The Greatest Mystery Of You

Firstly, it’s TTN’s birthday on Monday.

Happy Birthday.



And ‘The True Nature Of Consciousness’. These type of mindlines or messages have a habit of bringing me up short when I come across them.

‘We’re Finally Cracking The Greatest Mystery Of You’.

You Who ?




And the Secret Sea.

A Bunker hides darkest secrets.



A Bunker.



A Bunker.



Area 51.

Jesus was an Alien.







Who Are You ?


50 thoughts on “The Greatest Mystery Of You

  1. My question to Cortana: what do you think about?

    What made Life on Mars possible for Walt Disney?

    No ‘staple diet’, no Walt. No Walt, no Disneyland. No Disneyland, no ‘Frankie Goes’. No ‘Frankie Goes’, no nothing. Sow remind me: what was it you said you regret?

    Here’s a starter ‘for ten’…

  2. Can’t help but notice that it went very Jenny this weekend.

    First Jennifer Lopez and her green dress.

    And British PM Boris Johnson may have had a close relationship with US model and Tech entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri.

    And lastly Trump was very impressed with wife of Oz PM Jenny Morrison.

      1. That girl is soo weird!
        Seems like a plant.
        A plant in the garden of swEDEN.

        “3. A person or thing put into place in order to mislead or function secretly, especially:
        a. A person placed in a group of spectators to influence behavior.
        b. A person stationed in a given location as a spy or observer.
        c. A misleading piece of evidence placed so as to be discovered.
        d. A remark or action in a play or narrative that becomes important later.“

        Planet is e plant.

        1. Greta (‘Margaret/Pearl’) and her braids creeps me out like the AI Sophia robot that has been feted and fawned over by the UN, governments and media in exact the same way…


          The agent can also be referred to as a ‘deep cover’ agent….In a sense, the best sleeper agents are those who do not need to be paid by the sponsor, as they are able to earn enough money to finance themselves. That avoids any possibly traceable payments from abroad. In such cases, it is possible that the sleeper agent might be successful enough to become what is sometimes termed an “agent of influence”.

          This tangent fascinates. Suppression of language. A Rolodex of vocabulary from another country that is never ever used. UNspoken words. Empty signs/symbols.

          Empty words. Deaf sound.

      2. Isn’t it weird that she has men in uni-form flanking her on her way to make a speech about “empty words”? She’s an asset of someone. Whenever the UN is involved you know you’re entering into the realm of double-speak, double negatives and all around cluster word and mind fucks. Into the twilight zone.


  3. LOST

    “Greta was a member of the Others, secretly assigned by Ben to the Looking Glass station to make sure that any transmissions leaving the Island were jammed. The rest of the Others were told that she and Bonnie were on an assignment in Canada.”

      1. Anon

        It doesn’t quite ring true does it. Spooky teenage alien / time travelling / secret agent ( take your pick ) gives speech in United Nations about stealing her dreams.

        And Elena has referred to Childhood’s End and she claims her childhood has been stolen.

        About LOST and the Others – Them. For TTN’s birthday I included a Van Morrison song in the article. Van Morrison’s original band was called Them.

          1. h-Umberto Ec-h-o


            “Foucault’s Pendulum is divided into ten segments represented by the ten Sefiroth. The satirical novel is full of esoteric references to Kabbalah, alchemy, and conspiracy theory—so many that critic and novelist Anthony Burgess suggested that it needed an index….


            Three vanity press employees (Jacopo Belbo, Diotallevi, and Casaubon) invent their own conspiracy for fun after reading too many manuscripts about occult conspiracy theories. They call this satirical intellectual game “The Plan”. The three become increasingly obsessed with The Plan and sometimes forget that it is just a game. Worse still, other conspiracy theorists learn about The Plan and take it seriously. Belbo finds himself the target of a real secret society which believes that he possesses the key to the lost treasure of the Knights Templar.“


        1. Frank, I’ve been thinking of eco-Greta and her links to The “One” and The Al Gore (rhy) THEM. She’s a net phenomenon and Drama (dharma) notwithstanding she comes off as wooden. All bark and all bytes.

          But no teeth.

          Al Gore
          “AL” in print reads like AI – artificial intelligence. Fake.
          Gore is close to “Core”

          Al Core rhy Them (ACT)
          Save mankind

          Al Gore was a rep from X Nessie (tennessee).

          Way back in the machine I wrote that I believed “climate change” was code for the rising melanin. eco-Greta’s Mom is nicknamed Melana which is short for “Magdalena.” She’s famous in the world of (psy)OpEra. Her initials are ME. She has ancestors who made their fortune polluting in the text-style industry and another daughter besides Greta who appears to still be in Beata testing.

          “Greta was diagnosed as a child with obsessive-compulsive disorder and Asperger’s syndrome, just like her younger sister Beata. The activist also has a photographic memory. She knows all the capitals by heart and can list all the chemical elements of the periodic table within one minute. In addition, she has another gift according to her mother.

          “Greta is able to see what other people cannot see,” writes Malena Ernman in the book.

          1. “She can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye. She sees how it flows out of chimneys and changes the atmosphere in a landfill.”

            Yeah right.

            Melana, no surprise, is a legend in Euro-vision. Wink wink. Euro vision. Let that sync in.

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