burning nazis, censorship, 1984, and extremists who’d rather kill themselves and others than not live under Sharia law. If your reference to the supposed ‘censorship’ of Merovee wasn’t referring to these events then where’s the ‘personal connection’? Or to put it another way, if you sat back and allowed the old Merovee to disappear down the 1984 memory hole then your claim to a ‘personal connection’ with these events seems a bit contrived, doesn’t it?

                    1. The links are genuine. I haven’t put some in because of the personal nature of it. I come across this stuff day after day, ad nauseam.

                      Why ?

  3. There was Ash in Alien. He was the Alien’s protector and tried to kill Ripley.

    “Remember, thou art dust”.
    Or maybe pixels. 🙂

      1. Frank

        It fell from the sky.

        I actually thought it would be a pretty cool publicity stunt to have the ‘alien’ jump out of the capsule when it returned. 😊

          1. The Doctor?

            A man ran into the doctor’s office yelling, “Doc, help me, I don’t know whether I’m a teepee or a wigwam!”.

            The doctor said, “calm down man, you’re two tents”. 😂

    1. I looked into that. The costs were prohibitive. 1800 + articles and images and the rest. Hosting can get expensive.

      The point as far as I’m concerned is that WordPress suspended the blog for something wot I wrote.

                  1. ❤ Welcome home.

                    Before he left, ET put his finger on Elliot’s ‘good heart’ and said, “I’ll be right here”.

                    Cue the sun. Emerging see?

                    Truman and Truwoman. 💘

                1. It’s electric! It went from particles to rays? IDK. It used to be different!
                  I can’t see the sun here today in Tennessee, it’s really cloudy. We have had so. much. rain.
                  Way more than usual. The rain or fog comes and it feels kind of like a heavy blanket, yet it “brings something”. Then, the clouds go away and there is a crispness in the air that feels ‘sparky’.
                  I know everybody is seeing sky phenomena but really lots of energetic stuff happening that I don’t know how to put in words. It’s something and nothing. Definitely something.

                  The first few minutes.

        1. Two pics. First, Obama with the Parker family which I think came from the White House website.

          And second was a pic of victims of the Boston Marathon. Both pics were everywhere at the time.

          Probably wise not to show them.

          ‘Pretext’ comes to mind.

          But at the same time I think there was more to it.

      1. Great one, MJ!
        I absolutely suck at pre-diction and am kinda experimenting with my recent posts and talking to myself a bit…but I’m thinking Meg’s babe might be named Charlie if it’s a boy or Frances if it’s a girl and that it’ll be born on 3.17 but next week I might have a different thought. ☺️

      2. Ok my AF row is picking up subaltern natives.
        If not as above then so below:
        The HHMM babe arrives on 321 and is named some combo of Frederick Victoria and it’s a them.

        Them may even have Mark in their string of names after the hotel in the Big Apple.

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