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    1. Parklands shooting on Valentine’s Day 2018, shooting at an ‘industrial park’ (a cording to the Beeb report) a year and a day later.

      I was given a tangerine on Thursday, when I finished work. It was a Valentine’s gift from St Eve, who’d been given it whilst stocking up on cigs. He said that the man that gave him the tangerine told him “It is the sweetest”. He was right 😀

      1. The Carthaginian name of the city is variously recorded as tng (Punic: 𐤕𐤍𐤂), tngʾ (𐤕𐤍𐤂𐤀), tyngʾ (𐤕𐤉𐤍𐤂𐤀),[2] and ttgʾ (𐤕𐤕𐤂𐤀);[3] these appear in Greek and Roman sources as Tenga, Tinga, Titga, &c.[4] The old Berber name was Tingi (ⵜⵉⵏⴳⵉ),[citation needed] which Ruiz connects to Berber tingis, meaning “marsh”.[5] The Greeks later claimed that Tingís (Greek: Τιγγίς) had been named for a daughter of the titan Atlas, who was supposed to support the vault of heaven nearby. Latin Tingis then developed into Portuguese Tânger, Spanish Tánger, and French Tanger, which entered English as “Tangier” and “Tangiers”. The Arabic name of the town is Tanjah (طَنجة), and the modern Berber name is Tanja (ⵟⴰⵏⴵⴰ).[4]

        Tangier was formally known as Colonia Julia Tingi (“The Julian Colony of Tingis”) following its elevation to colony status during the Roman Empire. It is also sometimes known as Boughaz.[why?] The nicknames “Bride of the North” and “Door of Africa” reference its position in far northwestern Africa near the Strait of Gibraltar.

      1. The Haitian rabbit hole.

        On 1.12.2010

        “The earthquake caused major damage in Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and other cities in the region. Notable landmark buildings were significantly damaged or destroyed, including the Presidential Palace, the National Assembly building, the Port-au-Prince Cathedral, and the main jail. Among those killed were Archbishop of Port-au-Prince Joseph Serge Miot, and opposition leader Micha Gaillard.”

        even stranger

        “On 5 February, ten Baptist missionaries from Idaho led by Laura Silsby were charged with criminal association and kidnapping for trying to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti. The missionaries claimed they were rescuing orphaned children but investigations revealed that more than 20 of the children had been taken from their parents after they were told the children would have a better life in America.”

        Port-au-Prince and WORLD VISION


        “The charity was founded in 1950 as World Vision Inc. by Robert Pierce and co-founder Frank Phillips with a first office in Portland, Oregon. Originally, the charity operated as a missionary service organization meeting emergency needs in crisis areas in East Asia, where in 1954 it opened an office in South Korea. In order to restructure the organization World Vision International was founded in 1977 by Walter Stanley Mooneyham the then president of World Vision.

        In 1967, the Mission Advanced Research and Communication Center (MARC) was founded by Ed Dayton as a division of World Vision International.”


        1. Haiti is so weird.

          “BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Children living in hundreds of orphanages in Haiti suffer sexual and physical abuse and some are trafficked into orphanages for profit, according to a charity founded by “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling.”




  1. The Shu-ter was ”off the wall.”

    Imminent Domain, ID

    In the twilight article, there is a ”Mueller” mentioned.

    1. Decatur, Illinois DI

      “Mueller Co. is a Chattanooga, Tennessee based industrial manufacturing group that manufactures fire hydrants, gate valves, and other water distribution products. Mueller Co. which moved to Chattanooga from Decatur IL in 2010 is the largest supplier of potable water distribution products in North America.[2] Mueller Co. is a subsidiary of Mueller Water Products, Inc. A manufacturing facility remains in Decatur.”

  2. Trump reminded me of Capt. Queeg in The Caine Mutiny.

    And it’s a ‘fake national emergency’.
    Reality, whatever that is and illusion, whatever that is are about to collide, big time!

      1. Anon

        Remember Kelly Anne Conway’s ‘alternative facts’…alternate reality, that freaked out the media.

        And the ‘manufacturing’ company is based in Atlanta (Atlantis) and manufactures valves, which control the flow of water (ocean).

        Rising out of the deep state, and lifting the veil, and seeing face to face. 💑

        1. Elena

          I’ve been in Illy Nois this week. I’ve been ill with heavy flu.

          I’ve just watched ‘Contagion’ movie with Jen. Trump’s Wall gives me an impression of trying to keep out a virus.

          It’s a bit of hymn to big Pharma but interesting nonetheless.

          1. Frank

            Hope you’re feeling better. Lots of chicken soup. 🙂

            There’s an invasion of some kind. I guess the question is, is it a threat or benign? The sky God and his believers feel threatened. Why?

            We’ve clearly been told, there is no threat.

            Also in the media this week, measles is making a world wide comeback. Because parents won’t vaccinate. Vaccination is like a wall.

            What is this thing we fear is such a threat and why do we call it ‘terrorism’?

            I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed myself, trying to understand. 🙂

          2. And Southwest Airlines has declared an ‘operational emergency’, because so many of it’s planes have been grounded.

      1. Jen 🙂

        You know how Trump has this insatiable need to put his name on everything he builds. I hope Banksy gets there first.

    1. I remember telling my eldest sister that I thought my dad…. well first off, we all knew he was a physically small man…. but whatever he was or ended up being: an architect, a silver fox, a good father, a democrat…. a man who mowed his own lawn and kept his house in order.

      He had IRON in him.

      1. And I know I inherited it.


        Sure, other stuff too, not so great, a “Curse” maybe…..

        But what ever I “inherited”…….

        It’s time to own it.

        Thanks be to God.

          1. Thanks, Elena.

            I like that!


            I'm going to try to make another EXIT (from this round at least) but wanted to come back with something I not-ICED yesterday, rereading Psalm 37….

            Then a bit of Psalm 38:

            18 For I am very near to falling,
            and my grief is with me always.
            19 Indeed, I acknowledge my guilt,
            I grieve over my sin.
            20 But my undeserved enemies are strong;
            many are my foes without cause.
            21 Those who repay evil for good
            harass* me for pursuing good.

            (Like when I get back out there and start running again, I have to EXPECT to be called the "Alcoholic Runner" AGAIN.)

            I have to stiffen my abs and be READY for every incoming punch to the gut.

            It was the footnote for the above that caught my eye:

            38, 21: Harass: the Hebrew expression, from which the word "Satan" is derived, signifies either "to harass" or "to slander."

            I've been informed that I AM in the corner and will shortly be pummeled into the ground.

            But I have also been told that the Lord my God is my Salvation.

            I believe.

            "Therefore submit to God; resist the devil and he will take flight. Draw close to GOD, and He will draw close to you."

            I can't beat him. I mean who am I kidding, I'm not even in the guy's league. It really don’t matter if I lose this fight. It really don’t matter if this guy opens my head, either. ‘Cause all I wanna do is go the distance.
            No one's ever gone the distance with Satan. And if I can go that distance, you see, and that bell rings and I’m still STANDIN’, I’m gonna know for the first time in my LIFE, see, that I weren’t just another bum from the neighborhood.

            1. So this morning (actually around midday….) I got down on my knees next to my bed, head bowed, and prayed.

              And I opened my eyes and looking down at my arms leaning on the bed, hands clasped together, I SAW that my forearms formed a big ^

              So I unclasped my hands at the top of the “A” and pressed them together in the prayer position…..and it seemed to me to form an ARROW.

              The straight and narrow HIGHWAY through a desert to meet a FLAT horizon …. due to PERSPECTIVE …. looks like a pyramid.

              The Egyptians’ pyramids showed the slaves their escape route in PLAIN SIGHT. So it wasn’t THEIR fault that they never took it.

              As Mr. E has said, we are still slaves in Egypt. The sheep. The wheat.

              But our EXODUS is as Frank has pointed out, IMMINENT.

              It’s NOW OR NEVER

              “NOW IS HERE” (Clannad)

              You’ve got to GET BACK UP and WALK…..

              You’re walking the straight and narrow while climbing a mountain at the same time.

              To the horizon, to the “top”

              Narrow is the Gate….

              BUT IT”S THE ONLY WAY HOME

              1. And finally…. I keep puzzling over one of Satan’s fiery arrows aimed at me, that I am not a woman but a man….

                I think the root of the insult is that I’m so ugly and such a dog that I am no where near a real “woman.”

                I know I DO have an edge, a hardness….but

                I know I was born FEMALE

                I AM a woman

                This clip was so revealing to me, and if you pause it here and there, it SHOWS you WHO is the WOMAN and who is the MAN.

                But the CRAZY miracle of it all is that film clip inserted, the opening scene of The Sound of Music.

                The She-Devil is there, clearly, we SEE her now but rewatching it…. why do you think?

                The She-Devil is there because SO is the Holy Spirit.

                She channels the Holy Spirit!

                It’s QUITE confusing.

                That’s why you need to hold onto God and KEEP your FAITH no matter what!

                1. I AM often confused….

                  But that is Satan’s agenda. Because he’s trying to drive you and me CRAZY.

                  What does that mean, to go insane?

                  It means, you’ve lost your FAITH in GOD.
                  Jonathan KLECK quoted Scripture from the “DEATH OF JESUS,” three times he voiced it:

                  “Eli Eli lama sabachthani?” …

                  “My God, My God, Why have you abandoned me?”

                  “It is the only saying that appears in more than one Gospel, and is a quote from Psalm 22:1. This saying is taken by some as an abandonment of the Son by the Father.”

                  No no no…. Satan ALWAYS twists the TRUTH.

                  Jesus was QUOTING Scripture, NOT calling out to God in despair.

                  Oh and Elena:
                  I just saw in an ad before one of these YouTube clips a Monarch butterfly landing before a baby duck? A chick I guess….

                  And I laughed and chuckled….

                  The Eagle has landed.


                    1. So I’ll say a prayer:

                      Trinity, please come and get this parasite out of me!

                      I beg you, on my knees…..

                      Help me Be Free

                      Because there is no “story” of victory or of freedom until this happens.

                      THIS is Ground Zero of the FIGHT.

                      Is this a lie or the truth:

                      I can’t do this alone!

                      It’s both.

                      God help me.

                      I said that, “God help me,” on my way to the wine store tonight, and something flew in front of my headlights…..

                      I think it was a goldfinch maybe?


                    2. The lady at the court where I paid my speeding ticket (thank you, pled down to a parking ticket from like a 6 points on your license –and they had me do the sobriety test….which FAILED) as you can guess, that’s when I FELL…..

                      Anyway all-gray-haired lady clerk asked me, seeing my last name, if I knew “Adam” Kirk.


                      She said he was a idk lawyer I think, that he was good, something like he would always be OK?

                      “Adam” Kirk?

                      Check the location of the above Matrix clip:

                      Morpheus tells Neo to go to the “Adam’s Street” bridge (where he meets up with Trinity and crew)

                      We see him waiting there, with graffiti on the walls in the background saying…. mocking?

                      I AM

                    3. “It’s our way or the HIGHWAY…..”

                      I CHOOSE the HIGH WAY

                      Even with the worm in my gut….

                      I’m getting out….

                      With ALL MY LOVE



                    4. OK

                      Maybe “going it alone” ain’t so good….

                      Trinity needs to trust in Neo… to get results.

                    5. People, you’ll have to forgive me for posting but….

                      I’ve been rewatching my posted vids and I’m in shock.

                      I never watched the later Rocky sequels, I wrote them off…..

                      And I posted this wonderful tribute to the Rocky story written and enacted by Sylvester Stallone…. ha, quite the “sly” stallion?

                      But the point is: I told you about the celestial dome?

                      Ursa Minor is the little bear at the North Star, it is his tail.

                      But he is encircled and blocked on his path following his mother by the serpent “Draco.”

                      And I just noticed TONIGHT: yes, he looks to be following his mother, Ursa Major, the Mama Bear, but the tail of the serpent Draco BLOCKS his way….

                      And then praise be to God I saw tonight, a constellation BELOW THE HORIZON, in hell: SERPENS CAPUT.

                      And not only that, I saw three really bright stars ABOVE the horizon that seemed to be pointing down at SERPENS CAPUT, so I zoomed in and saw, they are the three stars that form the tail of Ursa Major.

                      The BIG DIPPER

                      Mama BEAR

                      So I’m still in shock because I couldn’t figure out what Rocky was screaming when he had climbed the mountain and stood at the top?

                      I had no idea!

                      He’s screaming “DRAGO!!!!”


                      Yes, yes, yes

                      The Dragon!

                      Rocky fights the DRAGON and …..

                      quite against all logic but by the power of God in him


                    6. I’m dancin!

                      I don’t mean this to be mean but I’m honestly trying to figure it all out.

                      I’m white, and I can dance!

                      But most white people, like in this vid (lol) can’t!

                      Yep, I guess I got some black in me….?

                      But what does that really mean….

                    7. I don’t know but I will tell you what I see:

                      The healthy, joyful, and yes SEXY dance is not understood or comprehended by “WHITE BOYS.”

                      They only see PORN.

                      They’ve been tempted and ruined by Satan’s pornography, who shows them the “secret” to “MANHOOD” which is a LIE!!!!

                      They’ve been sexually MOLESTED and THEY ARE RUINED by Satan’s pornographic images that he has FORCED into their minds.

                      After that they can’t see an attractive woman dancing without seeing her in porn.

                      It’s VERY VERY sad….

                    8. When I first moved to Pawling, I would stop at the gas station on my way to the gym for a coffee or an egg n cheese and they OPENLY displayed pornography on the magazine stand, not just at Quik Stop but at Ben’s Deli up on Rt 22.

                      I actually didn’t know how to react knowing I had permanently MOVED into foreign territory….

                      And observing all the WORSHIP of the local Sheriff was beyond WEIRD.

                      The quote that literally came to mind was:

                      “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”…. ?

                      ha yes Shakespeare.

                      But now I know, STEVE, oh EXCUSE ME…..

                      “UNCLE STEVE”….

                      Just what a SICK MIND you and all your “Pure White” inbred cousins have.

                      YOU ARE SICK


                      You make me SICK


                      You are done

                      GET OUT OF MY LIFE

                      If you don’t?

                      Yup. I can do it….

                      I CAN take a FLAMETHROWER to this TOWN.

                      YOUR town….

                      JUST WATCH ME

                    9. Let me amend the above:

                      Once a boy or young man has been exposed to and then seduced into seeing and then actively WATCHING porn, he is RUINED.

                      After that, he cannot see any woman he is attracted to as anything other than a whore.

                      Well, the girl cousins just love that, don’t they??? This is the “cuntry” after all!!

                      The males’ innocence and their innate masculine sexuality has been TAKEN from them…. and they don’t even KNOW IT.

                      ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES to them….. and the girl cousins are laughing!….

                      These “white boys” will never know any kind of respectful, “true” love of a woman.

                      And that’s VERY VERY sad….

                    10. So let me leave this here, STEVE.

                      I’m just travelin thru….

                      You make it otherwise, you continue to have your cousins play “cops” and stalk me…..or my SON?

                      Well I can’t post the whole movie, now can I?

                      Just watch it to the END.

                    11. I got a free “fanny pack” it’s really pretty! Purplish and green translucent like…. It came with my new haircut in Poughkeepsie!

                      It was “free”!

                      People, I LOVE IT!

                      See, you don’t get this about me…..

                      I’m a LOVER!!!

                      Not a HATER!


                    12. That said?

                      I’m not “taking it all in” anymore

                      Got a pic of the “Lady’s” butt in the hair salon’s lobby.

                      The stylist WAS wonderful!

                      But she was coached to get in the main point, about her “first love.”

                      Well sorry people.

                      “First love” is not GOOD ENOUGH.

                      Sure, we all have “first loves.” And sure, we might dabble in “kissin our cousins”….

                      That doesn’t mean we MARRY them.

                      Unless we are BLACKMAILED, or entrapped by an UNWANTED pregnancy….

                      Oh yeah……

                      You are not getting over on me with this TOXIC WASTE you call….


                      F— YOU!


                      your FD ambulances


                      your cement mixers


                      your stalkers a.k.a. NY STATE POLICE!

                      Got it????

                      DO YOU FINALLY GET IT?


                    13. AND?

                      local POLITICIANS like…

                      Uh, Marco rubio, no…um… marcus….. Hmph!

                      You did pass me on RT 55 TODAY SIR…..

                      I KNOW YOUR FACE


                      I was never sure of “you” before but now I am!

                      It was a FACE full of hatred.

                      What’s your name?

                      Eh, eh eh….

                      oh yeah……


                      You’re a “miller”

                      You work for the MOB

                    14. So yeah!

                      Here we are!

                      Ain’t it great?


                      Point is, this is not just about a “small town.”

                      No I don’t think so.

                      This is MUCH BIGGER than that.

                      Like as big as a COUNTY…..


                      Let me just say?

                      I’m up to the task.

                    15. OK, so yes I made a mistake, as in “moved too fast…..little red corvette”

                      But I think I’ve finally gotten “over it”

                      It’s time you did too…..

                      Because I didn’t realize I was trying out for a role in a porn film.

                      I didn’t realize that I was consorting with the devil, the lowest “trash” there is…..

                      I didn’t realize what DANGER I was in…… but NOT!

                      Christ is my protector
                      Christ shielded me
                      Christ is the strength in which I still STAND

                      I have an ad next to this right now with a pic that mocks me?

                      Ah, no….

                      Mocks my private parts?


                      I KID YOU NOT

                      Well, hello Satan.

                      What does one say to that?


                      What a JOKE!

                      One says….

                      God bless you

                    16. Get over it

                      Or is it you can’t “get over it”?

                      Trashing the “whore” is your staple…..

                      How will you intimidate the locals AND the newcomers like me if you can’t play the WHORE card?


                      I’ll just say…..

                      Maybe you should start RESPECTING women like me instead of TRASHING them.

                      Then MAYBE…..

                      Dutchess County will become a place… people like me….. would WANT to come to live.


                      I can make sure by my own personal testimony, that this COUNTY is HELL.

                    17. But let’s get real…..

                      I’m not “Rocky”

                      I’m “Neo”

                      That means I need to learn HOW to fight

                      And I WILL

                    18. So um, they always put that “V” video up in place of mine…..I’ve never watched it, maybe I should.

                      Um, can you be MEN enough to POST what I post? (like below?)

                      I’m not “Rocky”

                      I’m “Neo”

                      That means I need to learn HOW to fight

                      And I WILL

                    19. And make no mistake: I AM doing this alone.

                      THAT MEANS:

                      You see me out there on a bike?

                      You see me hiking?

                      You see me running?

                      Yeah, THAT’S WHAT I DO.

                      This is no AUDITION.

                      You respect that….


                      I SUE Dutchess County and all you losers for all you’re worth.

                      Just sayin1


                    20. And FINALLY?

                      This is not “all about me”……

                      I found some old stamps to put on some bills to pay today and they were all FOREVER stamps…. for the State of Indiana.


                      And I looked at them and saw….

                      The perfect depiction I’ve actually been searching for on Google images, of the straight and narrow highway through a desert to a FLAT horizon: the “A” to the “T” = the GATEWAY.

                      The “Earth” is FLAT

                      That means the Book of Genesis in the Bible is FACT, not fiction or myth

                      GOD created this Earth we live on, AND the celestial dome we live under….

                      He has commanded that we follow his rules…..

                      In order to “get out”

                      The “straight and narrow”

                      Sure, I need to repent of “alcohol’

                      But maybe I’ve come here to tell you, brothers: You all need to repent as well.

                      Of “incest”

                      Inbreeding. Your girl cousins believing they are “whiter” and “purer” than all those whores out there.

                      You need to repent of your “masonry.”: The Lions’ CLUB? Witchcraft. “The Power of Positive Thinking.” It’s clear to me now:

                      It’s all Satanic.

                      So here it is if you want to click and LOOK at it…..

                      It’s from the Washington Times….

                      Oh and look: there’s a line through “FOREVER”

                      Ain’t that the TRUTH


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