So It Goes


As the song says ‘Where it’s going no one knows’.

A special place in Hell for Brexiteers but Life is what happens to EU when You are making other plans. That’s Whit E 🙂 .

In Search of Uncurtainty.





As we came in. And off to see the Wizard.

Brexit leaves Britain naked. Leaving the You.



And further down the Yell Ow Brick Road, a few pics from my travels.

The Real Eye Tie.



You In Corporated.



And who’s a Cheeky Monkey ?





It gives you Wings.



So It Goes.


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      1. Jen

        The video is now unavailable.

        And another example of the dream like nature of existence.

        I was out earlier eating my sandwich
        at lunchtime on a bench in the mall watching the world go by.

        And then the local 70 year old prostitute appeared out of nowhere and sat down next to me with the most bizarre make up on her face I’ve ever seen. Wasn’t in the mood and didn’t hang around.

        Room 237.

                    1. thank you Frank)
                      about Tau
                      last year she was in the sky a couple of months, if not more
                      on South. To the left of it, in the east, the Ural River, to the right of it, to the west, the Chagan River
                      a month later or 2, a fish died in the Urals
                      Ural flows directly south into the Caspian
                      108 tons of dead fish collected in Atyrau region
                      Raid after the massive death of fish in Atyrau: Ural is empty
                      death of fish in Atyrau: check all the reservoirs of the Ural-Caspian basin

                      About a million individuals of young fish died in the Sholak Ankata River in Syrym District of WKR.
                      Wormwood is mentioned only once in the New Testament, in the Book of Revelation (ch. 8, vv. 10-11). “The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.” (Rev 8:10–11)

                    2. Rain

                      There is also the link with yours and my co-ordinate – 51.2° latitude. And Chernobyl is 51.2° as well. Also a town called Godalming over here is on same latitude.

                      And MJ’s birthday on 15/2 and the shutdown maybe reintroduced or a state of emergency on 15/2.

  1. From the Whitaker hearing yesterday. Seemed to have a lot to do with time.

    “Your ‘5 minutes’ is up.” Whatever that means. And something about ‘running out the clock’.

    So it goes. 🙂

  2. So Trump is going to meet Kim Jong Un again, this time in Hanoi, Vietnam on the 27th and 28th of February later this month.
    I predicted as much when it was first announced without the specific date being announced.
    The last meeting was in Singapore on 12/6/18.
    From 12/6/18 to 28/2/19 = 8m and 8+8 days forming an ‘888’.
    From Singapore to Hanoi = 2176km
    2176+6712 = 8888.
    2+1+7+6 = 8+8.
    2x7x6 =(7+7+7)+(7+7+7)+(7+7+7)+(7+7+7)

    Korean leaders historic meeting was on 27/4/2018
    From the end of the Korean war on 27/7/1953 to 27/4/2018 = exactly, to the day, 777 months!!
    From 27/4/18 to 28/2/18 = 307 days
    28/2/18 is the 307th reverse day.

      1. Frank and Ken

        Vietnam and the Summer of Love. ✌
        Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. 💇

        I see where the London Zoo tried to mate two tigers with disastrous results.
        You can’t hurry love, no you just have to wait. It’s a game of give and take. 💘

            1. Elena, time is a flat circle.

              The Mandela effect has added dimension. I’m hoping to see the new LEGO movie today, with part of the plot being “ourmommagetin”, or Armageddon.
              “Our momma get in” is a big reveal, I’m thinking…and they go to the SisSTAR system ⭐️

                1. I’ve almost killed myself on those things. Also had to get them from vacuum cleaner before when Charles caught me carelessly vacuuming up tiny LEGO’s.

                1. Frank

                  Good article. I know way too many folks who blame themselves for way too much. Myself included.

                  I recall you saying to me last summer, “don’t be so hard on yourself”.

                  I think maybe the better idea is to stop blaming, period. Whoever we think we need to blame.

                  Just live and love. 💘

                    1. We’re having weather issues today in PA. Snow and ice. It’s winter storm Maya.

                      It’s a harsh illusion.

      2. Frank,

        Yes, tried to find a link with the Vietnam War but couldn’t come up with much linking the dates of starting and finishing.
        However, Hanoi is not far away from Singapore where the last Summit happened and the Thai cave where the rescue took place.
        2176km to S’pore (previous Summit)
        626km to the Thai Cave rescue entrance

        1. “Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and in Vietnamese Hanoi is actually two words – “Ha” and “Noi”. Ha means ‘river’ and Noi means ‘inner’. Ha noi therefore means “Rivers Inner”, so called because it is located between the Red River and Nhue River.”

          The sum mit with core-a to take place near the nHue river. Nhuemen.

          US facing its shadow?

      1. And to Dog or not to Dog. See also Beto O’Rourke video . Alpine, Tx / Pineal. He found Dog in Pineal or something.

        ‘When Barbra Streisand sat down with a reporter in November to promote her new album, the singer couldn’t help going off-topic and ruminating on a question that has plagued many Americans.

        “How does the president not have a dog?” she asked the Los Angeles Times. “He’s the first president in 120 years that doesn’t have a dog in the White House.”

        At last, we have an answer straight from President Trump himself. On Monday night, during his rally in El Paso, he finally explained that he doesn’t have a dog because the idea of getting one seems “phony” to him, and his base likes him just fine regardless. Plus, he said, he doesn’t have time.’

        1. Just told St Eve about the Greek Jesus claims in your link and he said:

          “If you cross a shitzu with a bull terrier, would you get a bull shit?”

          I did not mention dogs to him 😀

      2. Beto and Kam-ala would be an interesting ticket. 🙂

        And El Paso fun facts:

        ‘Its original name was El Paso del Norte [Passage North], because it was at a crossing of the Rio Grande through which passed the royal road from Mexico south of the river to the Spanish settlements along the Rio Grande in what is now New Mexico.”

        1. KOR.
          But that’s not why.
          I like what I’ve seen of Klobachar and O’Rourke brings the touchy feely.

    1. Rain

      The Black Leopard looks like a big black cat that appeared one day in front of me in 1987.

      But with current events, I remember that I came across the big cat walking down Waller Lane in Caterham.

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