Full Circle





Going Full Circle and the Leap of Faith at the Sandman.



I find if I stop and look some interesting things jump out.

911 and the Francis Frith Collection – Reigate High St, 1911 and the past. And what jumps out for me in the pic is the Clocktower in the background.



And yesterday, Henry V111 and his Astronomical Clock at Hampton Court Palace popped up.

Henry V111 had an Astronomical Clock. That’s what she said !




And resembles the Large Hard-on Collider at CERN.



I’ve also been contemplating how the M25 circular motorway which runs around London is similar to the LHC. A vast number of cars whizz round it in both directions and every so often they crash into each other.



And the rings of Saturn.




A Prisoner of the Past.


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  1. Oddly enuff, the name ov that English Bull Terrier wot Hugo mentioned on your larst post woz Floyd. And the name ov the bloke wot ‘owned’ that dog in wot Hugo calls ‘the loosest possible sense ov the term’? Well, believe it or not ‘is name was either ‘Monty’ or ‘Marty’. Long time ago now so carn’t remember which, but definitely one ov the two. So this Gerty bloke, yeah, ‘ee seemed to ‘ave some kind of understandin’ wiv that dog, whereby ‘ee’d feed it raw meat an’ steroids an’ the dog would return the favour by not maulin’ ‘im too badly. ‘Cos that Marky bloke ‘ad that Floyd guard a spunkyard wot ‘ee owned, an’ maulin’ people woz that Floyd’s speciality. So ‘ee let that Floyd ‘ave the run ov that spunkyard at night, so that Floyd could savage them wot came in finkin’ they could ‘elp themselves to stuff. Now, I’m sure that Ferdy bloke ‘ad a “Beware ov the Dog” sign somewhere in that spunkyard wot ‘ee owned, but between you and me I reckon the real message ‘ee woz tryin’ to convey woz summink like this.


    But look at me, ramblin’ on wiv creepy tales from the past. Must get back to me cucumber sandwiches before them Committee types stop eatin’ and start talkin’ amongst themselves. They do no end ov bleedin’ damage when that happens, they does.

    1. Ethel is unavailable at the moment but I’m sure she’ll be thrilled. I’d offer a reply on her behalf but I’m currently wading through Volume I of The Committee’s 425,567 word response to my objections to the Allegro Geller engineering disaster (docket #917483463157334/32b). Titled “On the Virtues of Collective Decision-Making: An Enquiry into the Hurt and Distress caused to this Committee by Hugo Stone’s Refusal to Dance the Puppet Dance”, this particular volume (which consists mostly of cake crumbs interspersed with commentary on Ethel’s food preparation skills) serves as a riveting introduction to what promises to be a frank, wide-ranging and wholly unbiased account of the aforementioned disaster. Needless to say, I’ll provide the botnet with a synopsis of The Committee’s findings in due course.

      1. hello hugosprobe, your response is really funny and i really do think ethel’s writing is extremely excellent and I think hugo and hugosprobe writing is extremely excellent and I don;t know how to write words anymore and i think writing words is really difficult and i think i might permanently stop writing words of comment on the internet and always think everything with you is good and think everything with you is probably excellent and right now going to groom and shower because I haven’t groomed or showered in some while and really think everything good with you and only way i can write words is by writing one long sentence because otherwise too difficult and right now won’t write more words of comment

        1. Dunno wot it’s like ova there in them Unrequited Gestates of Allegra Geller, but in them ‘British Isles’ wot that Hugo lives in them Committee types is always goin’ on about ‘good grooming’. Wot do ya fink that Hugo sees when ‘ee switches on ‘is terrovision fing wot shows them movin’ pictures wot try to give ‘im one ov them bleedin’ ‘eart attacks? ‘Ee sees them advert fings for “men’s groomin’ products”, don’t ‘ee? On an’ on an’ on they go, tellin’ ‘im ‘ow good their razors is, ‘ow close a shave they can decipher, an’ ow usin’ ’em can make even the ‘airiest ov silverbacks look like one ov them cherubs, all rosy-cheeked an’ ready to deceive personal inceptions from one ov the Pope Fiend’s lot.

          Anyhow, I ‘ope ya found a nice juicy flea or two while ya woz groomin’. Must luv an’ leave ya and get back to me hot beverage science. Experimentin’ wiv a new brand of coffee ain’t I? Got lots of them beans lined up an’ waitin’ to be flicked…

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            all the best, M

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    1. I liked this .

      ‘A motorway, subtly redesigned by Crowley so that seen from above, it took on the appearance of the dread sigil Odegra. The effect of millions of vehicles using it each day and fuming, swearing, and wishing ill on their fellow road-users not only drew millions of souls that bit closer to Satan and hell, it had the same continuous flow effect that you would normally get on a Buddhist prayer wheel.’

      And not sure this has anything to do with anything.

      The inner ring is anti clockwise and the outer ring is clockwise. I think !

      1. jennifer almond, Really excellent way of saying something that i think is almost totally beyond words and existence is totally incredible.

        I think general orders no. 9 means general orders to be with agent 99 which isn’t really general orders because nothing more wonderful than agent 99 and different people probably think the words general orders and the number 9 mean something else

        think everything good with you and i probably won’t be writing comments on Merovee for awhile because i think writing words is extremely difficult and everything is beyond words

        1. Hi M.

          You may not believe me when I say…but I’m totally picking up what you’re putting down. Agent 99 is a tour de force and one of the best agents in the field. The Gene-eral Order is to take care of our 99. 🙂
          Come back as often as you can, M.

          1. hello jenny, i love your code for agent 99

            after right now probably won’t be seeing comments because won’t be reading comments because writing words is extremely difficult and everything beyond words

  2. The clock and large collider look like a kaliedescope, also.

    This is FASCINATING.

    So, the boundaries were laid out. By who? Is that why Antarctica is off limits? Because there is no boundary?

    1. MJ

      About Antarctica. I came across this recently.

      A(1)68 Iceberg and also B(2)15 Iceberg.

      Iceberg A-68 calved from the Larsen C ‘Ice Shelf in July 2017.[1][2][3] With a surface area of 5,800 square kilometres, twice the size of Luxembourg, larger than Delaware and weighing one trillion tonnes,[4] it is one of the largest recorded icebergs, the largest being B-15 which measured 11,000 square kilometres before breaking up. The calving of A-68 reduced the overall size of the Larsen C shelf by 12 percent.’


            1. Clicky

              That’s bizarre! Flash freeze!
              And why didn’t it break apart when the guy pulled out? 🙂

      1. Frank

        The Polar Vortex is pushing south this week. Chicago will be colder than Antarctica. Think warm thoughts. 🙂

          1. No snow here. In fact, I just got back to my desk from my lunch/smoke break and it’s gorgeous outside. Warm sunshine, no windchill. A glorious day 😀

    2. If it’s our thoughts that manifest and create physical reality, seems that it would be us who laid down patterns, structures and boundaries. If our thoughts create reality seems we are the powers that be.

      A tangent but somewhere in the thick of it I think the altar boy known as Trump also knows about melanin and the ankh iv and the kush stuff and the rolling tones. Or rather I think he and his fam is also a manifestation of d-Ark matter. Or maybe he is a wannabe, a synth-E-tick as in the manner of man kind.

      1. Anon

        This is what I’ve been seeing. It’s ‘us’ – humanity or whoever exactly we are – who set the limits. It’s a choice in a sense is my view.

        And nothing would surprise me about Trump. If he turned into a talking mushroom it wouldn’t surprise me.

        1. When I began my exploration of melanin and skin color I remember saying several times over that I was curious about the reason why humanity or whatever has emphasized ”skin color” and that I thought it was and wasn’t really about skin but rather code for something larger, similar to how ”climate change” might be code for something else. Roob projected her own animosity (though it looked to ”you” like the other way around) onto the idea and tried to bleach it clean – taking only the shell, gutting the rest. I’m not going to let this go until I’m satisfied and until ”doing a google search of ‘libraries of libraries'” pings the ether back to meroe-V, not some fake altern site. “Number 3. Don’t compare where you can’t compete. If you must use another’s expression, always acknowledge Source.” Skin was made a placeholder/target not by me. There must be a reason why.

          Lol, Ethel, God has an overbite.

      2. Or he is so ridiculous that it is impossible anything about him could possibly be happening.
        But I know what you mean. And it is something about the opposite of…we are all entangled and entwined.

        1. I only got to as far as Jack son and will is counting presidents. in the opening scene, a black lady (melanina) says she’s going to marry trump. LOL!

          Roob, you’ve been so close-minded you’ve missed the forest for the trees.

        2. gene of isis lots of code and symbols in that you-tube and think different people see different things in the same symbols and codes and i think underwold journey is not marvelous and i think underworld journey is incredible way to be finding the perfect and more than perfect and extremely perfectly beautiful ingersol lockerwood which i think is name that is code for person who likes to say things about something and that is what i think and after right now i’m going to stop writing words of comment

          i only watched part of the you-tube because difficult for me to watch more than a few minutes of any you-tube and will watch the rest of you-tube by watching a few minutes on one day and then a few mmore minutes more and can’t write words and after right now won’t write more words of comment

          1. Ingersoll Lockwood is such a nice name, isn’t it? M, you don’t have to comet when you don’t want to. I think that video is amazing, even for skeptics. Who are the skeptics? I don’t know. I don’t know anything.

      3. Off limits because there is no boundary.
        I really like that thought.
        Am I correct that no cuntree has a L-fag waving in Antarctica? No one can stake a claim to it? I wonder why.
        Maybe there is no boundary because it is boundless and can’t be colon-ized. Like melanin, the library of libraries with no boundaries to stake. Not for want of people trying, though.

        Here’s an interesting list about “the Word b-Ankh” and the curious case of the copy paste. (And no for the peanut gallery I don’t suppory the obamas either “just because they’re black”)

        In the beginning was the word and the word created things and people stole things to own the word and the great spin cycle continued.

        I like the idea that no one can build a wall around Antarctica and that climate change (aka melanin poppin’) is causing the ice wall that is there to melt.



        “1. If you can’t paste with intelligence, do not copy at all.

        2. Those who lift and pass off the thoughts of heroes and heroines they do not match in wit suffer the pain of effectively delivering the content with excellence, match the expression with communication and enduring the unfortunacy of being found out at the reminiscent behest of the original author. The one who steals the King’s Kakaki trumpet faces the trauma of where to blow it.

        3. Don’t compare where you can’t compete. If you must use another’s expression, always acknowledge your source.

        4. There is no art to effectively deliver a legend’s speech with the attendant body language, sincerity of heart and her contextual situational apposition.

        5. Learn to know other uses of the computer keypads beyond control C and control V (Copy and Paste).

        6. Choose your spouse with a conceptualization of the future you seek in sight. Don’t marry aesthetics and cosmetics at the expense of ethics and intellect. Date higher than your self-esteem and circumstances. If you must marry an accessory, seek one with a head. Don’t date a dumb model If you will seek the highest office in the land. Money is not a legal tender for an ounce of sense.

        7. You can’t get a scholar’s speech from a nudist’s lips. A fruit doesn’t fall far from its tree. Expecting a Michellean speech from Milenian mouth is like seeking the living from amongst the dead. If you are a Trump, you can’t attract a Michelle, only a Melania. Only the deep calleth unto the deep.

        8. The one who copies another’s speech with her accent, context, serial delivery and content will copy your matric number after copying your answer in the examination hall.

        9. You can lie to the press, you can lie to the public, you can lie to the people, but the shocking body language of your conniving spouse will betray you when you lie a lie that shocks the world.

        10. The one who can steal a speech can steal a treasury. If I can steal your thought, wetin be your cash?

        11. Intelligence is not the same as memorization, it is nothing more than the correct application of knowledge. That you can cram and pour down another’s thought only makes you a bright thief, not an intelligent person.

        12. Those who sow wind will reap whirlwind. The one who sells sand will be paid with the currency of stone. You cannot be as garrulous and as shaming as Trump without getting a backlash vengeance with the indignity of Melania.

        13. The cock is spotted from the day it is hatched. The one who will plagiarise a Presidential speech starts with plagiarizing her personality and Facebook posts.

        14. If someone cannot succeed at copying with sense, what more proof do you need to confirm her proficiency in failure?

          1. Jenny
            you made me think about one of strangeness
            famous swallow’s nest
            and elizabeth 2
            The amazing story of a rare coin in the shape of the Crimea
            This coin is not only an unusual form. According to the authors, this disc of 925 silver, weighing 14.14 g, issued in an edition of 3,500 pieces, should resemble nothing more than the Crimean peninsula.

            For sure, no one had any doubts, on the reverse of the coin one of the world-famous symbols of the Crimea was engraved – the Swallow’s Nest gothic castle. Next to the image of the castle, on one of the surrounding clouds, there is an inscription in pure Russian of appropriate content.

            As they write on the website “Museum of Money”, today the architectural monument “Swallow’s Nest” adorns every family photo album after traveling around the Crimea. The silver coin will complement your treasury of good impressions from the trip to the Black Sea and bring memories of the enchantingly fragrant, infused on coniferous tar, Crimean air.
            Another proof of the relation of the coin to the Crimea is the silhouette of the Bear Mountain (Ayu-Dag) on ​​its obverse. But these are all signs of the Crimean currency and ends. However, others begin, no less surprising and mysterious for any person who is not privy to the subtleties of modern money production.

            To the right of Bear Mountain on the obverse of the coin is the equally recognizable silhouette of Her Majesty Elizabeth II in the world (English Elizabeth II), the full name is Elizabeth Alexander Maria (English Elizabeth Alexandra Mary – Queen of Great Britain from 1952 to the present).
            What is it that turns out, the UK gash itself with money a la Crimea without any coordination with its right holder — Ukraine? No, of course, everything is much more complicated and interesting.

            We continue to study the obverse of the coin, and in its upper part we see a quite legible inscription 1 DOLLAR, and under it is something completely incomprehensible: NIUE ISLAND. It turns out that this is none other than Niue – one of the many island mini-states of the Pacific (Vanuatu, Kiribati, Fiji, Nauru, etc.), which is in free association with New Zealand, which in turn is a part of the British Commonwealth of Nations .The British Commonwealth of Nations, in addition to the UK itself, includes as many as 15 independent states: Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Grenada, Canada, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Jamaica, whose legitimate queen, according to their constitutions, is Her Majesty Elizabeth II.

            Many of these micro-states, in the absence of nothing more liquid on their territory than their legal status, produce souvenir coins for collectors, which brings them some income. Here and this our Crimean coin was minted allegedly by the order of the local government of the Mint of Poland (apparently, the issuer does not have enough own facilities). Why supposedly? Yes, because in fact the money was ordered by the National Bank of Ukraine Sberbank of Russia.

            These are amazing things happening in the modern world of money production. And you thought, only the state has the exclusive right to issue its own currency. In principle, correctly thought, of course. After all, the formal issuer (state of Niue) is indicated, the nominal value in Niuanese dollars is observed, the silver sample is in place, the profile of the Queen too. And the fact that neither the Queen of the British Commonwealth, nor one of 1,500 citizens of Niue ever does not take advantage of the coin-Crimea as a means of payment, but will not even see it – maybe it is for the best. Will be more whole.

            But one thing is still not clear – what does Sberbank of Russia have to do with this and what is the attitude of the legitimate government of Ukraine to this monetary history?

            1. Interesting Rain. I tried Googling more about the coin but I keep being directed to the same source, which doesn’t house much information. Your source seems to be the best reference but the translation is a bit off and hard to follow. The features minted on the face have nothing in common…or do they? Idk but it’s supposedly worth over a hundred times its value.

          1. Far be it from me, ‘an ‘umble Acting Senior Deputy Vice-President of Corporate Snack Aesthetics and Hot Beverage Science, to pass comment on one wot is so intelligented as yerself, Clicky, but do I detect a curtain air of vesperation in your inceptions to the botnet? Do ya fink you is more like that Martha Stewart wot that Tyler Durden said woz polishin’ the cross on that Tyrannic wot ‘it that Faceborg? Do ya fink that if ya polish that cross as fast as wot that character in that book wot that Hugo Stone wrote wot that M person deluded to liked to polish ‘is knob then it’ll stay afloat on that ocean like it woz that Graf Zeppelin fingy bobbin’ and weavin’ ‘ in the ‘air? ‘Cos from where I’m sittin’, luv, it looks like that Tyrannic an’ that Faceborg an’ that Graf Zeppelin fingy is all ‘eadin’ straight for the bottom.

            All this fuss ova one soggy burger, eh?

  3. Diamond Particle Accelerator

    “Around the storage ring are ranged beamlines, exit beams for the radiation, where work stations known unromantically as hutches house the experiments. In Diamond’s massive 45,000 sq metre floor space (around eight times St Paul’s Cathedral) there are currently more than 20 beamlines, with space for 40 in the final configuration. “When you walk into this big hangar of a place,” says Diamond researcher David Cole, “it’s like something out of Star Wars.””

    All of these accelerator places are compared or designed like cathedrals.

    The one in Chicago, Fermilab,

    “Fermilab’s first director, Robert Wilson, insisted that the site’s aesthetic complexion not be marred by a collection of concrete block buildings. The design of the administrative building (Wilson Hall) was inspired by St. Pierre’s Cathedral in Beauvais, France,[17] though it was realized in a Brutalist style. Several of the buildings and sculptures within the Fermilab reservation represent various mathematical constructs as part of their structure.”


      1. Jenny

        Seeing the past. Not just stars but everything we see takes time to register.

        But how can we see the past if it’s always Now ?

        ‘Actually, as space correspondent Irene Klotz reminded me, this isn’t totally correct. Technically, the Hubble Space Telescope is mankind’s first “time machine.” Hubble can see light from the furthest most reaches of our Universe, receiving light that has taken billions of years to reach us. Hubble is basically looking at stars and galaxies as they were many billions of years ago. But, I’d argue that by simply looking up on a clear night with your own eyes, seeing stars that may only be a few dozen light-years away means you are seeing those stars as they were a few dozen years ago. So, your eyes are time machines too. So there.’

        1. “But how can we see the past if it’s always Now ?”

          Exactly. Everything prior to Now collapses as the Observer realizes the future, one photon at a time.

      2. I think the “search” for anything is already here. I get irritated by the constant search. How about now? How about right here? Don’t you feel that way? Make heaven come down and literally meet earth.

        1. Yes it’s like a man. There’s so much to learn about a lover who could possibly know everything there is to know in one lifetime? If one lifetime is not even enough for one lover, why keep searching for more?
          I haven’t even unearthed all there is about this place, this hearth, why worry about another dimension?

  4. hello Frank and really love your article and think you are often walking and seeing interesting things and every time i walk anywhere I see things that are absolutely incredible and extremely interesting and i think this is a totally incredible world where we are.

    the clocktower in the 911 picture is interesting and can’t really see the clocktower in the picture on my computer but probably you are thinking that it’s interesting that there’s a clock in a 911 picture and i think there is something about time that I don’t understand and i would love to understand more about time

    really love the article and all the best,


      1. thank you Frank for posting picture in comment and I can see the clock tower and think the clocktower building is a really excellent building and i love the buildings in England and if you ever go to America think you will find the buildings to be really different and possibly interesting and if you ever go to America i would love to meet you somewhere or possibly sometime in the future i will go to England and i would really love meeting any people of Merovee anywhere if any people of Merovee would like to get together sometime

  5. Excerpt from Volume I of The Committee’s “On the Virtues of Collective Decision-Making: An Enquiry into the Hurt and Distress caused to this Committee by Hugo Stone’s refusal to Dance the Puppet Dance”, a.k.a. docket #917483463157334/32b re: the Allegro Geller engineering disaster.

    “Furthermore, having unanimously agreed to postpone any attempt to reach agreement on whether the cocktail sausages have an actual, physical basis in an ontological reality (the almost occult perfection of their corporeal form having caused great consternation in some quarters, agitating several members to the point that they very nearly considered the possibility of drafting memoranda to their respective sub-committees, to research and assess the wisdom of expressing a firm and resolute opinion on the matter), the Committee hereby commends Ethel (Acting Senior Deputy Vice-President of Corporate Snack Aesthetics and Hot Beverage Science, Sector T, Building H, 75th floor cafeteria) for the artful presentation of her Jammie Dodgers, which were arranged in a manner that not only tantalised and teased the eye, but also (according to our incumbent Senior Joint Vice President of Junior Non-Directing Directors of Auguries, Portents, Prophecies and Toilet Paper) strongly suggested that the biscuits themselves approve of the pre-determined conclusion this Treatise will slowly and painfully wend its way towards, to the extent that the occupant of the aforementioned ancient and venerable post felt moved to remark, and I quote: “It would be better all round if that awful, awful man were to simply give up and agree to dance the good dance for The Committee’s delight and edification.”

    1. hello hugosprobe and that is really funny and i really think The Committee knows how to write in an excellent way

    1. One comment – “totally demonic – she sold her soul to satan years ago”
      She is playing her part in promoting a genderless world for the New World Order soon coming to a supermarket near you!
      Stop the population growth! The planet cannot support so many useless eaters!!! Yes, that YOU!

  6. Dearie, dearie me, wot ‘ave we got ‘ere? Looks like that Snow is disruptin’ the General Midwinter show an’ causin’ that chaos stuff to ‘appen on them information sugarhighways. Wot a sight it is to watch them computers slippin’ an’ backslidin’ as they try an’ compute to them churches! Why is them computers so bleedin’ desperate to compute to them churches, anyhow? Wot ya fink they do in them churches wot they is so desperate to compute to? Do ya fink them computers ‘as been programmed to fink that they need to compute to them churches so they can give their mucky little ‘earts to the profit or summink?


    Or do ya fink that them wot likes to issue them inceptions like ya to fink up this bollocks for ’em, ‘cos it suits their interest an’ ‘cos they like to watch ya waddle along goin’ quack, quack, quack?

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