There Is A Place

There Is A Place.






It is the Garden Of A Den.





There are four rivers.



And they are Frozen in Time – NEWS.





Carl Jung – Children’s Dreams :

‘In the legend of paradise, the river that runs out of the Garden of Eden parts and becomes four riverheads. This image has been used by the Gnostics to illustrate the development of the inner human being.

According to Simon Magus, paradise is the uterus and the Garden of Eden the navel.

Four flows emanate from the navel, two air and two blood vessels, so to speak, through which the growing child receives its food, the blood and the pneuma’.



‘Bluebells come in every size.’


16 thoughts on “There Is A Place

  1. There Is a “Place” where a wild ROSE “lives.”

    “New Life CHURCH”

    Two different New Life Churches spotted on the road:

    And last night I looked to see what song was “playing” on Spa as I drove through the night on I-84 thru “Fish Kill”…..

    “Moon Dancing,” by Mike CLAY

    And finally, the “kicker” ….

    My email this morning from “New Life Foundation”:


    The only freedom needed is freedom from a wrongly operating mind.
    But it must be glimpsed that this is the only liberty needed, for
    that starts the liberating process.

    People want to know, ‘Suppose I do study and apply these teachings
    to my inner life. Will it change how I act and also affect what
    happens to me in daily actions?’ The answer is, of course it will
    influence daily ways, all for the good. When a CLAY bowl is dipped
    into SILVER colouring, both its INSIDE and OUTSIDE become SILVER.

    When attributing power to truth, never make exceptions, not a single
    one. Many people do this without realizing it. God, Truth, Reality,
    each has total power. Alcoholism, problems related to sex, family
    difficulties, unwanted habits – all fall away from the individual
    who abandons his old and conditioned nature to live within the new.
    Truth is like the sky. People may seldom look up, but the sky still
    covers everything.”

      1. This is confirmation of what the little voice said a few days ago. You are downloading a massive amount of energy. Full On describes it well.

        Gamma Gamma Gamma: Full on Cosmic Rays & Ultra High Frequencies

        ‘We’ve been in full-on Gamma Frequencies oscillating with a barrage of many others daily… since the last few days of March. Today, another day of powerful Gamma Rays which super-charge and accelerate DNA rewrites/recodings, as well as many other things too. We have different variations of Gamma Ray Frequencies….

        These are a massive power up, activating inner-power for many moving into a new phase. These, on one level are the 6th Dimensional frequency of the Merkaba/LightBody energy relative to physical body ascension processes. These bring through the Divine Masculine Energy, the “DOing” in service as Light, as Pure Love and each’s inner power more. These represent Sirian aspects and other levels of Higher Self Consciousness too. Power is an understatement with these.’

    1. Wow ! to moon. Great pics. I’ve being something similar with corona around the moon the last year or so but the pic never comes out properly.

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