Release The Kraken


Release The Kraken.

I think The Kraken is very ancient energy. And East and West again and Down South with Georgia in the US and the country Georgia in the East. Depends on your perspective though where you are.





I won’t go into the convoluted connections but I’m reading this as the Universe talking about three or more Strand DNA and possibly dormant animal DNA. I have my doubts about the nature of physical reality but if the the physical universe was created from a singularity however that manifested, it makes a sort of sense.

And the Monolith has shown up in the UT desert. It’s just a movie. Thanks to Swim.


‘A mysterious discovery has been made in the Utah desert over in the United States. A gleaming twelve-foot tall metal monolith with no clear markings was spotted by a wildlife resources workers from a circling helicopter. The crew went in for a closer look and found the metal object had been firmly planted in the dirt. There were no labels on it, or any other information to suggest where it may have come from.’







Humerus ?


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  1. Part of why I have connected Three Strand DNA with the Kraken.

    Cornwall and Tintagel and the Pendragon. And owned by Prince of Wales.

    ‘The castle has a long association with legends related to King Arthur. This was first recorded in the 12th century when Geoffrey of Monmouth described Tintagel as the place of Arthur’s conception in his mythological account of British history, Historia Regum Britanniae. Geoffrey told the story that Arthur’s father, King Uther Pendragon, was disguised by Merlin’s sorcery to look like Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall, the husband of Igraine, Arthur’s mother.

    Tintagel Castle has been a tourist destination since the mid-19th century. Owned by Charles, Prince of Wales as part of the landholdings of the Duchy of Cornwall, the site is managed by English Heritage.’

    And Merovee and the Quinotaur.

    Both myths hint at some sort of strange animal creature impregnating a human woman.

    I’ve been there and one of the things I remembered about the area was a beautiful beach called Trebarwith Strand. I sent this pic to Jenny and she came back with Three Strand DNA. Not very scientific I know.

      1. Jenny

        It’s just a movie. Combining movie themes now and The Notebook.

        From Donnie Darko :

        “When a Tangent Universe occurs, those living nearest to the Vortex, will find themselves at the epicenter of a dangerous new world.Artifacts provide the first sign that a Tangent Universe has occurred. If an Artifact occurs, the Living will retrieve it with great interest and curiosity. Artifacts are formed from metal, such as an Arrowhead from an ancient Mayan civilization, or a Metal Sword from Medieval Europe. Artifacts returned to the Primary Universe are often linked to religious Iconography, as their appearance on Earth seems to defy logical explanation. Divine intervention is deemed the only logical conclusion for the appearance of the Artifact”

        And the Water flow.

  2. I know I tend to be a little too “serious” for MV…..

    But I would say that maybe a little more “compassion” is in order for those of us who do take this End Times scenario we are living VERY SERIOUSLY?

    I mean, I don’t understand how you can just make jokes and catch synchs when it’s become clear that children are being sexually molested and raped, tortured to death, and EATEN by a global cabal of EVIL “PEOPLE.”

    The amount of PAIN that these REPTILES are injecting into the what do you call it? Um, what: MIND….


    President Trump is the ONLY man I SEE who is taking charge in an effort to bring EVILDOERS to justice…. and STOP them!


    Protect INNOCENT CHILDREN from….

    an experience of HELL on EARTH.

    I just wanted to come back to say to President Trump as an “edit” of my previous post:

    God Bless You, and the First Lady and your son …. and ALL YOUR CHILDREN.

    Sorry to have left them out when you are really the only divorced man I have witnessed who has KEPT all his children in his life and has supported them and their careers.

    I know the difficulties of being divorced, and the ex-husband usually capitulates to the demand of his NEW WIFE to excise his children from his OLD WIFE …. from his life.

    Not you, and not the First Lady…..

    That’s being a REAL MAN…..

    And a REAL Lady.


    1. Trinity ❤️

      I was a social worker for 34 years in Child Protective Services. I never found the humor in anything I saw. I know what breaks your heart. The wound that cries out for punishment.

      But I don’t believe the answer lies in the Trumps or Bidens of this world.
      They are projections of the internal Judge/Punisher and the Healer of the Wound which is also internal.
      The answer lies in the personal charge and choice, to ‘become the change you wish to see’. And if your heart is already broken, as most hearts are, then your half way there.

      I think Frank would say, ‘Kill them with kindness’. 😉

      1. Thanks, Elena!

        I hear you. In fact, I spotted a license plate in the dark heading home from my job a couple weeks ago that said “LEAD.”

        And I guffawed kinda and thought/said, “But how??? I can’t do this…..”

        And now, a week or two later, I spot a on my Truvia coffee sweetener:

        “Lead with Love”

        Well I will try……

        But this “real world” keeps getting in my Way!


        I want to BELIEVE in President Trump.

        Maybe, as Anonymous has wondered about the phenomenon of enough people “making something real,” if enough of us BELIEVE in the heroism and the GOOD in Donald J. Trump, this will help HIM become what God made him to do.


        Hmm! Yeah…..

        I LIKE THAT…..

        1. Trump is synonymous with occlude and eclipse which makes sense since he had a penthouse designed to look like Apollo and behaves like a very very bad Don. What I don’t get is why those who will die on a cross for him believe he’s any better a tool than anyone else and overlook all his “sins” while nursing judgement about the sins of ALL others. Have you ever heard Trump say the words “Jesus” and “Christ”? Have you ever heard him confess his belief in either? No? Then why does an online stranger get a pass and all his sins forgiven but online people you’ve been talking to for years are not forgive because they don’t call Jesus Lord and Savior? Something Christians might really ponder.

          1. Hypocrisy by those who grant themselves all moral authority doesnt work anymore. The Divine reveals itself through so much more than false idols. Good try but I’m not putting any faith in any politician including those you excuse.

            “The Hebrew term “Abaddon” (Hebrew: אֲבַדּוֹן‎ Avaddon, meaning “doom”), and its Greek equivalent “Apollyon” (Greek: Ἀπολλύων, Apollýōn) appear in the Bible as both a place of destruction and an archangel of the abyss. In the Hebrew Bible, abaddon is used with reference to a bottomless pit, often appearing alongside the place שְׁאוֹל (Sheol), meaning the realm of the dead.”

          2. A bad Don’s throne to Appollyon.
            The God of the bible (whoever that is) is just using Drumf to carry out a tired old script. Wake up.

            1. Anonymous,

              Gee, thanks for alluding to me as a “hypocrite.” You’ve NEVER been nice to me for YEARS, in fact YOU are the one who posted the Trinity backhoe pic…around the day I went to the mafia-run dump in town with one of the LOCAL YOKELS talking about some “backhoe”: “Must be a really BIG one.” Hmm, I guess all the local mob lowlifes “read MV.”

              Donald Trump is a decent person, from what I have observed for years working in the Big Apple. He treats others DECENTLY, with boatloads of humor as well as self-deprecating humor….. I think he IS what he has called almost every other person he knows or has met when ASKED: “He’s a great guy.”

              “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

              The trump card “occludes” and eclipses…. I don’t believe in that MAGICK shit, or any “cards, or ASS-trology and WHORE-oscopes anymore…..

              “Have you ever heard Trump say the words “Jesus” and “Christ”? Have you ever heard him confess his belief in either? No? Then why does an online stranger get a pass and all his sins forgiven but online people you’ve been talking to for years are not forgive because they don’t call Jesus Lord and Savior? Something Christians might really ponder…..”


          1. Elena

            I think the professional footballers view was that bending the rules is part of the game so they weren’t too bothered but the British press went mad over it. He then scored the most ridiculously fantastic goal. Angels and Demons .

            Gascoigne has a point about the goal though. Shilton was slow and it should have never have got to that situation in the first place. Yet I think it feeds into now in its strange way. In my memory Peter Shilton died a year or so ago and yet there he is discussing the Hand of God goal.

            And possible pasts or memories. I have a good memory of football World Cups and England’s glorious World Cup failures and can remember watching the game in my apartment and the 1986 World Cup at the time in Horsham, England. The difficulty for me with that is that I didn’t move into the apartment until 1987.

            And the turkeys definitely feed into guilt and possibly a Quantum choice. Maybe when faced with options the Universe chooses both and both Corn and Cob are pardoned and not pardoned at the same time.


            And just because.

        1. Memories of a child feeling cheated and upset by the hand of God goal. But, in awe of the player. I find the goal hilarious now 🙂

  3. Frank

    I don’t know much about Soccer or that particular incident but about the media, they do seem to be a projection of that internal battle that keeps the war going.

    And about memories, as a child I was only allowed to watch certain shows on tv. One of which was Andy Griffith Show. Even today given the choice between most of the new stuff, I still will watch the Griffith show. So the other week in the middle of the media freak out over whether the Pres would accept the results of the election, this episode appears in which Opie loses the race and won’t accept that he lost.

    Around and around it goes and where it stops nobody knows.😊

    1. Wow, Elena! Jeeze Luise….

      But let me ask…..

      Do you REALLY think that President Trump lost the election?

      1. Trinity

        It only matters as it fits into the story line of the script. That’s why I posted the video from a show which aired in the 60’s and get this, is still rerunning today. 🤔

        In the video there is a petulant child refusing to accept that he lost and the authority figure saying this is very disappointing. And this happens at the same time self appointed authority figures in the media are saying about the Pres, he’s behaving like a petulant child and this is very disheartening, that was the word they used.

        When this happens the way it did, that’s the script running and you’re meant to accept and interact with it. Agree with it or rail against it, but interact with it. You are not meant to identify the manipulation as it’s happening. And you try to dismiss it, and it’s effing nuts. But there it is. 😊

    2. Elena

      So It Goes.

      Another example of how these neural pathways seem to work. Firstly yesterday the Buffy Sainte Marie ‘ Take My Hand for A While’ showed up which I put in the comment with the gif of ‘Holding Hands’ in respect of Thanksgiving Day. Then I went out . I’m avoiding the media as best I can but walking past the newspaper stand I saw the In the Hands Of God headline. I had no idea Diego Maradona had died up to that point.

      And watched the BSM video which you posted and googled BSM and her pic with her hand in the air showed up. And this morning I was looking for a pic in connection with Dragon energy and again a pic with the hand in the air. None of it was consciously organised. A combination of neural pathways and the Fourth Wall.

      And yesterday’s Thanksgiving Day was Marie’s birthday. This gets confusing.

      1. Frank

        The hand of god showed up in the Pay it Forward clip of Jim Caviezel and the soon to be ‘fallen woman’.
        Again, not looking for it, but there it is. 🤔

  4. Elena, I love your comets. They’re saturated with information that is useful and comforting (everybody’s is, just sayin), the water signs, Jenny and Elena, they are unlike the others in the fact they are immediately comforting.
    I need comforting. I have a horrible eye infection. I’m drinking vodka and going to bed (after eye drop medicine).
    This is probably the 4th or 5th time this has happened. I’ve researched the spiritual reason…I’m not liking what I’m seeing.
    Duh. Does anybody?!
    Also says to “see everything”, not just what I like.
    I feel like my life has been mostly that. I’m just going to sleep til I feel better. Probably not. Probably will wake up in an hour 🙄😖

    1. Hi geneofisis!

      Wow, I hear you… I suffered through months of foot pain, on my right foot (the foot I hoped to crush the head of the serpent….)

      I have come to believe after decades of suffering that it is Satan’s demons keeping us “down.”

      We are on the verge of a BREAK through….

      So we are being BLOCKED…. STOPPED…. BLINDED….

      By whatever means necessary to STOP us.

      As I heard on the radio last night…..

      “Don’t give up.”

    2. Hi MJ. 🙂

      Hope you, M and the family had a nice Thanksgiving despite chronic eye infections and sleepless nights. As if the fall and a broken arm wasn’t enough! As if Lockdowns and masks aren’t enough! Ugh! To borrow the phrase…”Where’s the Beef?” This Ascension business is taking a toll on many of us in disconcerting and often physical ways. I can definitely relate having been stagnated in a fear of unknowns lately. At least…here… we congregate in hopes to assure one another that, through our suffering (individually and collectively), there is an essence of a metamorphic/metaphysical transformation taking shape…which also gives ME a great deal of comfort and strength!! So thank YOU, MJ – Elena – Frank – everyone!!!!! <3

    3. Hi, MJ ❤️

      I’ve been wondering why this ‘threat’ that’s happening is manifesting as a virus which makes us sick. Dis ease. Everything is so uncomfortable and sickening.
      I mentioned to someone here about Trump being the Old Testament god judge and punisher, and now Biden being the New Testament god, Christ the wounded healer. In the context of the story he bears watching. He understands our pain, of the sin, of the sacrifice we must make, guilt of separation we feel, remorse, regret, etc. But honestly, it’s so old and tired.

      I just think it’s something we have to recognize about ourselves and how we got ourselves to this place. Can’t blame it on the devil anymore.

      Rest, feel better, lots of ❤️ and 🍵 chicken soup.

    1. MJ

      Looking at the pic it looks very symmetrical. Right and Left and East and West. Two Winks and two doors and a wedding cake on top.

      And memory is in state of confusion.

      ‘Going back to a simpler place in time’.

        1. Wink Wink 🙂 Also with Georgia – Atlantis.

          I don’t know what is happening with you but Jenny and me seem to be written into the walls.

          Frank Whaley and Jennifer Connelly. Down the Aisle. And the Birds again with Flock of Seagulls.

          And why are we on the Silver Screen?

          Waiting for A Train.

  5. I could post a “self-empowering” vid, along the lines of “Be Strong,” Don’t Give Up!”

    But what I really want to do is send prayers and strength to someone who HAS stood up and in a BIG way….



    Don’t you?

    1. Melania,

      You are so pretty just the way you are, I love it when I see your hair relaxed and going the way it “naturally” does…. off your forehead.

      I just don’t get it, but Anna HATES so-called “big foreheads.”

      I’ve got one, COULD be the ONLY reason she HATES me so much!

      My mom always said, it means you’ve got big brains!

      You’re so pretty when you let your hair “go”….like in the rain….

      Just like when your husband let his hair “go” in the hospital!

      He looked so regal.

      JUST LET IT GO…..

      You are SO beautiful when you do.

      1. As an addendum,I had noticed early on that Anna loves bangs.

        There was a talented “beauty” editor there when I first started and she was unhappy, she complained about her treatment for us “underlings” to overhear, because she was at that time a “normal” person but frustrated in her career….. she was blonde, wit a pretty high forehead.

        The minute she got her hair cut with bangs (“Anna” style) her life at V-V-V-V-V-…. oh! …. guh….


        She immediately became THE favorite, and I wonder…. Through “selling her soul” to the Devil Who Wears Prada, was she was the promoted to Editor in Chief of the TEEN version….

        You know….


        But what I really wanted to ADD here is there is this natural hair guy intials “MM” who into “as-trology” and phases of the moon and how your hair-CUT affects, welp, YOU…

        And he had in interesting comment about “bangs.”

        He said something along the lines that they’re “not good” in so much as they COVER YOUR THIRD EYE.

        The “third eye” in the middle of your FOREHEAD.

        Mine was always uncovered….. no bangs for me….

        Is that why “Nuclear WINTER,” the “Devil” who sold women on those RED-soled stilletos from Prada…..

        Those “little red shoes”….



        1. Listen….

          “The Way” is our “never giving up” on our walk… toward “holiness.”

          We’re all, um…. nowhere near how Jesus WALKED.

          That’s OK, God KNOWS this, He loves us, and knows….

          We are all “broken.”


          We’re babies. As we learn to walk we FALL.

          He picks us up as our loving Father.

          He never lets us lie prostrate…..

          to pretend you’re not broken is what’s broken in you….

          And if you think your are not “broken” you will never ask your Father for help, which He will GLADLY give you.

          “Life is suffering.”

          I think the Buddha said that.

          It’s the suffering of a young child who is frustrated at his own lack of mastery of “god-hood.”

          Don’t go bitter, don’t give in to the hatred and resentment the serpent whispers in your ear….

          That Your Father is a Dictator.

          He doesn’t love you!!!

          He despises you!!!!

          It’s just not true…..

          The Way IS as Frank has always assured us…..

          one of LOVE, even if it doesn’t LOOK like it.

          1. Every single thing a broken person projects onto another is THEIRS:

            A big pile of “shit”? [really, just packed bags of clothes…]

            It’s YOURS

            You see a disgusting whore bending over?

            THAT’S YOU

            You see a drunk alcoholic?

            Again…. YOU

            Um, a CHEATER?


            Now that one’s funny….

            I’m breaking some sort of “algorithm” over there at the GAP…..

            In FISH KILL no less…..

            Here I am just trying to do “a good job”….. Hit the numbers I am required to hit to keep my job…..

            And I’m fucking everything up


        2. Fun note here: ahahaha….

          Um, when the movie “The Devil Who Wears Prada” came out, the BIG question was: Is Anna really as “bad” as portrayed by Meryl Streep?

          And um, a fashion designer by the name of “Christian LaCroix” [Christ .. The Cross] responded in an interview:

          “She’s a LOT WORSE THAN THAT.”

          And whaddya know?

          He went BANKRUPT in a matter of MONTHS.

          1. And this is just another “side note”:

            Satan has turned women into leeches.

            For the most part….

            But it’s true

  6. After reading some the snide stuff on here, let me just ask MV:

    Do you REALLY think President Donald Trump LOST the 2020 Election?

      1. So HOW do you figure out online who are the snakes/tares and who are the wheat, idk, the “good guys”?


        I’ll give you the biggest “tell” of all: If they include a “globe” in all their FAKE images…..

        Once you see, like on the vaunted Australian online Youtuber “CrowHouse,”: the Globe, you know, the “ball earth”

        Then you KNOW.

        HE’s NOT woke.

    1. Who cares who won or lost. It is a show. They’re all in on it, even precious Drumf. Don’t worry, he’ll be ensconced again if the story fits. They’re all fictions.

      1. Yes, Anonymous, it’s a SCRIPT!

        Who cares?

        Um….. I don’t want to live “here” anymore.

        This scene is OVER!!!

        I can’t imagine what it’s like not to Care…..

        Don’t you want to CHANGE the “script”???

        I DO!!!!

        MAKE IT LOUD……

        1. You DO understand my “subtlety,” I pray…..

          That means, I don’t believe in “guns,” or “war.”

          Never did, never will…..

          You don’t NEED “guns” when you are safe in the Father.

          Bottom line is

          You don’t need to “BATTLE.”



          This is MY lesson!

          Not yours……

          But as the Father would have it….

          It’s YOURS too.


          1. BUT!

            If you do not defend the children?

            No matter WHAT “race”……

            THEY”RE YOU”RE CHILDREN….. after all

            You’re DONE.

            God tells you that OVER AND OVER and Jesus warned you as well….

            Your time is up.

            No more, LoL “SRA.”

            WTF is “SRA”?

            Sacrificial Ritual Abuse


            Um yeah?


            GO TO HELL

            And you will.


            1. This is the END

              The PYRAMID FALLS….

              Freemasons the world over will finally “see”…..

              They’re not “free” at all.

              In fact, you are now on DEATH ROW.

              God says it in the BIble, those who DENY Jesus Christ as their savior….

              will be destroyed, along with their, lol, “father,” the Serpent, in the Lake of Fire.

              God has told us EVERYTHING beforehand, like a “Good Father.”

              Thank you , Yah WHO ah!!!

              God be PRAISED, with SHOUTS of JOY!

              The WHO

                1. It’s an endless loop for sure….but the good thing is?

                  It goes UP.

                  Every time I watch a “scene,” I learn a little bit more.

                  That’s the “learning curve”

                  Up ward

                  Every time I watch a “scene,”

                  I learn a little bit more….

                  how to be “good.”

  7. I BELIEVE….

    President Trump WON the 2020 Election

    and not only that….

    I BELIEVE…..

    President Trump won it by a LANDSLIDE.


    He and “we”…..

    will FIGHT to defend that VICTORY.

    In whatever way we CAN.

    This is mine:

    posting videos


      1. Why do I care?

        Am I some Goddess preaching the “good”?


        No I AM not.

        Why do I continue to invoke “Anna” and why do I fight these…. these these…THINGS.

        Because these THINGS are running my son’s “life.”….

        “Ruining” my son’s life……?

        I don’t know, not YET

        My son can “handle himself.”

        But the “Seed of the Serpent”?


              1. So this is me.

                I haven’t even thought about releasing the “Kraken”

                But I will if I need to….

                I can do it.

    1. It’s about God. Good title. Dios = God.

      If God is all there is, God must be One or 1. But if God is infinite then there can be no boundaries so God is Zero at the same time as being 1. Or something. It’s a paradox. How God can be bigger than God. The individual and the collective and fractals .

      Into the light. And the Arm of God. Diego Armando.

      And a Rose by any other name. Does your name and birth certificate restrict so you grow up saying ‘I am my name’ ?

  8. Why are people so uncomfortable that there might be more than one “God,” more than one “Source”? Is that because of a lifetime of monotheistic programming?

    What about other planets with different “maths” and “languages” and “Gods”?

    If you keep using the slit experiment as proof of something or other, doesnt this mean that like different states and conditions, there can be parallel “Gods” and “Sources? If we were all comfortable accepting other Goda, maybe we wouldn’t have devolved into a state of battling over political idols or killing each other because “my God is bigger than your God.” Even the bible’s opening words say the GodS say let US make man in OUR image and then it seems it’s just a bloody race for “quantum supremacy” between them after that.

    1. What really tickles me is the people whining about one-word religion under a “new world order.” Well, whaddya expect? One world religion is THE logical conclusion of monotheism. Every single monotheistic believer wants the WHOLE world to worship his/her God. All Jews, Muslims, Christians want THEIR God to win. Fucking selfish. It’s a mental virus.

      1. Anonymous….

        “Fucking selfish” to believe in One God?

        “It’s a mental virus”?

        Projection much?

        Hypocrisy much?

        DO you have a life?

        If you don’t [like me] why don’t you [like me], plan on getting OFF the “Inter NET” and start planning a LIFE.

        “OFF THE GRID”

        Let’s DO THIS


    2. The pantheon. That’s an interesting idea about parallel gods and goddesses. Quantum Gods. I work on the principle that God is a whole and All There Is but how the whole is One I’m interested to find out.

      Why I keep repeating the parallel universe theme is that I’m truly seeing it a lot at present in a variety of ways. The sands keep shifting from one day to the next.


  9. Sidney Powell is a cgi character. her eyebrows never move and she’s obsessed with weeny’s laptop. In fact in her fool name, you can find the words “eyeliner”, “weiner” and “klinton.” Too friggen funny. So banal.

    1. Thinking along the same lines.
      She’s nurse Ratched from Cuckoo’s Nest.
      Mrs Danvers from Rebecca.
      And Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein. Way funny. 😂

    1. This screen grab is …..ah, stupid…. and kinda sick.

      LOVE for animals in Satan’s kingdom = bestiality in God’s.

      Jus sayin

    1. T Symmetry.

      T-symmetry or time reversal symmetry is the theoretical symmetry of physical laws under the transformation of time reversal,

      ‘Since the second law of thermodynamics states that entropy increases as time flows toward the future, in general, the macroscopic universe does not show symmetry under time reversal. In other words, time is said to be non-symmetric, or asymmetric, except for special equilibrium states when the second law of thermodynamics predicts the time symmetry to hold. However, quantum noninvasive measurements are predicted to violate time symmetry even in equilibrium, contrary to their classical counterparts, although this has not yet been experimentally confirmed.’

      The Arrow of Time.

      Why Quantum Information is never destroyed.

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