Satanic Verses


Below is an account of my ‘memories’. It was written in 2012. Recently more has come to light and this maybe expanded on in time. There is a lot more to it than just a bunch of perverts getting their kicks. I have amended the original article slightly to make more sense now. In short it is energy harvesting and also part of the programme to keep consciousness within the 3D reality.

And trigger warning. It is not light reading and may trigger a subconscious emotional reaction

Satanic Memories.

I am deliberately not naming any place or anyone. I have seen how others who have told their stories have been treated and I have no intention of going through the same. My intention is to tell my story and then let the consequences, if any unfold . Please note that even though my memories are detailed in chronological order, I actually received them in a hazy, jumbled manner. The pain, fear, paranoia and the sense of unreality triggered by these memories were enormous and anybody who manages to get through them and come out the other side has my utmost respect. I will attempt to retell my account in a concise and unemotional manner as possible. There are other connected factors but I will just concentrate on my own experiences .

I have been interested in spiritual matters for a long time but I concentrated on the ‘light’ side and had never been concerned with conspiracy theories. However in 2006 I started having recurrent satanic abuse memories. They stemmed from my school days at two boys schools within the English independent school system. For those who are unaware, English public schools are not public but fee paying such as Eton, Harrow or Winchester schools. The schools I attended are not in the very top bracket but are well known and respected schools. My first school was a Preparatory school, which was a feeder school for the larger public schools and I was there from the ages of 8-13 until I joined the larger public school which I left at 18. These events took place in the 1960s and 1970s. My first memory I date to 1969.

Preparatory School.

1 : My first satanic memory occurred in the chapel within the school . I would say I was about 9 years old . I remember facing a row of masked people, about twelve in total. In the middle was a female dressed in a cowl similar to the one by the girl in the Scottish Widows advert if you have seen it . The woman resembled a famous American female actress.There were a few other children present. The masked people conducted a service with chanting . I was then placed on a table in front of the altar where I had a sharp dagger placed at my throat which I thought was going to be my last moment in this world . I was then anally raped . The other children went through the same ordeal. At the end we were led out of the chapel where we were met by a man who took us back to our dormitories . He was joking with us as if nothing had happened .

There are other memories of similar services within the chapel and sexual abuse.

2 : I remember being in the school’s sick bay and laying in a bed. There were bright lights in my face and I was wearing a set of headphones through which a noise similar to the sound made when you phone a fax telephone number was passed . There were men behind the lights and another man was wearing a white doctor’s coat but I cannot recall his face.

3 : I was in a room with another boy who I don’t recognise and I am laid on a bed similar to a doctor’s couch . He says : “Don’t worry, after it is over you won’t remember a thing .”

4 : I have a memory of being a bungalow where I was raped . As I leave, my ‘minder’ says to another man : “It’s ok, he won’t remember”.

In the last couple of months more has come to light and I have recovered plenty more memories. And as part of this trip the afore mentioned bungalow has revealed itself.

Dormer Cottage. Which was either owned or rented by the Church Of Scientology.



Public School

At 13 I moved to the Public School .

1 : I remember being in a circular wooded area with others. There are adults who wear clothes similar to monk’s habits and other children. There is a man attached to a makeshift cross made of trees. Chanting is sung by the figures in the monks habits and the man then has his throat cut. His penis is cut off and passed around everyone present who has to kiss it. The man is then set on fire.

2 : I recall being in the school’s chapel where a service is held by figures in the monk’s habit described previously. Animals are sacrificed.

3 : My next memory was lying in a dug grave in woods while people in hoods walk around me. They are chanting as they move.

4 : I remember digging a hole in a field, within the school’s bounds, and disposing of the bodies of two teenage girls. We then had to refill the hole with earth once this had been done.

5 : I remember being at another ‘service’ in the same wooded area mentioned above. There were no sacrifices at this service.

This was my last memory. I would say that it stopped at about the age of fifteen – maybe I lost my appeal.

These memories came through from 2006 – 2009. To be honest, I doubt I would have gone public but for the discovery that one of Britain’s most notorious child murderers of the last twenty years had connections to one of the schools . I cannot say for sure it is not just coincidence but the link to the school has persuaded me to tell my story. The other factor in my decision was that one of the schools is bang on one of England’s and the world’s main energy spiritual hot spot or ley line.

After researching the family tree I discovered there are distant family links to some of the country’s best known genealogies. There seems to be a link with DNA and bloodline. However, I would say that it is more a spiritual matter than just the physical bloodline which goes back many centuries and is linked to previous spiritual experiences within the family DNA. Also, my birthday falls on a major pagan holiday. However, I must say this abuse had nothing to do with Paganism as a religion whose members I have found to be very entertaining company .

I believe that extensive records are kept of family links and geneology. It maybe that some of this occurs at an unconscious level but my view is that it is planned very carefully. My other conclusion is that it was connected to experiments in Mind Control which are now being used on a worldwide scale. See the Corona Virus and vaccination for all.

I have no further memories after the age of 15 and none in my adult life. To the best of my knowledge I have had no further connections with satanism apart from my school days.

I understand that for some it’s difficult to believe and ‘Nothing Has Been Proved’ but underneath the surface and veneer of civilisation things aren’t pretty.




Postscript :

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