Star Man

There’s a starman waiting in the sky
He’d like to come and meet us
But he thinks he’d blow our minds


From my travels yesterday.

REM Star 181. All work and no play.

Shine On.



REM. And in the mirror MER.

‘It’s the End of the World as we know it’.





REM Sleep and Dreams.



Earlier today the first image from the Event Horizon Telescope of the ring of a Black Hole was revealed. People will have their own perspective and interpretation. Mine is ‘Why So Serious’.

And Every Picture Tells A Story. In my stream the pic showed what looks like a little blue box – a rostrum I think – and the Black Hole was described by the Scientist as a Ring of Fire.

Here is a screenshot.



An official photo.



From the Harvard Universe.



In Wonderland.

When you stare into the Abyss, the Abyss grins back at you.



And more giant alien Jellyfish. From a few days ago in Norway.

The official story is that it was the result of NASA launching two rockets in a mission titled Azure.



Hold Hands 👫



And a pic by Frank Olsen in Norway titled ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’.




From Ripley’s Space X re-entry not long ago.




Old Knight in The OA.



And Arrival movie with Amy Adams.

Full Circle.

‘If you could see your whole life from start to finish, would you change things ?’





And O Superman and Amy Adams. AA = 1:1.





It’s Out of This World.




But I Feel Fine.


139 thoughts on “Star Man

      1. You have two choices, one leads to happiness the other to the madness. My advice is don’t step aside. – Cheshire Cat 😸

        1. Elena

          I wondered what would happen with the abyss.

          I remember once writing at the bottom of the pile you will come across a face smiling back at you.

          All are welcome.

            1. The Harvard video is hilarious. Everything about it. And then they produce these images 🤦🏻‍♀️
              Just pretending they actually got an image of something…what did we gain from it except a few laughs? I’m just curious, why any funding for fake NASA while we don’t have free energy here?

    1. Those must have been spectacular to experience in person.

      I can’t remember who wrote it, probably Anonymous, but one of the most gorgeous poems I read in highschool went like this:

      I stand beside you, now

      The consensus clique said it wasn’t a poem because it was to short or too direct or didn’t have a period and all sorts of other things but the “minority” saw it for what it is.

      Btw, I’ve fucking always hated the term ”minority”. What kind of consciousness makes up that kinda shit?

  1. Our own Star Man, PM Scott Morrison, called the Federal Election today, April 11th giving the country a 37 day election campaign to endure until Saturday, May 18th.
    May 18th = 6+6+6.
    Day# 138 or 69+69 where the number 69 is on the top brick in the Freemasonry Arch.
    Also 138+831 = 969
    Saturn spins at 9.69 km/sec. (Saturn/Satan).
    A 37 day campaign where the number 37 is very very special. If you don’t know about that then please do some research.
    Morrison became PM on 24/8/2018 after Malcolm Turnbull was ousted by the Liberal Party.
    From 24/8/2018 to 18/5/2019 = 8 mths and 8+8+8 days.
    Or 267 days = 80×80+8 days.

    Australia passed the Same Sex Marriage Bill on 7/12/2017 exactly 70 weeks before calling the Federal General Election on 11/4/2019.

    1. Tell us what the “good” numbers are. I think 8, 6, 4 are SUN numbers.
      but 6 + 4 is 10
      ten is tin is jupiter, or 24 (like the symbol)

    2. 69 or ♋️ is a moon number because the “moon landing” in ’69.

      Saturn and moon are symbols of time. The moon is biological life and earth cycles. Saturn sets boundaries in physical reality but really has no power over love. It just does what it is told by way of frequency. Saturn isn’t the boss of anybody, just follows orders.

    3. Our Star Man PM Scott Morrison was 50 on 13/5/2018, his last birthday.
      From 13/5/2018 to calling the Australian Federal Election on 11/4/2019 = 333 days!!!
      333 = 37x(3+3+3)

      Assange was arrested 282 days after his last birthday.
      282 = 47x(3+3)

      Both are symmetrical numbers

      Both these events happened 9+9+9 days after the Christchurch mosque shootings on 15/3/2019.
      Or, (3+3+3)+(3+3+3)+(3+3+3) days.

      1. 11/4/2019 is 333 days after Scott Morrison’s last (50th) birthday on 13/5/2018.
        11/4/2019 is 666 days after Donald Trump’s 71st birthday on 14/6/2017.
        What a strange coincidence – NOT!!!

  2. Correction to typo above –
    267 days = 80×80+8 hours of course and not days. (6408 hours)
    6+4+8 = 6+6+6.
    6x4x8 = 192 = 8x(8+8+8)

    1. Rain

      I don’t know if you have seen the movie but it is one of the themes in Arrival.

      By learning the Heptapod language the Amy Adams character joined with its mind or opened the part of her mind which was outside linear time.

      1. And new addition to human family.

        New human species found in Phillipines.

        Homo Luzonensis.

        BBC News – New human species found in Philippines

        And Flores.

        ‘The find shows that human evolution in the region may have been a highly complicated affair, with three or more human species in the region at around the time our ancestors arrive.

        One of these species was the diminutive “Hobbit” – Homo floresiensis – which survived on the Indonesian island of Flores until 50,000 years ago.

        Prof Chris Stringer, from London’s Natural History Museum, commented: “After the remarkable finds of the diminutive Homo floresiensis were published in 2004, I said that the experiment in human evolution conducted on Flores could have been repeated on many of the other islands in the region.

        “That speculation has seemingly been confirmed on the island of Luzon… nearly 3,000km away.”

  3. “In the picture we are “looking at a region we’ve never looked at before, a region we cannot imagine being there,” said Heino Falcke, Professor of Astroparticle Physics and Radio Astronomy at the Radboud University Nijmegen and chair of the EHT Science Council. “It feels like looking at the gates of hell, the end of space and time, the point of no-return.”


    “The discovery opens up more questions for scientists to explore, including “some deep fundamental physics questions that still need to be solved,” said Falcke. The two big theories that describe the universe — quantum physics and general relativity — break down at the edge of back holes, he said, and now “it becomes a real problem.””

    Isn’t the problem that it can just be there and exist? I’m thinking that the problem is that somebody says “deep fundamental physics…blah blah blah…!” How bout lookin at the ‘big picture’?! Maybe put the calculator down. Stop thinking. Start doin’…

    polarization is for pleasure, not re-producing. Production is always monitored and taken over by “authority”, to be controlled for a profit.

    “And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the LORD had respect unto Abel and to his offering:
    But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.” -Genesis 4:4-5

    “firstlings of flock” (life at death, coexisting, energy exchange understood, perfect harmony). God “likes” 👍🏼

    Cain’s offering is agriculture, which is TIME. No wonder God doesn’t “like” it. (God throws shade at Cain in a tweet…”a waste of time…LITERALLY 🙄 wtf with this “generation”…again, LITERALLY, this kid, planting fractals of the seed of a seed of a seed of a seed, season after season,…. Will it ever end? #parentproblems)

    I think I have read somewhere, that you can look at your own face in a black hole. What a funny thought. Who could possibly know that? Everything is a metaphor. At least the reflection would be one thing of everything.


    and the “trigger”

    1. Why does he describe looking into a black whole as “looking into the gates of hell”?

      Fear of alien-nation.

  4. 137-37 = 100

    “The number 137, according to Lederman, “shows up naked all over the place,” meaning that scientists on any planet in the universe using whatever units they have for charge or speed, and whatever their version of Planck’s constant may be, will all come up with 137, because it is a pure number.”

    1. These hypotheticals remind me of how the “principles” of economics are structured—- everything set up and purified in the mathematical equations to ensure self fulfilling prophecies. Math of this world does that too. Ass-sumes and forces all sorts of constraints and eventually gets the answers it wants unsurprisingly. What if we had an alphabet with 32 letters or a 13-base numerical system rather than what we are taught now? Not every language has 26 letters and not every number system is base 10. Why do we never consult Spanish or Arabic or more rarer types of gematria when looking for signs of “God”? What god only counts in tens and speaks English, Greek, Latin and Hebrew?

      This is not directed toward you, MJ. Only late night thoughts.

        1. Frank

          I often ask myself ‘what would it take?’.

          People are so locked in to their ritual life. The walking dead. It would have to be something outside of what we now consider real.

          And I wonder how people would respond to such a thing. Fight or flight?

              1. Frank

                I think that’s directed at me.

                When you suffer great loss in your life you search for a way to compensate. Because nature abhors a vacuum. It can be drugs, booze, sex, rock n roll, etc.

                I have a tendency to throw food on it. 😊

                Now, she doesn’t know any of this. Or does she? How could she, I didn’t tell her. She was trying to make a point about real world behavior and ended up making a connection which transcends reality. But I’ll never be able to convince her of that. 😞

                Or maybe it was just a lucky guess. 😊

                1. Elena, no I didn’t know though I could guess it hits home for a few people here and afar. It’s not only directed at you. It’s directed at US. Everyone says I hang onto old shit that’s of this world and shit that is unreal and my point is as long as you’re still eating, so do you. We eat because we believe our bodies and this world to be real, not because we believe them to be unreal. That denial is indulgence. Also, Elena, not sure what you keep feeling the need to convince me of. That’s not your job and you have no idea…..

                  1. If you were to develop some sort of calculus equation you could say that food and eating may be the lowest most limit that describes our true beliefs about the “unreal” body and nature of reality

                2. Also, Elena, when I speak here even if I respond to a particular person and post and I am also broadcasting to the ether, to the collective that is beyond MV

          1. Elena

            I’m a bit fed up with 911s and earthquakes and storms etc.

            I’ve wanted to wake up and and see 100 planets in the sky. Something along those lines.

            1. Frank

              One of things I like so much about the film Contact is the ambiguity of the aliens. Carl Sagan who wrote the original story wondered about how we would recognize alien life if it appeared. So in the story they appear as Ellie’s father. To be recognized and to reassure her they were no threat.

              Even the concept of alien visitation is common place and portrayed to fit into our perception of reality. Greys and monsters and little green men.

              My perception is the alien is outside of our reality, trying to break through. We will need to do some adjusting to see it. I think that’s where the Arrival was coming from.

              Anyways, I’ll go take my meds now, and throw some food on it.😊

              1. Elena, the favorite televised show of Lucy Flores, the lady from Nevada who didn’t want Uncle Joe smelling her and invading her space, is “Grey’s Anatomy”. And her political predecessor was “Mo Denis”. Her story just makes me fucking chuckle.

                My perception is that the “alien” is roundly INSIDE our reality and has always been HERE. Me in all. Melanin. Alien is simply code for melanin and a lien on “God”. I think the “aliens” are of the Earth not of the skies. I think they matter and are ‘of mother.’
                Fleshy, mother, body, “messy” feminine stuff.
                The fear of a fleshy female dArk ma’atered earthy grounded divinity.

              2. Elena, I wasn’t particularly targeting your person. Clearly food is a strange thing for the collective consciousness of the west and western influenced spaces. I think it signifies things beyond food. Congnitive dissonance, struggles with reality and morality, feelings of emptiness, denial and what not.

                When I was a teen I stopped eating out of guilt and after a great loss and a great shaming by the cath-Aholicks, so I am clearly not teasing you about any food issues. And Frank, yeah, this month I decided to try key-to and after 35years of abstaining am now eating COW flesh.

                Chom chom chom.

                By the way, ain’t it a trip that Trump’s Sex of the Treasure is named “Mnuchin”? 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😭

                1. Anon ❤

                  I never thought you were targeting me and never took it as a personal insult.

                  While you were speaking in general on a conscious level, you managed to make a deeply personal connection with me about something of which you had no conscious knowledge. And without trying. Maybe that’s the key. Maybe we try to hard.

                  I find that interesting if not amazing. And it tells me there is a lot more going on than we understand.

                  Truth is in candor and I always appreciate yours. 😊

                  1. Thank you, Elena. I can guess most contemporary people, and women especially, have at some point an issue with food. All the saints visited the subject at some point I’d guess -fasting in the wilderness, food sacrifices followed by wild feasting: it’s stamped all over the religious narratives. Women and their flesh (matter/mother) have been rejected for centuries and it’s no wonder when/if they develop tortured relationships with food. Hearth- the fire on which food is prepared to be shared. Mothers’ most intimate connection with children starts with breast feeding- growing and sustaining bodies through their own bodies. I think men are to some extent repulsed and terrified of this scene.

                1. Frank

                  I think I mentioned before, about one of my doctors. His first name is Sundeep.

                  And the opening sequence of Contact where you’re traveling thru space then you hear radio transmissions and the camera pulls back exiting from her mind thru her eye and you’re in her living room.

                  Is the sun out there or are we projecting it out there from deep within? And reflecting back to us.

                  I gotta stop now. 😊

                  1. Oh! Just posted an image below before reading this post and while thinking of you, Elena. I think of you like that woman.

                    1. MJ ❤

                      My mother gave me that name. 🙂

                      And sometimes it’s like this. 😵

                2. Monroe describes this as aquamarine energy inside us.
                  This picture is from our old Video “Our Planetary Game” (in English and in Russian), which you can find a way down this Page.
                  The Null Point or the Border (the Wall) between two Fields, influencing each other, is nothing but a Layer of Neutral Aquamarine Energy, a Wall between vibrationally low Sizzling and vibrationally high Wavy Energies! Since 23 March 1994 this Border has been breaking down, Aquamarine Energy has been penetrating and mixing Low Levels of Color Vibrations of Earth-Sun and Low Color Vibrations (or Parallel Universes) of our Old Universe for more than 20 years! This Process is important for generating more of White Sun Energy of Balance!

                  Video – Description. The video is in english and in russian

                  1. Opening Title is symbolic, it shows the resemblance and the connection between our Old Universe, Sun-Earth, Higher Self and a Human. All Colored and White Levels of our Old Universe are represented as big External Rings around Universal Central Sun. Another name for Colored Rings is Parallel Universes. Our Sun, surrounded by physical Shell (Crust) with more such Shells with smaller Suns inserted inside of it, is called Earth. Suns of internal Spheres are parts of our visible Sun (smaller Suns inside each Sphere). These Shells are placed in different Color Vibrations and resemble layers of an onion or russian matreschki, inserted into each other. Our Universe, our Sun-Earth, our Higher Self and a Human are built up exactly the same way! Opening Title shows Internal Colored Rings of Earth with a Human in the centre, surrounded by Colored Rings of different Vibrations of our Old Universe. There is another name for these Colored Rings of the Universe – Parallel Universes. Human Chakras are connected to all Colored Rings of Earth respectively.
                  2. We posted four Diagrams and an Opening Title from this video on 5 Pages (english and russian) in advance, for preliminary introduction (though we had to correct them a few times).
                  It is advisable to read them beforehand, because they (each) only last for 12 seconds in this video.
                  3. Next. You will see the last Diagram in action: the movements of Players of Earth Planetary Game and Aliens, struggles between Aliens, fights between Humans and Aliens with and without UFO’s, explosions of their Planets and their UFO’s; Flights and Explorations of our Universe (Colored Rings and White Levels of it).
                  I must add, that representation of our Solar System, which we’ve been taught, is totally wrong! Some people wrote, that we always lived inside Earth, and they were right ! I repeat, there are a few Earths of lower Vibrations (or Shells) one inside the other. Inside Earth there is a Planet Pluto of low Red Vibration with internal Sun and it is not just one such Planet inside Earth right now (together 5 to 8)! All these Planets are necessary for Arrival and Acclimatization to our Wavy Energy of New Civilizations of different low Vibrations.
                  4. Watch how Aliens from different Color Vibrations abandoning their blowing up Planets in colored Layers and moving through Portals into Earths-Suns and other Planets-Suns with Planetary Games on them! Aliens become Players (2 such Planets with similar processes are shown in this video). Pay attention on the movements inside Universal Central Sun – it is exactly how I saw our Sun emitting Waves of Balanced Energy ! You know who, artificially divided our Sun into: “Mother” Earth and “Father” Sun.

                  5. In this video you’ll see a Chain of Parts of Our Earth-Sun in every Colored Vibration, from the low Level to the higher one, later our released Sun merges with Universal Central Sun.

                  “Ed explains, that when a Planet is formed it is first just gas, which is rotating… the heavy particles eventually expand out and create the Planet’s surface…”
                  Our Sun was always creating suitable physical Shells (Crusts, Spheres) for all its parts in every Colored Vibration like : Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and partially Aquamarine.
                  This is how a Sun becomes a Planet and starts building Life inside of its physical Shell (like birds in an egg). First a Sun creates a Shell (using the Law of Intent), let it to settle down, then smaller part of the same Sun hits the surface at the right moment, making a huge Hole in it, let gases to get out, then penetrates inside the Shell and position itself in the Centre of Hollow Shell. Our Sun is a Great Live Being, it started from the lowest physical Color Vibration – Brown, then, as Red Pluto, striked the surface, making a Hole (an Opening) and positioned itself in the centre of Interior of a Sphere, then more stages of the same action followed. This way parts of the same Sun got inside of other physical Shells in Brown, Orange, Yellow, Green, Vibrations, till the group of Suns with Shells became known as Planets of “Solar System”. Sun has also non-physical (holographic) Spheres around its other parts in higher Color Vibrations: Blue-Indigo, Violet-Purple, Magenta, Pink (or Earth of 4th Level Of Consciousness). From 5th to 11th Levels Sun doesn’t have Spheres around it anymore. I repeat, Shell in every Color Vibration is really Planet Earth of different Vibrations, which is shown in this video. To confuse us, for each Earth in each Colored Vibration another name was invented (Proserpina, Minerva, Pluton, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Marduk-Faeton, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune etc.), but in fact, it is still the Same Chain of Parts of our Original Sun !
                  “A fellow by the name of Symmes (fearless captain), postulated, that inside the Earth was another Earth and another (5 or 8). But Symmes was somewhat different. The Earth is Hollow and has a few concentric firm spheres inside each other and 2 huge Openings at the Poles.”
                  Symmes was right, he inspired russian researchers, like Truchanov, who formed a polar expedition of scientists-explorers to Hollow Earth in 1913 (with his own money), to whom I have a great respect !
                  6. Watch in the video how Streams of Moving Aquamarine Energy are penetrating Colored Levels of low Vibrations and how Dark Matter is constantly moving out of Old Universe in a form of bedge-colored Stream.
                  7. Pay attention on how one Colored Level after another are collapsing, till none of them is left; how Aquamarine Layer disappears, how the physical Shells of Earth-Sun change to other colors of non-physical Spheres around Inner Suns, then Spheres disappear after reaching the 5th Level, internal Sun comes out of the Sphere and moves through the Levels up. Our Sun goes through a chain of transformations, becoming bigger and brighter, then joins Universal Central Sun. Our Old Universe is becoming pure White and only Levels from 5th to 11th are left, we are gathered in the 5th Level, before moving higher!
                  8. There is a Table of Color Vibrations at the upper corner (in english and in russian) to refer to. Names or explanations of processes, which will take place, are given, but for a short time.
                  9. Our Video, all its 4 parts, will be accompanyed by Indonesian music with sounds of volcanos, composed by a talanted guy Sa’aban Yahun, we thank him and we hope that you will enjoy the video !

                  1. Rain

                    I doubt it’s coincidence my pic shows up the day after the first pic of the Black Hole.

                    Crossing the Border.

                    ‘The Null Point or the Border (the Wall) between two Fields, influencing each other, is nothing but a Layer of Neutral Aquamarine Energy, a Wall between vibrationally low Sizzling and vibrationally high Wavy Energies!’

                  2. Rain

                    Frank and I had a conversation once about the planets and whether they correspond to the spinning wheels of the chakras.

    2. Assange had been in the Ecuadorian Embassy for 2,488 days including start and end dates or 6yrs 9mths and 24 days.
      Broken down into 6yrs plus 9mths 24 days = 2192 days and 296 days.
      Or (137+137)x8 + 37×8 days.

      1. Days between dates including end date: 2731
        Quaddafi gets yankeyed Assange gets yankeyed.

        1. “Scott Morrison” = 198 (English Ordinal) or 33×6 or 11x (6+6+6)
          1+9+8 = 6+6+6.
          13 letters.

  5. The doors of Equador plyed wise open and an Assange yanky-ed out. He looked terrified. It was awful to watch, reminds me how they yank-ed out Q in Libraya

  6. “The Twelve Spies (Hebrew: שנים עשר המרגלים), as recorded in the Book of Numbers, were a group of Israelite chieftains, one from each of the Twelve Tribes, who were dispatched by Moses to scout out the Land of Canaan for 40 days[1] as a future home for the Israelite people, during the time when the Israelites were in the wilderness following their Exodus from Ancient Egypt. The account is found in Numbers 13:1-33“


      1. I forgot the most important person, Frank.
        He also kissed the feet of REBECCA.
        The only woman included I believe.

            1. I looked again. Seems indeed Rebecca was the only woman in the room and he kissed her feet last.

    1. I must say the video producers were quite sloppy, conflating foot-age from the revolution in Sudan with foot-age of South Sudanese leaders. They are two different countries now.

      Don’t kiss the ring.
      Kiss the feet.

      G- Rounded.

      Down to hearht

  8. Anon, re: the deep sleep fakes. I had no idea they were ‘new’ news. I passed dozens of them on my walk into town yesterday. Some were on foot, some were riding bikes, and hundreds more chose to travel by ka, either as ‘driver’ or ‘passenger’.

    In the first shop I visited, three schoolchildren were walking about, eyes glued to their mobile phonies. As I drew near, one looked at his phoney and exclaimed “Oh no! My phone is about to die!” In the next shop, I entered just as a young girl and her mother were passing by the self-checkouts, where people ‘charge’ themselves by waving a plastic thingy over another plastic thingy. The girl suddenly started to bounce about, imploring her mother to hurry up. “Oh, so you’re in charge now, are you?” asked her mother. I suppose she might have needed a wee-wee, but I heard it as ‘on charge’ rather than ‘in charge’.

    Strange thing is, I didn’t see any ‘cables’. Isn’t that what they called ’email’ back in the ‘olden’ days? Speaking of which, what did they call a ‘radio’ way back in the dim and distant present? It’s on the tip of my tongue. Something beginning with ‘w’…?

    p.s. don’t forget to wear flour in your heirship wank.

  9. Phoney Charge of the Week: Oz ‘charges’ the Ozzie. Oz had to ‘drop’ the ‘charges’ against Ozzie, so now Oz is coming at Ozzie again. This time Oz is ‘charging’ Ozzie with ‘conspiracy’ to fuck a computer.

    Presumably that translates into something like “Julian thought about sticking his ‘plug’ into a ‘knob socket’ for fun and prophet.”

    1. You are very cryptic to me -like most here – and I’m still learning your language, Hugo, please be patient. I’ll have a read of your link.

    2. oh! that was clear as mud! 🙂
      but I’m starting to get it…refused to be charged. resisted a rest. but was dis-charged from the emb assy because, apparently, he wouldn’t just chill.

  10. I watched some of the OA last night. Excellent! I think it switches back and forth between dimensions in a somewhat frustrating way, that perfectly mimics life. How do these shows manifest?!

    1. MJ

      It takes a bit of getting used to with the switching.

      One of the theories I’ve been working on in my mind is that since maybe since The Twilight Zone time all the alternative reality TV shows and movies are linked.

      And they are propelled by the Arrow of Time .

          1. I watched ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ this week, Frank, featuring Mercury, closest planet to our star, man…

            In the movie, ‘Ray Foster’ of EMI turns down Queen’s choice of first single off of ‘Night at the Opera’ because he wants to play it safe. ‘Miami’ points to a gold disc on Ray’s office wall – ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ which Ray worked on, and implores him take a risk like he did before, but ultimately is unable to convince him to go with the band’s choice of song, which loses him the band. Mike Myers plays Ray…

              1. So I just read a ‘Spiked!’ article and the word ‘Bohemian’ jumped out at me…

                ‘This really captures the divide in our society, as I tweeted, between ‘a rootless, cosmopolitan, bohemian middle class’ and a ‘rooted, communitarian, patriotic working class’.’

                And the charge laid at Jeremy Corbyn (JC) feet is that he’s a Marxist. There’s been a lot of talk about the rehabilitation of Marxism on both sides of the Pond recently. Funnily enough, ‘A Night At The Opera’ has a Marx connection…

                ‘ The album title was inspired by the Marx Brothers film of the same name, which the band had watched during recording sessions. Subsequently, they became good friends with the film’s star Groucho Marx, to the point where Marx sent the band a letter praising their 1976 album A Day at the Races. Marx also invited Queen to visit him at his Los Angeles home in March 1977 (five months before he died). The band thanked him, and performed “’39” a cappella.’


    2. MJ, how do these shows manifest? That’s what I’d like to know too! And how does a 29 year old woman discover the undiscoverable Black Hole, let alone predict when she’d find it?! Some of these ‘people’ seem to be ahead of the curve. Elon Musk admits he’s an Alien and I believe it!

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