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      1. From the opening credits, Frank, The Virginian was riding a pale horse 😉


        I don’t really remember that show too much. Mostly Doug McLure. The two TV Westerns I really loved as a kid were…

        *’Chaparral’…/lights up and smokes… What a great sounding word, Clicky. I wonder what it means…*



        *Oaky, butt that does look like a hare coming through, Clicky…*

        ‘High Chaparrel’ was on the BBC2, I think, but I’m not sure. However, I was allowed to stay up to watch the other show on Monday evenings…

        *Pete Duel’s death was so sad,,, /flicks ash… I cried my little eyes out when mum told me he’d died…*



        *Oakwood Cemetery… /rolls eyes and continues smoking… Sign felt in the Pen Feld, gotit…*

        I loved ‘Alias Smith and Jones’…

        *Wait, wait wait… /stubs butt… the Judoon?!*


        *Me and the Okie Devil are half way through remote viewing Wes Cecil’s ‘History of Philosophy in 16 Questions’ on Yewtube, Clicky. It’s completely fascinating, Apparently, the Chinese regard their past in the same way as we regard our science fiction. Their philosophy had it’s beginnings in the Jo Dynasty…*


        Yeah, maybe we should do a follow up post, Click…*


        1. Roob

          The Pale Horse has popped up. Everything is connected.

          Fell In My Hole.

          I was born in 1960 so do have memory of The Virginian. Used to watch it in B&W and can remember the excitement when we got a colour TV.

          And both High Chapparal and Alias Smith and Jones were great as well. Doug McClure appeared in a few things.

          I remember Manolito from High Chapparal.

            1. I’m pretty sure there was an Oak pub across the road from the visit to the Ilford Doctors back in 2015.

        2. What a great song that is … a life without boos … is a sobering experience … it’s so boring! not to be too heretical but the tale of ale seems to be in it’s own way, a virtual resurrection tale

          which (without wishing to offend anyone) seems strangely appropriate in an odd way I suppose

            1. great song Frank. it’s a shame man that however intoxicating life can be as you drink deep of life it eventually damages the liver. the good news is that with care the liver can repair itself 🙂 even if a few scars remain.

              beer seer?

        3. Tim Brooke-Taylor has died…

          He features prominently in the Marty Feldman Six Degrees of Separation documentary I watched yesterday, see above…

    1. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0d/01/4b/0d014b1ee5ce9135e842b5f963741421.gif
      Some frack tools are more/less appealing than others.

      Boryana Glacier – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boryana_Glacier
      Glaciology – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glaciology
      Enfilade And Defilade – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enfilade_and_defilade
      Seismic Refraction – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seismic_refraction
      Reflection Seismology – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reflection_seismology
      Ground-Penetrating Radar – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground-penetrating_radar

      Maybe sometimes “all” is not “all” its cracked up to be.

      Fucktons of of shitloads of fracktons?
      /me shrugs

      ^Boryana – Virus (Original Mix)^

      And speaking of brain-fracking, this may seem unrelated, but someone on Twitter recently made the assertion that tracking “the wind speed” of distant celestial objects and/or distant celestial regions was impossible.


      It got me to thinking about not only speed’s relationship to position and distance, but also got me to thinking about color(s) with respect to speed. Especially as all this relates to those objects which may have a “zero speed” relative to certain points, as well as those objects which may have “a zero speed” relative to all points. Maybe even objects which are moving so fast, that they appear to be not moving at all.

      Food for thought for anyone who might have the munchies. 🙂

      ^The Prodigy – Take Me To The Hospital (Official Video)^

      1. Cade

        This pic showed up for me today. I took it exactly a year ago today according to Google photos.

        I’ve associated it with a Neural / Unreal pathway. This is probably more your area of expertise than mine but as I understand it all our experiences in the physical body are experienced in the brain. And consciousness scientists can’t say for sure that an external reality exists. It is assumed it does.


        1. https://media.giphy.com/media/RqpkBzEyc2mnC/giphy.gif
          Frank, it occurs to me that, to begin, there are at least two base parts to the equation.

          1. To perceive.
          2. To be perceived.

          I/O…if you will.

          Some things have a desire to perceive, and some things have a desire to be perceived. To muddy the waters further, some things may have a desire to both perceive and be perceived, and there’s some other potential combinations there as well. God, for example, seems to have a desire to perceive whilst simultaneously having a desire to not be perceived. I’m thinking of all kinds of filtering that could maybe be devised to alter perception(s). But at what cost(s) and to what end(s)? No idea.

          One of the videos me and Roob watched yesterday spoke of the impossibility of stepping in the same river twice. The logic being that the river is always changing, and any desire to return to the original is impossible because it no longer exists in the same state as it did when the first step was taken. Tis an interesting thought. Roob has mentioned a similar concept with regards to changing the pieces and parts of a broom over time, does the broom remain the same broom even tho every trace of the original broom is long since gone, and the only thing that remains somewhat consistent is the broom’s owner and their own perceptions about the broom.

          ^Why Do Relationships Fall Apart During A Spiritual Awakening?^

  1. Frank, I had this experience where the birth was through the crown (corona) and it went sideways. And then the corona (crown) on your head. No more painful (childbirth). It was all in our head 😉
    Anyway, the ‘header’ on Merovee…always about what is happening right now.
    I think I have never cried as much as I have the past few weeks.

    1. MJ

      I mentioned this to Elena. Since the operation my crown chakra has been going ballistic. It started about Christmas time but that gave it a push.

      My theory is that 3D ended with MH 370 on a Friday night if my memory is correct and we’ve been in a sort of spiral Bardo since then which we are coming to the end of. Realising its over !

      I suspect Me is part of the Fractal though. Wherever you go there you are.


      1. This is the Flippity Flop in my view. God only knows how it will play out.

        And this seems to be the core. It’s a good idea I think.

  2. Resist the mask.
    They will shame you, blame you, guilt you to compel you to hide behind the ‘persona’.
    But resistance is not futile. You must not comply. You must not hide. You must do the one simple thing, show your face. 🙂

    Marcel Marceau was a French actor and mime artist most famous for his stage ‘persona’ as Bip the Clown. He referred to mime as the “art of silence”…

    1. Elena,

      Resist the mask. I keep resisting the need for it. Doesn’t seem real. An energetic or imagined phenomenon? Idk. Seems to meet where Mind and Reality collide. I’m looking forward to the unveiling, which appears to be closer than it’s ever appeared before.

    1. Bat Woman and the Whistle-blower.

      Shi Zengli.



      The Revelation Speech : Cloud Atlas.

      ‘To be is to be perceived, and so to know thyself is only possible through the eyes of the other. The nature of our immortal lives is in the consequences of our words and deeds, that go on and are pushing themselves throughout all time.

      Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.’

      ‘That poison has rotted your brain’.


  3. it occurs to me that “seeing & saying” sit together very nicely… you have to see it .. to witness it .. or something?

    just sayin’ !



    myself i constantly flip’ n flop’ over whether i should pitch in or keep my own council. but i do love reading all the posts here when i can & at the risk of being misunderstood Frank i love that Jackie Wilson song but I think maybe only after all our undertakings are completed? i dunno .. just musing … anyway as far as is possible in these strange times i hope y’all have a nice Easter

      1. Elena – a conversation on stuck home syndrome 🙂

        Stockholm syndrome is a condition in which hostages develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity. Emotional bonds may be formed, between captor and captives, during intimate time together, but these are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims.

        muse? … what a racket!

        if i remember rightly in the middle-ages there was a long & noble tradition of hostages fighting along side their captors … i mean if your gaoler has been good enough to look after you .. well .. why wouldn’t you? be churlish not to

        the banned playing in X’ 2 – forever …

        1. Dunning

          Great conversation in the video. Not finished watching yet.

          What the lady said about the vulnerability of those with the heart condition. And cardiac arrest which is ‘lockdown the heart’.
          One of the problems we have is the disconnect between the mind (brain) and the heart. The logical and the impulse.

          Even the most hardened person when they see someone in distress, the natural impulse is to help. And now in the next instant a voice in the head says, ‘wait, the virus, keep your distance’. It’s like the disconnect is being deliberately amplified.

          And the folks trying to write the new playbook, are in the health field, where the logical mind (science) and the impulse to help routinely meet. At the same time fighting their own fear, that they will be overwhelmed by it all.

          When I first saw the spike in the graph they were showing, I thought it looked like what you usually see in cardiac arrest, ‘lockdown the heart’. And the message was ‘flatten the curve’. It’s at 25 seconds into the video.
          There is so much more going on here than we understand, and I’m more impressed every day with how perfect it is.

    1. Jen

      Thank you. Good video.

      Interesting about silence. Sometimes I’ve noticed when I have been contemplating ‘reality’ a noise will emerge from somewhere.

      I’ve wondered if it’s the mind trying to distract me.

      And periods of solitude can also be helpful as well I think.

        1. Roob

          The Sisters keep showing up.

          Who Are the Lost Girls ?

          About smoking. IDK. Having been both a smoker and non smoker there are health benefits to each. Definitely gets the brain moving.

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