Like Sister And Brother


First of all a public shout out to Roob and MJ especially. Just knowing that you are there in an hour of need is wonderful. Thank you 💜.

Down the peephole.

Rewriting the story. Be Prepared. Which story do you prefer ?

How the world’s most powerful telescope is about to rewrite the story of the cosmos.



Like Sister and Brother. This is extraordinarily deep deep water.




And triggers and memories. A wise woman once said ‘I want to make people unafraid to feel’. It seems to be working.






7 thoughts on “Like Sister And Brother

  1. And officially Teletubby world now.

    Trying to stay clear of this sort of stuff. So much out there – total overload – but this is quite amusing.

    “Everybody who is eligible ought to be vaccinated and had their booster,” he says. “If there is the proverbial Uncle Frank who is pretty casual out there — doesn’t wear a mask and isn’t vaccinated — you have to have a conversation with them and say, ‘We’d love to have you here, but because this is another COVID holiday, we can’t have you here.”

    1. If I’m reading this correctly. The implications of this are sinking in. OMG. O Lucky Man. It’s been a long time ! Always in my heart. Floods of tears.

      Been into the abyss a few times. This one takes the biscuit though.

      And blue eyed soul.

  2. The Alchemical Chapel.

    Things are crazy beyond belief. Life has turned into a mish mash of just about each movie Jenny and I ever watched including Contagion.

    And speaking to the Family. It’s gone Uncle Frank bonkers over the last few days and also connects with something else. I’ve always assumed it’s all in the subconscious but maybe not. Maybe it’s just that feeling you’re the punchline but is everyone in cahoots about something ?

    And my favourite doppelganger who I spent a couple of hours with back in the 1980s sometime. And the elderly couple dancing in the video were also there as well. This is so nuts.

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