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      1. Elena

        Cornaro is in the name. Core, Corn, Cor keeps showing.

        Spaceport Cornwall, The Cosmic Girl, Virgin Orbit and New Key.

        BBC News – Investment offer to take Cornwall and Virgin into orbit



        ‘The investment offer is dependent on Spaceport Cornwall and Virgin Orbit putting together the business case.

        If everything comes together, however, it could see the jet, called Cosmic Girl, operating out of Newquay in the early 2020s.’

        1. Frank

          This morning on the Google feed.
          A swarm of ladybugs so big it showed up on the radar as a weather system. 😊

        2. The limbic system was originally defined by Paul D. MacLean as a series of COR-ical structures surrounding the limit between the cerebral hemispheres and the brainstem: the border, or limbus, of the brain. These structures were known together as the limbic lobe. Further studies began to associate these areas with emotional and motivational processes and linked them to subcortical components that were grouped into the limbic system.



            1. MJ

              The lotus opening. 🌸

              I’ve had the opening sensation ever since the blue moon of last month.

    1. Such an incredible sight! I see the occasional rainbow clouds and spectrum effect in some contrails but never quite so bold! Thank you for flying Rainbow Skies.

      And jellyfish sprites with green afterglow. Perhaps a new phenomenon or lens effect?

        1. Elena

          Not quite the same but a good metaphor I think.


          Bardo of De Matter in Buddhism.

          ‘In the bardo of dharmata,you take on a body of light.The first phase of this bardo is when “space dissolves into luminosity”:

          Suddenly we become aware of a flowing vibrant world of sound,light,and colour.All the ordinary features of our familiar environment have melted into an all-pervasive landscape of light.This is brilliantly clear and radiant,transparent and multicoloured,unlimited by any kind of dimension or direction,shimmering and constantly in motion.Its colours are the natural expression of the intrinsic elemental qualities of the mind: space is perceived as blue light,water as white,earth as yellow,fire as red,and wind as green.’

      1. Dot matrix 😁

        And the windmills of my mind. Have you ever seen a windmill farm? These are in Illinois and Indiana. They’re probably in Texas too.

          1. It’s a problem… nobody likes to “see”.
            The mind is AIR. What is happening in there? I often wonder if anybody feels/thinks like I do. I mean, I’m an airhead. I’m not a fucking robot. You know what I mean? I’m not compartmentalized. And that is hard when you are in a compartmentalized world.
            I’m trying to be like water πŸ™‚

            1. Well I guess that makes two of us. My school report cards always came home saying ‘her mind drifts too much and Jenifer daydreams when she should be focused on classroom activities’. It was very difficult to compartmentalize, as you said. And zero apologies in retrospect. I was busy building my own little world because I loved being outside in nature and letting my imagination run wild. Spent summers on a thousand acre ranch, hunting for Indian arrowheads, played cowpatty golf and came back with ticks every evening. Who wouldn’t want that! When we lose our imagination we become robots like the Jeff Bezos’ of the whirld. Imo, they’re here to destroy the Dream.

    1. MJ

      Wow to the Sun. That’s awesome. I believe the wow factor to be manifestation of internal consciousness. A reflection of what’s going inside.

      And the last pic is freaky ! When I look out of my kitchen window it looks onto a wall. Not sure if I’m looking straight ahead, up or down.

      I read somewhere recently that in reality there is no up or down. It’s a figment thingie.

    1. Watch the skies

      The People’s Liberation Army announced the test in a surprisingly light-hearted post on the social network Weibo. It shared a picture of a missile launcher followed by well as a shot of a bright object in the twilight sky over the Bohai Sea. Although the PLA did not identify the object, viewers speculated that it was a missile launched from a submarine.

      and the XFiles Are You a BelieVer

      Both posts featured the caption: β€˜Do you believe in this world there are UFOs.’



          1. We are Frank … πŸ™‚ from Stamford Bridge to Wembley Way Keep the Blue Flag flying high Power to the People
            by John Sull ivan.

            the tomorrow people who live in the past

            1. TTN

              About the time loop. One of the ideas I play around with is with the Arrow of Time and what is manifesting now is the magnetic pull of the Future rather than the past.

              But then it’s always Now πŸ€”

              Back in the 80s I used to drive through Tooting a lot. Also wanted to pull down the window and shout Power To The People. Never did though.

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