Hot N Cold

Hot N Cold.



Waiting for a Train.

Cool as a Queuecumber.



It’s a Heatwave Two Day. According to my weather app the temperature may reach 60°F.

Home Of The Roast.



And the Other Day it was freezing.



One Day.



Neural Pathways and Path Ports. Interesting phrasing in this Mind Line : ‘What Your Brain Does To Create Reality’.

And the blind spot just out of view : ‘How a string of strange discoveries could reveal a cosmos hidden just out of view’.

Smile You’re On Camera and who is the Observer behind the CCTV ? Is anyone really there ?





‘How do you know what your sensory apparatus reveals to you is correct ?’




All Ways On My Mind.


13 thoughts on “Hot N Cold

    1. Hi Jack

      I was reading your most recent article yesterday. I go along with ‘if you fight the problem you can become the problem’. The ‘problem’ feeds off the energy. I believe there is an alternative.

      I remember though from school day science that the light bulb needed resistance to make it light. I think .

      And agree very much with the ending. I don’t think the weirdness is going away.

      ‘Stay tuned, dear intrepid reader, for… as usual… some crazy-ass shit is about to go down!!!’

        1. Jack

          It’s an interesting balance. You can get the automatic rebel response which just wants to rebel against authority. See Lucifer and the Fall of Man . This can be seen in teenagers with parents and teachers etc but not neccessarily unhealthy.

          Also there is choice though. In my life I’ve had many instances when I was accused of rebelling or being contrarian and actually I wasn’t being a rebel as far as I was concerned. I just didn’t want to do what was being asked of me and was prepared to say No. It was my choice. I’m hoping we have made another choice for a different reality.

          1. Frank… Per your: “I wasn’t being a rebel as far as I was concerned.”
            You were fulfilling your responsibility as an Individual Intelligence Agent!

    1. Roob

      Where do I start with that ! Where do I stop !

      It’s in the Notebook.

      The Tangent Universe.

      ‘When a Tangent Universe is created, the original universe, the one of which the Tangent Universe is a copy of, is said to be put on “hold”. This means that time stops within the original universe from the moment the other one is created. Essentially, everything in the original universe is “paused”, and time begins in the Tangent Universe. The next few weeks which would have happened within the original universe transpire within the new one. Tangent Universes cease to exist within only a few weeks. Once they do so, and if certain events explained below occur, the original universe will be “unpaused”, and time will continue as normal within it from the moment that it was put on hold.’

      Mr 2 of Everything.

      ‘As stated before, with the occurence of a Tangent Universe, also comes the appearance of an “artifact”, a certain object that appears spontaneously into it. According to the common consensus, when a tangent universe is formed, it is a seemingly exact copy of the original one, with one of everything copied into it. The exact origin of the artifact is unknown, however, it is thought that during the copying process, an “error” occurs, causing an object which is being copied into the tangent universe to duplicate. ‘

      And Roberta Sparrow and the Philosophy of Time Travel. And the Birds.

      It’s just a movie and the Fourth Wall.

      1. And about Loren. When Jen made her I35 video I posted a link in a comment on one of his articles. He asked who had made it and my reply seemed to throw him and he replied ‘ Who Is Jenny ?’. His significant other is called Jenny.

        Back in 2009, he appeared on the Paul O’Grady show. I never used to watch it but that day for some reason it was on my TV and there was Loren Coleman. At the time I was interested in Fortean matters. Once I had an encounter with a big black cat.

        We are in a time of deep reflection.

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